Stockton University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do no GIVE UP. Do not half-attempt anyting give it your all 100% of the time. It is important you make decisions best for your future and not for your current social situation. Social acceptability is not the world. Education is the most important thing and the most rewarding.


I should have went to a four year school sooner since I transfered into Stockton College. I could have had started my MBA by now.


Dear Amber, The ending of high school is only the beginning of your life changing. College is amazing. Embrace it. When you go to try out for the school musical, don't be afraid to strut across stage like a star, because you are one. Don't ever let yourself be convinced that you aren't good enough to be here. You are. One day you're going to think you're in love, and who's to say you aren't? Love is fleeting, so don't be afraid to love like there are expiration dates on your inner thighs. But before you love someone else, don't forget to love yourself. Know your worth because if you don’t, people will treat you like you're worth nothing. Beware of liars whose words melt you like honey. But most importantly, when you're heart gets broken, remember that getting an apology is like getting an oxygen mask on a hijacked plane. Forgive yourself before you forgive the person next to you. And remember that these scars only give you wisdom and something to gossip about. Love, Yourself P.S Don’t take Pre-Calc. It’s the devil.


If I was still a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus on my studies and make sure that I have everything done on time. In high school, a lot of teachers would tell me that when I get into college, I can't ask for extra days on assignments and procrastingating is not an option. I procrastinated on applying to colleges and applying for scholorships, so I was left with none. Taking the time to do my best on all of my work without procrastinating would've made things a lot easeir for my grades to get better. If I took the time to make the best that they could be, it would've been a lot easier for me to plan out for college; it would've helped me financially with scholarships too.


The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey is a great college to attend after high school. The professors show a great desire to help their students and the students and mostly friendly and willing to help in any ways. Joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions I made at college as well, my only regret is that I joined sooner. The brothers of the fraternity are all very friendly and willing to help scholastically any way they can. Joining the track and field team was also a great decision because I made a great deal of friends on the team. The coaches are also helpful and the experience I gained from collegiate running was awesome. Even though it is a small school, Stockton is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to get the most out of their college experience.


During high school years, we all think it is a drag by senior year. Most students are sick of the day by day going to school and being tired. When everyone looks back at it now after being in college, we all figure out how mcuh harder the real world is. I regret not creating better studying habits and not taking full advantage of teachers help in high school. Just because it was just high school. I would tell myself, work harder, and open my eyes to the different opportunities in high school because in college you'll have to know even more.


I would tell myself that everyone is scared when they are first introduced to the college world. Everyone is looking for a friend to get them through college, and by telling someone "hello," you opened the door for a brand new friendship. The college does not make the student feel welcomes, the students surronding them do and I think that is someone people do not realize. Now that I am a senior, I realize all the people I missed saying "hello" to. I would make a better attempt to give people friends, because when you feel alone, that is all you need. I really do believe college is based on the people, much more than the academics. That is what makes a college distinct.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not sweat the small things. In high school, I spent so much time dwelling over such petty things like what I was wearing, or if I was going to have a date for the prom. Looking back on it, I wish I hadn't worried so much over everything, but instead, just enjoyed that time. I made so many positive memories in high school, but I know I could have made a lot more if I wasn't so anxious about everything. Sometimes you need to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


The best advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be, enjoy the journey that lies ahead of you. It is powerful because people forget that life is a journey; there will be high moments just like there will be low moments. I had to learn how to take advantage of the opportunities that were in front of me. Also, to get out of my comfort zone because I would not achieve anything by doing what I felt was comfortable. Sure, academics in college are significant; however, building relationships with peers and professors are important too. By doing so, I form connections with them and know that if I need assistance in anything, they would help me. People can choose to be adventureous and take chances, or stay the same and never progress. All in all, life is what you make of it.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self, I would make one major point. At all costs, stay focused. In high school, college, or career, do not lose sight of your goals or become discouraged through hardships. Do not let yourself become lazy or distract with irrelevant things. Prioritize and remain with those priorities regardless of the situation. Also, be knowledgable and educate yourself with what is needed to move forward in the future such as class, activities, and internships. You have to be able to survive on your own. No one will baby you. You need to take control of your future and do not waste any time. Time management is essential. You have to balance your academic and social lives. If you manage time wisely, your stress level will be lower than if you don't. Be positive. Be motivated. Be focused.


