SUNY at Binghamton Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Going to school here is exactly what I thought it would be. The city of Binghamton isn't absolutely fantastic, but there's enough bars and frats to still have a good time without getting bored out of your mind. The mall's pretty nice. Living on campus, I think, is one of the best parts of Bing, and there are a lot of options. Most of the dorms/communities are gorgeous. The food isn't terrible but it's not really notable either, just average college food. The student body is generally very diverse, and the professors I've had so far have been great.


For some reason a lot of people believe Binghamton is a party school. But it really isn't. Binghamton is full of able body students that are looking for that 4.0. With that the school is very competitive and the classes are challenging. Everyone has school pride. I haven't met one person yet who regretted going to Binghamton or who doesn't like being there now. I love Binghamton personally. It's a big school with such a diverse group of people. The challenging course work really makes it a public Ivy.


SUNY Binghamton is an amazing school overall. The size of the student body is just right and it has many resources in order to succeed. With the many quiet places to study and the amazing online library database, students have the tools they need to do well. The location is also great. Some might think that it is isolated, but you'll see that everything you need is within a few miles of the campus.


Binghamton has endless possibilities. There is always something to do, and you will never be bored unless you let yourself be. The living communities on campus are one of the best features, allowing you to have a nice icebreaker with fellow community members or even other freshman upon arriving. Each community caters to different people. If one thing could be changed about Binghamton, I think I would want it to be the meal plan. Sodexo really lifts the cash right out of your pocket (or student loans, to be realistic.) BU is rather large, but it really doesn't seem it as you proceed through everyday activities. Your living communities really help space everyone out equally, without binding you there. Most people where I live do not know of Binghamton University, but also most from my area are not that highly educated. Binghamton is an acclaimed Public University in the North East, especially for out of state students. I usually spend most of my time in Glenn G. Bartle library on campus. It's a great building and offers countless areas for study and research. I don't know if you would consider binghamton a "College Town" persay, but it does have many business that cater to the student population and their respective interests. Outside of campus there is a nice strip of stores and restaurants on Vestal Parkway and a mall just about 15 minutes out if that. I haven't had much experience with the administration, but there are many resources available to students that need them. There really are not that many "big stories" on campus. School Pride is really not that high when it comes to our sports, but otherwise I'd say school pride is a somewhat moderate level. The most frequent complaint about Binghamton is the weather. It's usually rainy or a little on the colder side than what most of it's potential students are used to.


Overall, Binghamton University has provided me with a positive, challenging yet encouraging college experience. The student body is large and diverse, leaving a prospective student no shortage of opportunities to business network or just find new friendships for life. The most frequent student complaint is the lack of meal choices on campus. Currently, all resident dining is catered by Sodexo, which has a limited but growing meal selection. However, the university food court (separate from resident dining halls) has several food venue options, including Sbarro, Taco Bell, Mein Bowl (pretty good oriental food), Subconnection (subway style sandwiches) among other choices. Of course, the college town around Binghamton Unversity has hundreds of food choices, from every type of fast food joint, to higher end fancy restaurants. Many students also opt to cook their own meals, which is easily done through the many kitchens located in each dormitory building. As far as school pride, Binghamton hosts a Division 1 Basketball team, for which the games are always packed at the University Events Center. Walking down the main roads of campus, you can see students everywhere wearing the symbol of our school, a Binghamton Bearcat paw, whether it be on backpacks, pajama pants or sweatshirts. School pride is very prevalent, and is increasingly growing as Binghamton University becomes more and more competitive as a school, both in sports and academics.


