Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school senior self, that college is nothing like college. When it comes to the work load there is defenitly more, but if you try your best and study hard you will succeed in college. I would also tell my high school self to not worry what people have to say. When I found out I was attending Suffolk County Community College some of my friends made fun of me saying that Suffolk is like 13th grade and might as well not even attend college. Looking back I would not change my mind even if I could at what school I attended. I had many experiences that others were not able to have.


I would tell myself that it's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn and progress as a better person inside and out of school and other activities. It's good to communicate with teachers and other students around you, just don't forget what your goal is at the end of the day. You can do everything you want, just stay focused, create a routine, and follow it. Simple. If you ever get off track, just remember that you can always keep going in the direction you were headed, don't let small things stop you from achieving greatness or fufilling your dreams. Things happen that will be out of your control, but it is up to you to choose how to handle every situation and decide what you will do to get yourself to the place you were initially headed. Sometimes you don't win and thats perfectly fine, but as long as you tried thats what truly metters, because you will be happy that you atleast didnt let the oppertunity slip away. You will always come out a champion if you believe in yourself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to trust my intuition, to not be afraid to dream big and take risks, to keep an open mind, and to be sure that whatever I do doesn't end up causing me or anyone else any big difficulties. I would also remind myself that life doesn't follow any set pattern, and I shouldn't be upset if the path leading to my goals isn't as straight and I thought it would be. I didn't always trust my intuition and, as a result, I ended up choosing "safe" majors that didn't make me happy, and caused me to switch my major several times. After I realized that I should do what makes me happy, and not what's "safe", I ended up taking a few risks that put myself in a tight spot financially, thus causing me to temporarily leave school, but now I realize that it takes both risk-taking and careful planning to accomplish goals. If I'd known all this in high school, who knows where I'd be today?


If i were given the opportunity to go back in time and give myself a bit of a heads up as to what I have learned from my last two years in college, I would have said that I was not ready to go away to school. I would have told myself that I should start out at Suffolk Community College and not let the issues around me affect my grades therefore wasting a lot of money. Being at home would have been the smartest thing to do, and slowly work on everything (school and personal issues) instead of running as far from home and acting as if I could handle anything. I couldn't, and since I didn't, I wasted so much money to only mess up in the end. Which wasn't fair to my parents. Staying home and saving money and getting my life back on track would have been the best thing to do. That is why if I were to give myself advice I would have told myself to go to Suffolk Community College for my first two years and get my Associates Degree before going away to school.


Looking back into my high school career, I would tell myself that the path I chose was the right course. I prepared myself well in all of my academic courses during my high school years. I took Regent courses to graduate with a Regent's diploma. The one thing I felt that only experience could give myself was taking action about learning about people and the world as a whole. I was confined within the walls of an average high school for 4 years and my worldly experience was limited. When I began going to Suffolk Community, I realized that the majority of the students were from various parts of the world blending into the Americanization of our country. I began to learn about the different cultures and only wished that I had this experience in high school. Another aspect I would consider conferencing myself would be to engage in sports or the arts. Many opportunities are available for scholarship and I was not confident enough to participate. After attending college, my confidence has increased and I have become more social and participate in college events whenever deemed possible.


Well after an unusual first year of school which included changes in my major, school, and complete out look on life. I experienced so many things that I would tell myself as a high school senior. The first thing I would discuss is the choosing of a major. I would tell myself that choosing a major is a mistake and that I'm to young to decide what I want to do the rest of my life and to try several courses in different fields and decide that way. I would also advise against joining a fraternity as a freshman. Joining a fraternity is a lot of work and it really is too much to handle when trying to acclimate to your new surroundings. I would tell myself not to go to a school that is too far away. I would tell myself to stop being egotistical and go to community college first and let myself mature a little more so that when I go away to school I will already be more mature then most incomming students. Finally, get a job during the school year because it helps you manage time and a little extra money could never hurt.


I would look at myself in the mirror and say the following: Concentrate more on education not men. There will be time for love, family and so on after you have received your degree and know that you will be doing the right thing because an education is what will make things easier financially in the future. You are a strong independant woman and need to concentrate on survival because you know that you have had a hard life and nothing comes easy, so that boy can just hold off and you can have them after your education is completed..


As a high school student, I always doubted my intelligence and was always scared of change. I was never into extracurricular activities and was, in the simplest terms, an "outsider." When I thought about college and going away to school, I never thought I would be able to do it. I thought to myself, "You do not have any friends here, how could you make friends somewhere else." I am pretty sure this is why I ended up going to Suffolk County Community College. Although I do not regret my two wonderful years at this amazing community college, if I could going back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to go away to college. I would make sure my young self would know that she in fact had enough loyal friends, which is better than having a vast amount. I would also let her know that she was not stupid but in fact smart enough to get into the Honors College in Suffolk County Community College and that change, although scary, is never a bad thing.