If I was given the chance to go back to my high school senior self, I would tell myself to stop putting things off. I would tell myself that life does not just happen. If you want it to happen, you have to make it happen yourself. You have to do the job to make it happen. I would tell myself that times fly by before you know it, it will be too late. So stop putting things off and start doing. I also would tell myself that life gets better and that the future is not so scary place. I should not be afraid of the future but be excited toward the new chapter of my life. I would explain to myself that working hard then will be worth it in the future. Studying hard in high school is not a waste of time because those lessons and knowledge learn in high school I will carried it my entire life.


I would tell myself that being unsure (of what school to attend, of what major to pick, of what extracurriculars to join) is not as terrible as it seems. College is a time to discover yourself, and you ultimately have to trust yourself and your judgment, even if it means straying off the beaten path. College is not a cookie-cutter experience, and if it were, half the fun would be lost! As a senior in high school, I would remind myself to enjoy the time I have with friends from home before I go off to a land of new discovery. I would repeat a mantra to myself: appreciate what you have now and do not be afraid of the future. Many changes are to come, and you should appreciate them for what they are rather than fearing them. Lastly, take a deep breath and get ready to plunge yourself into a more independent lifestyle!


I like to go on to college and make something of myself. I'll make my family happy by going onto college. I would stay focus on school and not get behind on school. My main goal is to find me a good career in life. I'll make it to all my classes and not miss one of my class.


You do not have to decide on what you want to be for the rest of your life at such a young age. College is a chance to explore your desires and how you want to mold your future. Keep an open mind and try new courses, even if they are outside of your intended major. Keep an open door policy when it comes to the people you meet, you never know what kind of connections you will make and how valuable they may be one day. Your professors will be your guides, pay attention and ask questions - they are there to help you. College is a fantastic experience. Volunteer, build upon your resume early, keep your priorities straight, and have fun. You can accomplish even the hardest statistics course or the longest research paper - your goals are very attainable and they are within your reach.


In college, time management is the key to maintaining a social life, your school work, and a job. While attending high school, I did not think this concept was a big issue: I would come home from school, hang out with friends, and go to work without a problem. When starting college, I had a hard time balancing everything I needed to do, especially when I started working. The advice I would give myself would be to start practicing time managment as early as my first years of high school. In college I had a hard time doing this. Being the only one in my group of friends with an intent of being a physical therapist, and having a job, they did not quite understand where I was coming from. Even though the whole point of college is to get an education, a student needs time to be with friends and experience college as whole, in order to get the most out of it. With a full plate for my freshman year, I definatley learned a lot about myself and time management.


Hey Vi, It's me, yourself.. just a couple of years into the future. So you're graduating in May, congrats. You know, you should really try to attend your own graduation instead of ditching it to go watch the new release of Pirates of the Caribbean. Dude, college is serious stuff, really. I messed up really bad.. But this time around do it differently, think straight, and keep focused. Then maybe you could keep your new car. Dad took it away because I couldn't keep my head in the game. But you can make things right! Oh to save you trouble, go into Nutriology or Pharmacy! You will love it, I promise. Also, forget about Luis, he's a jerk. What else.. Oh! Friends are not forever, but that is OKAY. Take Lannutti for Biology and avoid Amaya, he will hive you hell, trust me. Also, lay off the coffee! It will catch up to you! One last thing, hug the heck out of mom. Love her and kiss her and cuddle her, don't leave it for later. Do it now. Sincerely, Me PS: Bad things will happen but keep your head up, you will be fine.


Keep your head up and look towards your future. There are big mountains to climb in front of you. Guess what? The climb is more than worth it. Everyone around you will want to push you down. They will think you are crazy for taking 28 credits in one semester. You prove them wrong by ending up with straight A’s. Still think you can’t handle college? You have absolutely no idea how much you are capable of doing. Don't give up when you think you can't make it. Push forward and finish the uphill battle. There is always going to be a mountain in front of you that you are going to have to climb. Don't take the easy way around because it wont be worth your time in the end.Follow your heart, shut the nay sayers out, and climb that mountain. These moments may seem hard and challenging, but they are going to be what you remember the most. Some people may not understand your hopes and dreams. Here is what I want you to remember most: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.


