Stockton University Top Questions

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The classrooms are very small, roughly 30 student classrooms, compared to bigger state universities like Rutgers. This allows for a stronger teacher-student relationship when extra help in the class might be needed. Stockton is also proud of its stance on being environmentally friendly and does all that it can to ensure that the school is as "green" as possible.


This college is very friendly and warm, and I enjoyed being a part of such a great college. It was comforting, and the staff were helpful. I miss this college a lot.


My school has a homey, connected feel that I really clicked with from the start. Everyone is very nice here, and the teachers are excellent. They really know what they are doing. The Acting Program is phenomenal; that really swayed me in my decision.


My school is the perfect size and we are a very strong community where everyone knows one another or at least has heard of you. There is so much to do from clubs and organizations, to work study and athletics and theatre. We are also positioned in a unique location surrounded by the Pinelands and 15 minutes away from Atlantic City. With that you have a lot of history to explore and you get hands on experience in the class room becaue we are so close to everything.


The Gen eds in this school are different


it is in the middle of nowhere!


Very close to the beach, very accessable and fun.


the size