If I were able to go back in time to my senior year of high school I?d advise myself differently on many decisions I?ve made mainly because of the knowledge I have today. I would have taken back all the times I chose to go out with my friends over studying for upcoming tests. Saving my homework for the 5 minute break in between classes and doing projects the night before being due would all be taken back. Caring more about my school work and getting good grades would have been more important then caring about other people?s opinions. Realizing all the people I thought were my friends would turn there back at the first chance they were given and realizing the best thing you could have is your family is something I wish I would have realized. High school was always full of drama making people miss the important things in their lives. The past few years have been a major reality check. If I could advise myself to have studied for all the tests I winged and did all the homework I left undone maybe I would have found school and life much easier.


The most important thing I have learned during my college experience that I wish I had known when I was a high school senior is that every mistake made and learned from, makes you stronger. Throughout high school when I did poorly on an assignment, I lost all hope in succeeding through the class. Teacher's at times make you feel as though one bad grade can change everything; In college I have come to learn that a bad grade earned and learned from is admired by the professor. Hard work, determination and learning from your mistakes is key on the road of success. The most important thing to remember is to stay confident. If you believe in yourself, you can become anything you dream of.


If I could go back, then I would still apply to the community college I'm in now. The only advice I would give myself is to take more classes and start thinking about where I'm going to transfer ahead of time.


After graduating high school I went to a 4 year college. I did not want to take out loans so I was working three jobs while attending school full time. But I was wearing myself out so I decided to join the Navy. I remember that during that one year of college before the Navy I was afraid of a lot of things. What if it's too difficult? What if I don't make any friends? etc. After serving in the military and reading some good books when I went back to school last year I was a different person. If I could talk to myself as a HS senior this is what I would say: 1DON'T be afraid to fail. I'm not saying be lazy and fail and it's okay. I'm saying that if you work hard and still is not good enough, just keep trying. Don't panic and don't give up. 2DON'T be afraid to talk to other people. Most people wish they had more friends but THEY are afraid to talk to others also. 3Write down your goals and get good at managing your time. 4Have lots of Fun.


I would tell myself that education is one of the most important investments. College is not a fashion show, a popularity contest, a time to catch up with friends about the latest gossip as high school often is, it's a time to focus on yourself and make the most of every opportunity. I would tell myself that there is no need to feel self conscience or have self doubt. Everyone is there for the same reason; to further their education and insure a successfull future. Building relationships with others who have the same goals can be the source of much needed support. Even when the work load seems a bit unbearable, completing it brings unmatched satisfaction. Be strong, you'll get through it.


If i had the opportunity to go back and discuss college life with myself, I would begin by reassuring myself that it is a wonderful place. The transition could have been made much more seamlessly had I not anticipated a negative experience. I would tell myself that there's no need to worry, Suffolk Community College is not "thirteenth grade" and not a place solely for those who were unable to be accepted to any "real" colleges. You will be surrounded by people of superior intelligence, something that will help you thrive greatly and be a pleasent challenge. The school offers many extracurricular activities and clubs that will hold your interest throughout the entire semster. There is no need to be discouraged, beginning college is not a complicated process and continuing it is even less so. As long as you're willing to do your work and continue to be hungry for knowledge, college will offer you the world and more.


Having the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take high school more seriously. I would tell my self " Come on, what is the difference of 20 minutes more sleep, just get up and go to class!" I would tell myself to try harder, that high school really does matter and that college is a lot more difficult and more serious than high school. I would tell myself that professors don't stay on you about slacking in college and that if you decide to just not go to class, the teacher doesn't mind failing you. I would remind myself that education is important to be successful and tell myself to appreciate the opportunity to receive an education at all. The transition to college is hard, and its even harder when you don't prepare yourself enough in high school. I learned that the hard way. In high school, I didn't care much about my grades, but now as I am maturing, college is helping me to be more responsible, helping me respect my education and to really care about my grades and my future!


My advice would be to not give up. Just keep going! It's taken me way too long to actually try and complete my associates degree. It is absolutely worth it!


My advice would be that eventually I would have to drive and that commuting to school isn't that bad. I shouldn't have erased Suffolk from my mind because then I wouldn't of had to transfer after just one semester. Going away to school isn't what you think and that even though I needed to make a decision as soon as possible. It was a mistake to make my decision without truly thinking about everything. When deciding on a school you got to keep everything in mind and I didn't. I guess I would definitely have to tell myself to think since I know myself better than anyone else. I can't let anyone else opinion get in the way and I got to be happy in the end.