Hey Past-self, As your future-self, I feel it necessary to forewarn you about the trials and tribulations that you will be facing in the upcoming years of your life. That said, I suggest you heed these words. You're going to go to a school that you will feel is subpar. Though you feel like that, apply yourself from the beginning and don't wait around like I did. You'll find that this school will give you a better education than any ivy league education could hope to offer. Additionally, you're a worker; you always have been. Make sure that it doesn't consume your life. Your studies will forever be more important. Finally, it took me four years of school to finally pursue extra-curriculars and internships. Though I managed to do about four years of those things in one year alone, I suggest you start early. Those experiences not only helped me grow professionally, but made me friends that will stand by me forever. Don't be shy or self-conscious; just go. I hope these words help you as you go and pursue your future. Oh, and get a haircut. Signed, Future-you


Jessica, as a high school senior you have been faced with more hardships than most people your age. Going to college this year, you will meet a lot of people who will be so different than the people you've known your whole life, yet you will find more in common with these people then you could have ever imagined. Open your mind and your heart to this new environment. It will be terrifying at first, but everyone is feeling the same feelings you are. This is your chance to start fresh and be exactly who you want to be. But don't let the party get the best of you. Stay on track with all schoolwork and don't let anyone or anything stand in your way. Be confident and reach for the stars because you are the only one who can slow you down. Try and you will succeed, nothing will be handed to you.


The best advice I could have given myself would be to stay open to all the possibilities college has to offer. When I first started Stockton, I declared my major immediately. Political Science was what I had my heart set on in high school, so that's what I went with when I finally made it to college. Looking back, staying undecided would have been better. I found myself being drawn in different directions than my major dictated, and I eventually decided that that maybe was the point of this whole process for me. There were so many fantastically interesting options available; shutting myself off from exploring them was counterintuitive to the discovery inherent to higher education. Once I figured that out, I tried different things, took different classes, and found out that some of the things I was most interested in were things I stumbled into accidentally. That realization caused me to change my major to Literature - a field of study I never would have considered when I first arrived, but one that could not be any more right. And the fact that it took some trial and error to find it makes me appreciate it all the more.


The advice i would give myself is to take as much credits or advanced placement classes and to put maximum effort in every material i take during the four years of high school. Also i would make sure to keep all the notes, homework, and exams organized and kept somewhere i can remember and look back on for future classes. I would also make sure to take advantage of the books and other materials that arent granted to you in college unless by purchasing the item. Finally enjoy the years of being with your friends, playing sports, having fun, and going to pep rallys and field trips because once you graduate its all about working hard and putting your all to what you decide is your next step in life and eventually make your dreams reality and accomplishing all the obstacles and goals that await for you in the future.


If I were to go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would have given myself is first off making sure to use time management wisely. What I learned in college that it is extremely important to manage your time because as a college student you are on your own and responsible for your tasks. Your mom or high school teacher isnt going to be there to remind you what needs to get done or what homework assignments you need to complete. So managing time is really important and this helps you get through your college career and grow as an individual. Also, I would tell myself that it is important to get involved on campus. Joining school clubs and organizations could help build a resume and make you feel less stressed about school work. Plus you'll make new friends who share the same interests as you. I feel that these 2 factors could help any college student succeed in their college career and motivate them to continue their studies such as a masters degree or PHD.


I would choose a school closer to home, and probably one with more people. I would also choose a school in New York instead of New Jersey. I would find out more about campus life, and choose a school that isn't a "suitcase" school.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to stay focus more and pay attention to every little detail there is to know throughout school in order to further my education in college. One course in particular that is difficult and is challenging was Sociology, only because there is so much to grasp at one time. College is a great experience to give me a chance to grow and pursue my dream on becoming a Nurse. When I was in high school I did not get out until mid afternoon, adjusting to college was quite easy for me because I got to choose my classes and was done before two each day. The choice of attending a two year college first instead of a four year college was the best decision I have made because it is not too stressful and the tuition itself is much lower than a four year college. In the end it is all about staying focus and knowing that I am one step closer to accomplishing my dreams. One last advice is to not listen to the opinions of others especially if their not positive and further your education.


