Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Extra curriculars. I have been involved in so many campus productions and events. It's also really laid back.


It offers much more than expected. The staff is excellent and the facilities are wonderful. The professors really want to help you reach your full potential and treat it like the real college environment that it is, not like a continuation of high school.


I only have to pay about $4,500 a year in tution for the same classes they take at other colleges for a lot more money.


I am following a career that 95% of them are unempoloyed. You cannot study to be an actor, you cannot find short cuts to be better. To be an actor is to open who you really are to the audience, to fill an empty vesal of words to life that is the character


When bragging about my school I always talk about how we get such a great education for our first two years of college at a much cheaper price then going to a four year school. Suffolk Community is one of the best community colleges in New York state and I am happy that I love within ten minutes of it.