Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The classmates that attend this college are different. There are people of all different races, religons and gender. Some are very friendly and will help you with classwork if you ask.


Depending on the professor, some can be loud and rude and some can be very good students.


My classmates were eager to fit in.


The classmates are pretty good. Most of them are eager to learn and friendly. I have have made a lot of good friends since i have started at this campus and it definately helps move the days and classes along.


Some of the kids in my class are crazy, you know, real rebels, for example like fixing bodywork in the parking lot of the school with a come-a-long and a big chain crazy, or taking trips through the woods with your classmates in between classes to test the four wheeling ability of all types of vehicles, even including Beamers; but I guess were not so crazy because we enjoy school, have a great time, and get a few laughs in with the teachers on a regular basis, and what other type of academic program could possibly top it?