I would first tell myself not to waist time thinking about going, that we should just go. Back then I hadnt alot of self motivation or self courage for education, so I would have to convince myself that it is for our purpose of basic enlightenment. I have always dweeled in the mystics of life.


Advice I would give to myself would be to be more prepared for college. Understand that college takes a lot of time and effort to get the grade deserved. Also, to realize even though there is a lot of work to do , you should always have time to enjoy college. After my Freshman year at Stockton College I realized that I needed to organize myself more and learn to organize my time. This year so far has really been great. After I learned how to manage my time, school seemed to be easier. I suggest incoming Freshman should take my advice because it really helped me get through my first two years or college and my future years to go.


Do as much as possible and get involved as soon as possible.


If I could go back to my senior year in High School; I would change a lot about myself. The first thing that I would change about myself during my senior year would be my grades. I would try my best to study harder, actually go to class, and pay attention more. In high school I had a hard time studying, so when if I didn’t get an assignment I would just quit. I also got suspended a lot in high school for arguing, fighting, and not following directions. If I could go back to my senior year I would just ignore what some students were saying to make me mad, I would follow directions, and try not to being so mean to people. I also would not skip school and help other people try to get out of school early. I did some pretty bad things during my senior year and basically all through high school that I am not proud of. If I could go back to my senior year I would try my best to apologize to everybody that I ever hurt or disobeyed


If I could go back in time to my high school years I would change a lot. I would not have dropped out in my eleventh grade year. I would have studied and paid attention in class and not skip school. I would have applied myself more and make up my mind on what I wanted to do with my life. And not put my self in situations to get in trouble. Back then I was only worried about going out and being a teenager. Rebelling against my mother or other authroitive figures in my life was all I wanted to do. The advice would be to pick a career that is going to get me some where in my life, and pay good as well! Save my money so I could have my own stuff, and go straight to college. And not to worry about what the cool thing to do was, just the right thing.


College is not like high school where teachers force students to participate and become involved. College is a place where you must start to look at who you are, what you want in life, and how you are going to get it. In college, you have to go to class and make an effort to earn your grade, unluck in high school. Instead of shying away from classes intially that you know nothing about or are afraid to take because rumors have told you they are difficult, take risks. In taking these courses, you may find something that you want to be involved in the rest of your life. Apply for many scholarships, but even more internships, because those are where you learn your priorities and gain experience. If you can, go away from home for an internship and truly feel the oncoming independence. Make friends with your teachers because they generally can teach you more than their course matter and are good people. When you come to a new college and do not know anyone, join clubs; you will be able to make friends with similar interests. Do your best and what your heart desires, you will succeed.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice about college I would touch on three important aspects of college life. First, I would prepare myself for the amount of independence I would face. In college, there are not the constant reminders from teachers to get your work done. There are deadlines and you either make them or fail. Also, I would advice my senior self to manage my time wisely. As most college students, I have worked while still enrolled in school. It is possible but only when you manage your time wisely. You have to allow yourself ample time to study in order to do well in school. Lastly, I would charge myself to take advantage of getting involved in every area of my college life. Whether it be sports, clubs, or activities, any student involved in these will have a more enriched and full experience in college. These are the ways in which I would tadvise my past self to go forward in college.


I would tell myself to do it all over again. My transition was difficult but everything that happened helped me push through and do better. I made friends and lost friends all in eight months. The friends I have now are some of the best friends I have ever had. Losing the other friends taught me to do what was best for me and to hang out with people who would not bring me down. I had a hard time financially my first semester and had to delay making my schedule. As hard as that process was, it taught me to appreciate who was helping me and to appreciate the education that I am getting. I would put myself through the suffering again to learn what I did during my transition. It helped me grow up and handle situations on my own.


My biggest piece of advise to myself as a high school senior would be to get involved and make friends in my classes. It makes the experience much more enjoyable when you have people around you that have the same interests. It is also very helpful becasue you can form study groups and support each other. Getting involved with extracaricular activities is also a must. It allows you to experience new things, gives you opportunities you've never had before andcan make you feel really good about what you're doing, like community service. My last bit of advice to myself would be to stay on top of school work. I have been going to college for five years now, but only recently began to organize myself and have a real passion for learning. Unfortunately I have had to try to recover my GPA from that, but I've learned a valuable lesson. In order to truly get everything you can out of college, it is best to stay on top of your work, ask questions and commit yourself to really enjoying what you're doing. Learning is all about how you approach it.


