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At my school it seems you may find people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. I love it because each person I come into contact with has something positive to offer me, whether it is a new friend, classmate, or professor. Professors here want you to succeed. It's not like stories I've heard from other universities, where professors are tough and are not flexible. Students here are expected to uphold their responsibilies, and professors appreciate that they do.


What is unique about this school is the friendly and accepting community. it is easy to make friends and people are not judgemental.


Binghamton University strives to meet the needs of all of its students. It is one out of very few schools that have a student association that is ran entirely by Binghamton students. This evinces that the school is a major supporter of its students and really strive towards making this a comfortable, safe, and fun place for all.


All the rain that we get.


Binghamton is amazing, 'nuff said. You should apply here. And then go here.


It's a very friendly learning environment. While you're on campus you can either focus on studying or doing extracurricular activities. Although Binghamton is located in a rural area, it offers its student a wide range of activity to keep them busy and entertained.


It's kind of hard to get a sense of Binghamton (or any school, really) just from reading a review. Come visit!


The enviornment of this school that allow students experiencing in hiking, researching for bees, dears, and so on. People here come from all over the world, and there are late night events, various activities holded on campus. If you are off campus, there are museum all open for free at the beginning of each month on Friday. There are faculties, speakers, singers, performers, and dancers, come from other Universities or orther countries. Students studying at Binghamton University are welcome to participate. Some of the events are free to students. Off-campus housing are cheap and good qualities.


I think that the most unique thing about Binghamton is its student population. The school is located a convenient distance from NYC, as well as from major cities upstate, so people are coming here from all over, including New Jersey, Conneticut, and the most random states like Miami! There are also plenty of international students. With this eclectic mixture, people get along really well, learning much about all the cultures surrounding them. The school is also just the right size, big enough to find your own groups of friends but not so big that you get lost in the crowd.


Binghamton University provides so many helpful resources for their students. The Career Development Center, Educational Opportunity Program, McNair Scholars Program, XCEL (Center for Student Leadership), Latenite (free activities and events all weekend long for students who prefer to stay on campus), and free tutoring at the various libraries that can be found around campus are only a few of the things Binghamton University provides its students. In comparison to many other colleges, the quality and cost of education, services provided, and the experience overall is one of the best values a student pursuing a college education can find.


Binghamton was really large, but divided its on-campus housing into different "communities". The idea was to create a college-within-a-college feeling, and to make everyone feel more at home. However, I was always super busy, so I was never around for events. My suite referred to me as the "absentee" roommate (we lived in College In The Woods). There were also one or two extremely unique majors--which, interestingly, I didn't even end up majoring in.


They allow you to create your own major combining several majors to make a major that is just right for you. They give you an advisor from each of the departments that have something to do with the major you want to create and together, you and the professor come up with requirements and classes that would fufill what you want to learn and gain from the school while helping you move towards your goal carreer.


A lot of people I know want to or has transferred out. If you like to party and don't want too much work then go ahead, you'll probably love Bing, but if you're more like the studious and chilled type, Bing isn't for you. I'm going pre-med and the Chem. workload is pretty crazy. Lab, lab report, quiz/test EVERY week. There's also online HW that's due every or every other week. If you're going to go pre-med, it gets pretty hectic. The food here sucks...unfortunately.


Its great value.


The most unique thing about Binghamton is the way the city is separated from the campus, it allows for students to get two completely different experiences throughout their college life. I consider both of these different lifestyles very important and i don't think there are many other colleges that can compare.


It is located in upstate New York near plenty of mountains/nature preserves to hike and ski/snowboard.


There is an off campus bilding located in our down town city. They moved the school of community and public affairs to this location so the students could work and volunteer in the surrounding area. The volunteer work was nearby the building.


No go


My school has a large and vibrant Jewish community which is important to me.


Area, friends


There is a drive here - people are excited to be here and excited to be doing whatever it is that they are doing. It makes for a nice atmosphere and a feeling that what we do here at Binghamton really matters.


middle of nowhere with a lot of deer


It's a great state school. It offered a great education at an affordable price.


The value, and the strive for success. People here take their education very seriously.


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It is far enough away from home to feel independent but close enough where if I want to go home or to New York city I can.


