Suffolk University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The opportunities that Suffolk University had offered me were very limited and I felt as if I was a commuter taking classes as a community college.


Suffolk University is a diverse institution of learning that is enriched by student involvement and faculty who are more than willing to help their students succeed with their chosen career path.


Suffolk University is a well rounded institution that offers a wide range of courses that cater to their diverse student body.


My school is a very-supportive, greatly located in the heart of boston with great opportunities that are given to all students who attend the school.


A relatively small university located in the heart of Boston, with small classroom sizes, rigorious courses, a vast selection of extracurriculars and immense diversity.


Suffolk University is an excellent, diverse educational institution committed to the success of its students.


Suffolk is an atypical college that embodies the city of Boston and embraces people of many people backgrounds who want to achieve many different goals; Suffolk prides a high tolerance of different ideas and allows people to grow and strive for a better understanding of live.


A school focused on allowing students to secseed socialy and academicly, and giving students plenty of options so they can enjoy a grand socail life living in the city.


It is a fun community where it is easy to learn new things.


Suffolk is a very unique school it's location and student body, extremely diverse and a good representation of life in the city.


very urban, but gives little financial aid to students like me that need it, there is also no campus life it is very city and almost like takeing classes not going to a college.


very oriented and very diverse.


Urban, yet at the same time very comfortable and close.


Suffolk is a small school with out a central campus and is a real city life school.


Good learning environment and its a good school for students to experience the city life Boston has to offer.


It is in the heart of the city so it is impossible to be bored and everyone can find something they enjoy doing or somewhere they like to hang out.