I would tell myself not to rely so much on other adults and make decisions for myself. Because I depended on others so much, I made a lot of mistakes as a college freshmen that I wish I could fix. I feel that I am much more independent now, and more able to stand on my own. I am more confident in making my own decisions, and I just wish that I had grown up a bit sooner.


If I could go back to highschool and tell myself what the transition to college would be like, the most important thing I would tell myself would be not to be worried. I was terrified moving in as a freshman because I was never away from home before. I was worried about making friends, professors, difficulty of classes, and the living on campus experience. Knowing what I know now I would tell myself that everything would be okay. I would get used to being on campus (and now that I am a senior I barely go home); I was able to make lots of friends that I will probably have forever; as long as I work hard and study I would do well in almost all of my classes; and if you make it a point to get to know your professors it can make your whole college experience a lot easier and enjoyable at Stockton College.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a greater sense of companionship, and understanding of the importance of communication while working in groups to present an idea or point of view across while correctly citing sources, and keeping a goal in mind.


What I have gotten out my College Experience, is more than I could have ever imagined. I have learned to apply myself more when it comes to working at something I love. I have also learned that there is no one rite way to go about learning. I have had so many different and amazing professors over my time here and I am forever grateful for their unique teaching styles. My knowledge for my Major has grown, and each day that I learn I become that much more confidante that my Major Choice of study is worth the time, money, and effort. I once was skeptical about attending school, and about what I may learn. It was always difficult for me to learn since I was a child, which held me back from academic success but no longer does it hinder me! Now that I am here at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey I am filled with nothing but praises for what is being poured into my rewarding life and future. I have more knowledge, wisdom, and enjoyment for higher education and am looking forward to the day I walk across the graduation stage.


What can be better than going to school? I know it may not be fun at times, but it is the best opportunity given to people. It is extremely necessary and vital if one wants to achieve success. The significance of education should not be ignored by any nation. I learned how different it could be being in a diverse college with alot of opportunities offered to you. This first year of college has already showed me that time management, diversity and practice is the best way to survive in the corporate world. Moreover, I know the importance of obtaining a college education and I have dedicated myself in the past to extra-curriculum activities, leadership experience and scholastic qualities. It is up to me to choose if I will continue aiming to be the best, and so far I have my mind made up.


So far I have only been a college student for a month. In this month, however, I have learned to be independent. I was always pampered at home--I didn't even know how to do my laundry. But with this new freedom I learned the consequences of doing what I wanted and not what was smart. I never thought I'd be the type to handle college--but as of now, I am handling it just fine! And my college has a lot to do with that. They've helped me a lot, and I've met some great people here. I could never have replaced that if I hadn't chosen to attend Stockton College.


When I was in high school, I was very immature and had no idea what I wanted to do. So for my first year of college, I attended a community college to get a feel of what the world was like outside of high school. I excelled and took 47 credits my first year and got a 3.96. After a semester, I realized what I was good at and realized I wanted to go into pharmaceutical research. I was very close to all my professors as I always seeking knowledge outside of what they were teaching. All of my professors were willing to write me letters of recommendation for Pharmacy School because they loved having someone interested in what they were teaching. It's been valuable to go to college because I have matured and know that I want to help people for the rest of my life, as my professors have helped me. Being close to people who were willing to help has motivated me to help others.


The first year of my college experience has really benefitted me. It has helped me become a more responsible person and has helped motivate me to work hard and continue on with my education. It has been very valuable to attend because I get to study and work hard toward a degree that I love learning about so that hopefully one day I can pursue a career that I enjoy.


