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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back in time I would tell myself that college is not cheap. The average Public four-year school cost 7,020 dollars. The average private four-year costs 26,273 dollars. I would tell myself that scholarships and grants are a great alternative over federal and private loans. Unless I want to be under a great deal of debt I should begin filling out applications immediately . While being accepted into a university is not a necessarily a challenge getting out of a university is. An expensive university will have you by the wallet well after you graduate. Certain measures have to be taken prior to attending any University. Concentration is key. While other high school seniors and even Juniors are enjoying frivolous games and wasting time you have stay focused. Research scholarships and grants in place of temporary joy and pleasure. After your research is done create an outline with deadlines highlighted and completing requirements well ahead of time. Prepare every essay, application, and even the manila envelopes they go inside of. This advice would have surely helped me in the past. Schools are not cheap and concentration is key. I would give this advice to anyone.