Binghamton is an extremely diverse hub of students from all types of backgrounds.


binghamton is the meth capital of the world, 5th most polluted river in the country, and a haven for sex offenders (150ish)


Very practical education. They train you for the skills you need to get a good job/career. The school is very strong academically for it's value.




the location of binghamton is quite unique. it far enough away from nyc but its close enough that the influence of companies and corporation can be felt. another unique aspect is the campus design, everything seems to be well thought out where each is. the mix of schoolwork and pleasure is also quite unique, everyone has school first but you can really have a good time whatever your social niche is.


It's really large without being in the middle of a city--it's still the typical college campus with lots of grassy knolls.


The cafeterias are run by Sodexho which can get a little old and fattening after awhile, so bring a fridge so you can eat in if you want. Bring a warm jacket, and don't feel silly buying a serious hat and scarf. Don't worry about gen ed's as much as you think, you'll end up taking classes that are boring and later one will be offered in an area you like for the same requirement and you'll wish you had waited. Take what you like, there's plenty of time to get all your requirements fulfilled, and if you do well on APs and that stuff, it'll help a lot.


A student's first winter at Binghamton.


It's very artsy and business oriented at the same time.


Binghamton is unique compared to other schools in various ways. One aspect of Binghamton that stands out is the environment surrounding the campus. Its natural setting is mountainous and beautiful, holding a very serene and peaceful atmosphere. Deer and rabbits can be spotted on campus on a daily basis. Another way Binghamton is unique is that the students are cultural, ethnically, and over-all very much diverse. There are no cliques or segregation, even within the Greek Life. Everyone is extremely accepting and welcoming, so making friends was easy and comfortable. In general Binghamton is very relaxed and easy-going.


Its a "public ivy" whatever that means.


Binghamton is designed with the student in mind. Academically, the school offers a vast selection of courses for virtually any career path. Furthermore it offers a variety of fast-track degree programs which enhance a student?s marketability. Socially, the campus is conveniently designed to host 5 separate residential communities. Each community is uniquely designed to offer a variety of living situations for students. Additionally, hundreds of student organizations thrive on campus, and the Student Association charters dozens of events year-round. Binghamton is an exceptionally well-organized institution whose top priority is to cater to its student?s needs.


bighamton is a great school! you will love it if you become part of it


Binghamton is basically the good SUNY school that doesnt cost that much. If you come with an open mind then you will be fine. All the good and bad experiences you learn from and even if you dont like it you realize that you left a place learning how to adapt to differences. Meet people, meet professors, graduate students, sit down to a conference and you will realize that college involves the balance of intellect/academia and frat parties/booze.


I have been living and studying in Binghamton for three years and I love it. I am currently doing my masters in Geography at BU. I believe Binghamton is a good place to study and work in the academic field, such as teaching. It is also a very good environment to raise a family.


i love bing, because despite the weather and the classes that u sometimes hate it is just a great place to be. i have amazing friends and i just have so much fun with them. its all about making an experience for yourself no matter who you are. and no matter what type of person you are you can find something that interests you and people who share your interests. i think bing is a great place for someone who is stuck in the middle, because the options are endless and nothing is overwhelming.


I enjoy BU and recommend it to many people. I just don't suggest being an RA, its fun but the administration is full of adults with sticks up their ass' who don't understand teenagers anymore.


Always too much to do, if you like frats they are here, there are lots of minority groups, jewish african american asian, whatever. Weather is crapy, but if you want to have fun there is the Ale House, bunch of bars downtown, bowling places that are like 10cents a game, frat partys, lots of things. If you dont like drinking or its not important, late nite binghamton is in the union they put a lot of money in to buying all these cool things that very few people use because they got rid of on campus drinking. Best thing about Binghamton is 24/7 anywhere in binghamton, if you have 3 or more people, the cabs are all 3 dollars each, (was 2$ when I was a freshman 4 years ago) Bottom of the line is, if they had a bar in the union, it would cut way back on drunk driving and make their late nite activites more accessible to people with a college life style......


Lots of people don't give the school the credit it deserves because the weather sucks (it rains/snows 11 months out of the year and we're not there for the good month), but I'm going back for grad school so it must be doing something right


Really fun school with good academics


Weather can get you down, amazing people can make it better. Sports are fun and interesting. Intramurals are awesome. A lot of international people but mostly all of them are really cool and nice with awesome life experiences. Good experience and place as long as your are not high maintenance or expecting binghamton to be NYC




I love Binghamton!!!!!!!


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