Suffolk County Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


When classes on a campus get cancelled due to low enrollment, it often means either going to a campus far out of the way, or having to redo your entire schedule. There needs to be more available professors and sections of classes.


The most frustrating thing about Suffolk County Community College is that this school does not have dorms. This means you have to commute everyday to school. The commute is not that bad unless there is traffic, which can change the commute from being 15 minutes from my town to 45 minutes. You never really know what time you are actually going to get to your class.


The most frustrating thing about my school would probably be the lack of parking. It is a community college, so all of the students commute. As enrollment in community colleges is on the rise, I think that should prompt the college to create more parking for the larger amount of students. There are some days when I leave my house an hour in advance for a 20 minute ride to school, because if I don't , I may not be able to find a parking spot and potentially miss or be late to class.


To me a community college seems like 13th grade, so there are just alot of immature students that attend.


The most frustrating thing about suffolk county community college is the parking situation. The school is so over populated and there is not enough parking spaces for all the students. you have to either be there bright and early in the morning or an hour before your class starts. And if you have a break between classes, you can forget leaving on your break, unless of course you enjoy waiting in traffic and fighting for parking spots.