Suffolk University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I dont find much about my school as being fustrating unless its within myself. I believe that Losing what makes you special in order to fit to the criteria or a group of friends; losing your ability to think, learn, adapt and be curious happens to be the most fustrating. Dont ever give up your motivation to do something great, to be something great, and instead getting only the will to do what people want from you do what you want in life and thats the key to success.


Suffolk University is predominately a commuter school. I am a full time commuter student which at times can be strenuous. Opposed to living on a campus the struggle of using MBTA transportation can be overwhelming. In attempting to construct schedules as well as attending classes, time management plays a huge role in doing so. MBTA transportation has a tendency to be unreliable and interferes with student’s daily schedules. The issue of time management is one that many students have to master by the end of their four years at Suffolk University.


The most frustrating thing about Suffolk University is the lack of housing on campus. Housing is not guaranteed for anybody, which puts a strain on maintaining friendships with other classmates. Also, because of the housing issue, there are numerous on campus groups that only meet during the weekday when a lot of students hold jobs or internships off campus.


The most frustrating thing is the way the buildings are structured. On a side street there are three buildingd that all have different entrances and exits, but somehow they all connect. it is really frustrating because you can easily get lost or take the wrong turn which takes you into the wrong building.


I have found nothing frustrating about it


The most frustarting aspect of my University is the tuition. For the average middle class family sending a child to this school is tough. Although living on campus does hack up the price, students are never guaranteed housing. Most of the dorms house freshmen and the upper classmen must depend on commuting or getting an apartment close to campus. For my college experience I do not want to commute but if it is what I have to do to attend Suffolk, I am willing to do so but the price is still not cheap.


The financial aide has to be the most frustrating part of my school. The faculity there tend to be somewhat rude and this department is very stingy about giving their awards. They are often late on processing information in regaurds to finanacial awards as well--making it difficult to judge how much you may need to borrow for student loans.


Lack of computer labs, and extremely small gym


campus was not that big, and not too much housing


Reminiscent of highschool. Very cliquey in terms of social life outside of academics.


no incentive to try; basic effort earns B/A grades.


Limited availability and price of dormitories.