Christina, all I want you to do is prioritize on the real things that will get you somewhere. Focusing on love and other things will not help but only hinder. There are a few things that are key and if you follow these rules 1) Stay organized, organization is crucial to suceeding. Organizing simplifies your life, and simplifies tasks. 2) Be prepared. Do everything early. Being prepared beats out the lazy people, and people who dont care. You are on top when early. 3) Listen in class. If you dont everything else preceding that (homework, following classes, tests) will severly be effected. Listen carefully. It is more important then studying. You wont have to study as much if you listen. 4) Put your heart into it. This is your life, your career. You put you blood, sweat and tears in it. 5) NETWORK AND GET EXPERIENCES FROM OUTSIDE OF COLLEGE. It gives you more then you think...... Yourself a year later. (p.s. clean out your stinky gym locker...ew)


Looking into my own juvenile eyes like a window painting a long, winding road with head-strong trees shadowing its path, an entire years worth of frustration begins to beat within my mental walls. The idea of completely voiding the idea of applying for any scholarships now bewilders me but then my young genius of a mind overlooked the potential free money due to the extracurricular work. Then comes the unfortunate lack of enthusiasm I held within my freshman and sophomore year, which would display in my high school records even after my change of mind set as my high school career reached its upper class levels. As I grasped my shoulder tightly to hold my own attention, I begin to pour out all these obstacles of emotion I have now faced and plead for on open ear to alter my future. Getting more involved in high school clubs or maybe even sports, treating the educational system appropriately to gain everything I possible could, or maybe just thinking larger then my own shallow thoughts. How life now would be so much easier on a vast level and perhaps I could even be attending a prestigious school this very moment.


If i had the chance to prep myself as a high school student for college i would definately tell myself to create a budget for myself to help save for college. Being that it is very expensive. I definately under estimated how much everything cost when i was in high school. I would also urge myself to study a little harder and take a little bit more of an iniative in math. Because if i would have taken the time out than to understand math better than maybe i wouldnt be struggling with it now. Because it is definately a lot harder now. It is true what they say, high school is definately preparing you for your college years and life after that. With out that prep from devoted teachers i would be lost. I would urge myself not to take it for granted, because i did.


If I had the opportunity to go back and give myself a few words of advice in my senior year, I would say to myself...."work to your highest ability....give it all you have....go over and above and don't settle for handing in work that is merely just enough to get by!" Overall, I wish I worked much harder to keep my GPA higher all through high school. I really didn't take into consideration the astronomical prices of attending college. Maybe the reality of those costs were too difficult to comprehend for a young guy who had never been out on his own. If only I knew that even a few grade points higher might have made a difference in how much scholarship money I would be offered. This reality and truth has awakened my whole perspective on how seriously a high school student should take each and every assignment. This year, in my first year of college college tuition fees have become my reality. I want to transfer to a school in Nashville Tennesee to major in Music Buisiness to get my four year degree. Hopefully this scholership will help me achieve my goal!


If I were able to go back in time, November 2008 would be the ideal time to which I would return. I would have to tell myself that selecting a school shouldn't be based upon name recognition alone. Sure, I wanted to get into a great school, but I would have had an easier time selecting a school in the spring had I applied to schools that I could actually afford. Going to a local community college has many benefits. I would have to tell myself that my friends who went away to expensive schools would be having financial difficulties while I am able to save money every month. I would have to tell myself to save the time, money, and grief that came along with applying to schools that I could never afford, and stay local in order to save enough to transfer to my ideal school. I would have to tell myself that in the end, all that matters is the education you recieve.


If I was allowed to go back to myself as a high school senior, and give myself advice, I would say three things. One, save as much money as possible. Two: sell Bradley (my horse), and three: domore practice for the SATs.


If I had the chance to go back in time, one of the most important things I would advise would be to work on my self confidence and remind myself that it's okay to receive a low grade every once in a while. I would have remind myself that while on tests I occationally blank out, I am a smart individual and can pull my grades up if I set my mind to it. I would tell myself that one poor grade would not call for future failures, but instead offer a chance to improve myself. I would also remind myself to be proud of all my accomplishments, and not react negativly to something positive when it comes to anything in life. Since there is no way for me to go back in time, I will try my hardest to remember these things. I will do this so when I look back at myself again in the future, I will know that continuing my education and bettering myself was a positive and a wonderful experience.


Never give in, let your pride go now rather than wait till college, your a smart kid and your pride can help you a lot to make yourself known but you can't ever let pride be you, only let your pirde show who you are. You are an Actor, work on your craft and make it yours


I fi could go back in time I would tell myself to prepare for how much money it is going to take to be in college. I would also encourage myself to be more into my studies because three years down the line I will be regretting that I was not focused from the start. I would also tell myself that I should have stayed at a community colege to begin with instead of going to a four year school first.


Id say: "Listen big guy, dont date the first girl you meet, remember that classes first semester are NOT optional, and eventually you will come to appreciate the important things in your life."


The one piece of advice that I really wish that I could have given myself was to get my mind in gear and choose a major before the start of college, this way I wouldn't have to take two full semesters and one winter semester of Liberal Arts & General Studies due to the fact that I had no idea of what I wanted to do when I registered for college. Between the loss of my father and getting so many offers to different colleges in a vast amount of states across the country, and with no ideas as to what I wanted to do after High School, I was a bit stressed and therefore lost as to what I wanted to persue later in life. I am glad that I chose the automotive field to base my college studies in because I love my classes, my teachers, and the overall family atmosphere of the staff and the students within the program, as well as the fact that what I am learning now can be applied to everday life. Without transportation, the world wouldnt function, and my future will be a key element in making sure the world funtions efficiently.