Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Suffolk Community College is an accumulation of different kinds of people.


My school is the a place where diversity is key in bringing about well-rounded, successful individuals.


The main goal of the proffessors is to provide the students, many who work full time as well as attend class, with the necessary course material in the most time efficient way.


It greatly surpasses common expectations.


An affordable and first rate school that gives knowledge that will last.


My community college in my eyes, is an institution that holds a mixture of individuals whom are all attending the school for diverse reasons but share a similar soul purpose, like a pair of monozygotic twins traveling through life on different paths but holding the same heart.


Suffolk Community College is a great starting point that will help me reach my dream college.


My school is a small community college, so everyone knows everyone and can be comfotable in their surroundings.


Suffolk Community is a great place for change; personal or professional.