Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who isn't ready to go away to college, and wants a nice transition into the college life. If you like to get involved and don't mind commuting, Suffolk is great for you. You don't need to be the most scholarly person to do well here.


I think this school is great for those who want to stay at home and save money on their first two years of school. That is a very smart idea. Also, someone who may not know what they want to go to school for should come here for the same reason of saving money and getting their acts together to figure out what they want to do.


If you do not know what you want to be or are scared of the so called "college life," Suffolk County Community College is the ideal college for you. Its small classroom size helps you feel like you are in high school but the curriculum is tough, which makes you realize you are in fact in college. The students are friendly and make you feel comfortable in about being in college and maybe even moving on to a four-year college.


This is a great school for anybody. - whether you or your parents have plenty of money to pay for school or you are still not sure how you'll pay for tuition. Great for new HS grads, veterans, returning moms, full time workers looking to change or improve their careers. Also great for people who are not sure if they really want to do 4 years of college. They could take a few classes and see how they like it. Perfect 2 year school if you like Long Island, New York.


I think any kind of person should attend my school. People in my area joke around calling Suffolk Community College " Scruffolk" or the "13th Grade" but that is a complete underestimation. I love Suffolk and I think it is a great school for anyone, especially students like myself who did not do as well in high school as they should have and need an opportunity to get their grades up while learning and experiencing college close to home.


This school really is for anyone. I started quite a few years ago and never finished. 4 years later at 27 years old, I'm trying to complete my associates degree.


This institution is ideal for the individual whom is uncertain of their according major, but still desires to receive further education and obtain a solid step forward into achieving a reason of study.


Anyone can attend this school. There are so many different ethnic groups and personalities, anyone can fit right in. We have teens, parents, grandparents, and disabled. This school is for anyone who wants to continue their education, or just to take a class to pass the time.


Anyone who is willing to put their pride aside that a community college is not like a real college and know that it isn't just how big the building is rather how big is your mind and imagintion.


Students who are looking to expand their education towards a career. Suffolk is excellent and the choice of many looking to advance their careers or returning for a career change. Plenty of classes with night school usually an option. Also a great place to use as a stepping stone to four year universities.