SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is very cold and snows a lot.


The worst thing about Binghamton is the weather during the end of the fall semster and start of the spring semester. It begins snowing as early as Halloween and continues through March and sometimes April. Along with the snow comes wind, and sometimes the "feels like" temperature drops to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. It is very easy to get wind burn or in severe cases, frost bite.


The worst thing about SUNY Binghamton is it's lack of competitive sports teams that bring us up to the level of Syracuse, for example.




All the students are very competitive because most students want to be doctors or engineers.


There is not much to do in the area on the weekends


The seasonal changes tend to be one of the University’s biggest downfalls. Due to the excess amount of rain and snow a lot of students tend to adjust their attitudes to the gloomy weather. This consequently affects mood, academics, and the social life of many students.


Our school has a lot of diversity but I feel like that a lot of people are not that culutrally aware. Our school tries to host events that bring people together and raise cultural awareness of different cultures and ethnicties, but the events are only attended by those who are of that culture/ethnctiy the event pertains to. I think there is still a lot to be done and students should be abe to feel at home no matter what culture/ethnicity they are.


The weather is the worst thing about this school, although that is out of their control. Also, I have had some horrible professors who had zero interest in the students and whether they were doing well or not. They mocked the classes for not being smart enough when they taught them nothing.


In the surrounding town, there did not seem like much do on the weekends.


The weather is the worst thing about Binghamton since it really affect one's mood.


It is so cold, and the food can be bad at times. There is a cheating issue, but every college deals with that. There is diversity, but you find that people still cluster around, the asian internationals stick together and the Long Islanders as well. The school is 50% Long Islanders. There is not much to do on the weekends except goto the frat parties.


One thing that I consider to be the worst thing about SUNY Binghamton is the academic adivising department. Many of the advisors are in fact very knowledgeable, though some are very vague and a bit unhelpful. There are a ton of classes available on this campus and accurate descriptions are hard to come by. There tends to be a lack of communication between academic advising and the actual major departments. Confusion and difficulty is almost always involved when it comes to credits and class scheduling.


The worst thing is my school is not having some type of undeground path for harsh weathers, Also limited number of printers, staplers and other resources.


The food!! No variety outside of the dining halls.


The weather is not so good. And Binghamton city is not very safe.


I think the worst thing would be that they allow incoming freshmen to declare a major because these students have not had the time to adapt to college life and their interests will change after spending just one year away from home. They are likely to change their major at least once during their college career.


The worst thing about Binghamton is the lack of individualized attention. As an undecided freshman, I have had trouble finding a person who can assist me in signing up for classes and working towards discovering a major. It is difficult for me to find someone who has time to sit down with me and talk about my concerns when there are so many students and so few advisors. It seems like they want everyone to know what they want to major in if they want to receive assistance. I find this unrealistic and unhelpful.


The people aren't all that smart, even though it's considered one of the state's top schools. Uh-oh New York.


The worst aspect of Binghamton University is the weather, the cold temperatures and high winds that make life in December, January, and February very difficult. The weather is bearable, but can be very detrimental to outdoor activities for some period of time..\


The weather.


Sometimes in winter there is not enough heat.


Binghamton University should be more diverse, the more people learn about one another the less afraid we will become to care.


some of the classes are really big so you can go a whole semester without ever really getting to know your professior or your other classmates.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that the tuition has been raised and that oftentimes students take the partying too far.


The worst thing about Binghamton University is probably going to the dreariness around campus, mainly because of the weather that causes this lethargy in everyone and everything. It sort of makes you feel like curling up in bed and not moving until the weather changes or gets a little brighter out.


It might be very boring and lonely because there is just lots of open space if you don't make friends to hang out with, but when you do its all fun and you will do great.


The ratio of advisors to students.


Very little surrounding campus


The thing that I hate about my school is something that is not able to change, which is the weather. I hate the cold! Despite my dislike of the snow and cold, Binghamton has taught me to enjoy the cold weather. I enjoy activites such as sledding and snow fights, and then making hot chocolate afterwards. I would like it better if the weather was warmer, like it is during the late spring. Other than that, I really like the school and all of its programs.


The adminstration. I do not think they truly take the students into account sometimes such as with the tuition hike but no salery reduction of our president.




The town itself. People who grew up in Binghamton have a hatred for the SUNY students because most of them could never afford a good education themselves.


It is hard to think of the worst thing about SUNY Binghamton because I really had a wonderful experience there. Aside from the very cold weather, I think what I found to be frustrating was how difficult it was to take studio art classes as a non-art major. My senior year was the first time I was able to put a studio art class on my schedule.


The worst thing about SUNY at Binghamton was the fact that it rained and snowed so much, which made the school seem a lot more dismal than it was. On the days that it was sunny the school looked so beautiful, and everyone seemed much happier.


For one thing, the weather. During the winter and parts of the fall, the sky is completely overcast. Rain is frequent in the spring. Other than that, the only other minor thing that gets me is the low-quality athletics.


On campus housing is very bad. Residential Life has poor internal management and also has very unreasonable faculty. Campus internet is very slow when they advertise that its high speed. Space is very limited for various activities.


The worst thing for me about Binghamton University is that the Arabic department isn't as big as I would like it to be. There are only 6 language classes and I would love if there were a harder level every semester.




Lack of fun activivities that don't involve drinking.


SUNY publice funded means recent recession led to budget cuts. Budget cuts means not enough tachers and not enough classes cant take enough classes for my major many restrictions, you get what you pay for.


The meal plans are pretty bad. The food itself is not great and you have to pay over 1.5k for the plan, yet you only get 600 to spend, and every item is charged separately. It snow in here a lot too, so be prepared for that.


Too many students in a place that cannot accomodate each one as it should be able to.


The worst thing about my school is the food on campus and the large classes. While living on campus you are forced to at least pay for the minimum meal plan, and the food was not good at all, and had little variety. I tend to learn better in smaller classes so the large lectures (which i only really had as a freshman) were overwhelming and difficult to keep engaged in.


It is very difficult to get around the system. If there was an error in the system, for example to register for a class, it is very hard to fix it.

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