Stockton University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Stockton University?


To attend this school, students must be active, participating people. My school is big on helping the community. The amount of people that help out with our projects is overwhelming. The students that go to Stockton are not self centered. They want the best for their community, and will help to bring out its full potential.


I think laid back people should attend this school. Because it is is a serene, woodland setting, it gives students places to relax and do their homework. Students might think you do not need to be smart to get into Stockton, but they are wrong. You need to be a high-achieving person and get good grades. Just because it is not a university does not mean smart people do not go there.


Stockton college welcomes anyone and everyone, but has a majority of liberal thinkers. Stockton college is the green/environmental school of New Jersey. Although I did not think I wanted to go here initally, I am so happy I ended up here, because it becomes a home away from home. So many students are involved in extra-curricular activities and there are many diverse courses to choose from. I am an environmental science major, so anyone interested at all in nature would love it. Most students do leave for the weekend, though, so be prepared for that.


Those attending should take their education seriously, knowing that this is why they spent money to come to this school in the first place. They should love nature because we are surrounded by the natural beauty of nature. They should also, be one's that bring a positive quality and energy to the campus. We are here to learn, but we are also here to learn others and enjoy our experiences here. Richard Stockton College has changed my life, and I hope that you will fall in love with the school that so many others have come to love.


This is a school for someone who is interested in a more personalized college experience. Class sizes are smaller than many larger institutions, so there is more interaction with professors on a daily basis. It is a school for someone who wants to experience college, but would still like a personalized learning experience with professors who care and are interested in what you do.


A Person that is adventurous and loves wildlife and the Pine Barrens should consider Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. Nature surrounds the campus which allows students to induldge in their natural settings of the "Garden State's" environment. Anyone who cares about the world would fit perfectly into the College because RSC is the Recycle College of New Jersey. This College is close to their students, involving them in many activities like concerts and Carnivals as well as dorm meetings to get to know your floor mates, making the transition to college very comfortable.


A very outgoing and environmental-friendly person should attend this school. People who like to party or enjoy Greek life should also attend this school. People who would rather commute to school should attend Stockton.


Students who are looking for a small, close-knit college community should consider Stockton. Stockton's campus is much different from a university located in the middle of a city. It is set in the Pine Barrens of NJ, away from major highways and city environment. You can walk anywhere on campus and need not have to take transportation from one building to another. I think Stockton is the perfect school for students who enjoy a community environment in which there aren't big lecture hall classes and your professors know you personally.


Someone who enjoys a smaller school with class sizes of about 30 people.


I encourage anyone who is undecided or that wants to explore a little of everything to come to The Richard Stockton College of NJ. Here they will be exposed to environmental issues, native species, the arts, a great atheltic atmosphere, and a great learning environment. If you don't want to be outcasted or criticized for your beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Stockton is a great school to attend and even help promote different issues to bring awareness to those issues or causes.