I am the youngest of five children, paying for school on my own through loans and scholarships, and an introvert. Going to Stockton College has allowed me to get out of my shell. Not only have I made the greatest of friends, I have encountered professors that I am proud to say I know and who are always available in my time of need. Stockton is environmentally conscious but is also personally conscious. I cannot imagine a better school that can allow you to grow through its smaller class sizes, dynamic array of courses, personable and helpful professors, and availability career opportunities through conventions, tutors, and career fairs. The professors at Stockton have aided me in furthering my educational career to graduate school and have helped me take off the "un" in undecided.


first of all i think since i have to work to pay for my college i learned the true value of money. before i started college i thought i was only going to learn about hotel management but now three years in , i realized college its about so much more. the general classes gives you an understanding about other cultures, geography and makes a person very knowlegable. beyond that its about the effort a person has to do to achieve their goals and how you cant give up because its hard but you have to keep on trying until you accomplish what you want .last year has been wonderful, however, it has been very challenging. For this reason, I want to let you know I would really appreciate your generous scholarship support. It would allow me to reduce the number of hours that I work. Also it would give me the opportunity to continue to work as hard as I have to in order to be successful in my academic career and it will put me one step closer to achieving my dream. I have many educational goals, for education is one of my top priorities.This accomplishments is crucial


The college journey has been a long one, but a very positive and rewarding experience. Through it all, my wealth of knowledge has been expanded, and I have learned the skills necessary to be successful in life and in work. My professors have instilled in me a sense of responsibility, and a desire to be a lifelong learner. I have gained a better sense of who I am, and developed a confidence that I didn’t have as a freshman entering college. I ask more questions and I am not afraid to speak up and offer my opinion. It has provided me with a better overall knowledge of how to do things, and how to make decisions. It has shown me how to do the research, so I can make better informed and educated decisions. As an adult I am more open-minded; I welcome new ideas and processes, and I know that my way isn’t the only way. I am certain that my college educational experiences have improved my quality of life and will also improve the quality of life of my children in the years to come.


I have made valuable friends and have learned more than I ever could have imagined during my college experience. As a transfer student, never living away from home was a big adjustment. There was a huge learning curve that first week between laundry and eating healthy on my own. Relying on myself was a big change. I learned about myself and how to adjust to different types of people. I experienced how getting involved could change a school experience. I wanted to gain a support system at school and through different clubs and organizations, and I did just that. My accomplishments in one year at school seem to outweigh my lifetime of work. The most important thing I learned was my need for balance and time management. To be successful I needed these things above all else. I learned to equally distribute my time educationally as well as socially. Overall, my time at Stockton has been invaluable and I would not trade it for the world.


My personal choice of getting a college education is the best decision i have made in my life so far. I have become emotionally grown and wiser. My views on the world and people around me has changed. I have changed into a grown woman and am only 21 years old. I have met many different professors and students from the world and they have increased my knowledge of other nationalities. I have read amazing books that i would have never picked up own my own to read but read due to a requirement for a class. Books that have made me very educated and smater. I have made friends with people that i know will be to my aid sometime in life when needed. Friends who will be future doctors, school teachers, cops, social workers , engineers , business men and women and so on. The opportunity to be part of such a remarkable community is one i will never regret. I can proudly say, i am very fortunate to be part of the richard stockton college. College education not onlt provide a better career but also a never forgetting experince.


I started off at the College of my choice based on my portfolio for photography. I was estatic because the college really wanted to me attend as an Art Major, something I have always done in my life. I left high school with a confused head on how to transition from a strict schedule to a schedule of my choice. I went through a hard time in highschool, dealing with friends and family. I attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and ended with a great year. I have made wonderful and intelligent friends and a great educational burst that is full with knowledge that I have learned from my professors and fellow students. To have my mind expanded in ways I never thought was possible until I finished as a Freshman of RSC and having closefriends that I can wondefully open up to with my past struggles, has been a great gift to me. People such as friends, professors and family are rooting for me to do my best and to allow me to be what I want to be. Those people that have touched my life, is what I call valuable


As a recipient of a GED, I returned to college thinking I was incapable of academic achievment. The professors at my school have helped me realize my own potential. I am now an honors society member, President of the English club, and I hold a perfect 4.0. College continues to be one of the best experiences of my life. I love learning, expanding, and challenging myself. The friends I have made and the things I have learned will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will be only the second person in my entire family to have ever recieved a college degree. College has made me want to push my younger siblings harder, because I know, now, that they, like me, are capable of absolutely anything.


Well it all the depends on the college you get to go. I seem colleges that students stop to help you with direction while in other they don't even bother. Which in my opinion is not good at all. The way the school present itself also kind of draw me in or not. How the teacher help the student with their problem.


i have gotten so much from my college experience. the main thing that i have taken away from stockton is that with hard work and determination anything is possible.