Lets be real. SUNYS are either a joke GPA wise or suck socially. Binghamton is a happy medium between the out of control partying Albany and the deserted weekends at Stony Brook. We have a thriving downtown area (which is accessible by free student run, or city run bus system) which has tons to offer to different palates. Art galleries, museums, clubs, dive bars its all dt and its all affordable. On campus is bustling too. Binghamton boasts 253 student groups. Over a hundred more clubs than Buffalo. A club to take note of is SAPB. This group is responsibility for bringing comedians, lecturers, festivals, musicians and surprises to campus. In the past year SAPB has brought Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Pretty Lights, Taking Back Sunday, Super Mash Bros, Girl Talk, Jon Stewart and Aziz Ansari. SAPB also turns campus in Disney Land twice a year with over the top carnival rides (the highlights last year was skydiving and cranked up bumper cars), free food and prizes all day. Who needs a football team with so many awesome shows and locals to choose from?


The people are the best. Friends are easy to come by and the faculty help you from writing recommendations to office hours. You will never be bored unless you want to be


My favorite thing about Binghamton is the way it provides us with the advantages of going to a big school at the same time as it provides us with the advantages of going to a small one. On the academic side of things, since it is actually fairly large, the university has a huge variety of offerings -- a definite plus for an undecided student like me. At the same time, though, it's not the kind of school where you kind of choose randomly from a million options and end up falling through the cracks -- we actually have really strong advising programs. Since I haven't declared a major yet, I obviously don't have a department adviser, but I have gone to both Harpur Academic Advising and the university's Career Development Center. In both settings, I felt like I was being treated as a person, not just a transcript, and I found the counseling really helpful and also really reassuring. On the social side, Binghamton is small enough to feel like a cohesive community but big enough to avoid cliquishness and the feeling of living in a fishbowl. Also, I love that the dorms are organized into communities ( because each community has its own traditions, events, dining hall, etc., so it's super easy to meet people who live near you. While students definitely make friends outside their communities, the communities give us a social experience more like what you would get at a smaller, close-knit type of school. I honestly haven't gone into town much, since I spend a lot of my time hanging out or going to events on campus. This is less because of the surrounding area and more because I've always found something to do on campus, from going to concerts to going to a poetry reading and from bowling to cooking with my friends in our dorm building's lounge. (Come to think of it, for that last one, we did leave campus to get the ingredients -- there's an amazing Wegman's supermarket a bus ride away.) There are a few things I'm hoping to do in the city, though, like go ice skating, visit the museum, and check out First Friday art events. If I had to point out student complaints, they'd probably be mostly about the weather, and I have to say that I do sometimes wish the school were located someplace warmer. At the same time, though, it's hard to complain about getting the occasional snow day -- no school, and the opportunity to go outside and build an igloo! Anyway, it's nicer out toward the beginning and the end of the school year. Then a lot of people hang around or play sports like Frisbee outside.


When I came here, I actually thought this school is not diverse enough. Sure, there's a mix of different races/ethnicities, but I don't feel it's diverse enough.


Great place to be all year round.


The school is a good size, though the freshman class this year is huge and most of them are living in tripled rooms (3 people per 2 person room), there are a lot of functions on campus and people are really engaged in activities so its a great atmosphere. People are impressed if you say you go to Binghamton, it has pretty bad weather though, and the town is severely economically depressed which makes it kind of miserable.


binghamton is a large school but at the same time it is small because you get to know people very well and you actually get to see them on campus! i love binghamton and when i told people that i attent to binghamton they feel happy about it because people know that binghamton university is a very good school!!!!!!! at binghamton students have the opportunity to know student from many different country and actually learm from them!


Kind of gloomy very small city but fun bar life and mostly everything is on campus It is perfect size so you run into some people but not everyone The professors are good or bad depending mostly on the department It seems to be undergoing a lot of change on the whole right now


The school looks bigger than it actually is and the town is sort of dead. It used to be a booming town, but now many bussiness are closed. It can take a little while to get used to, but after freshmen year you get used to the people and the way of life. Since you are forced to dorm your freshmen year, you get to meet people and have fun. The two-five choices of bars may get boring, but you get used to going out to see the people you know, rather than for the variety.


The best thing about Binghamton would have to be the students. Most are extremely welcoming, bubbly and charismatic. I have never felt so free and more like myself then when I am around the people I've met here. The school itself is I'd say a medium sized campus, all the classes are relatively easy to find/get to, only about a 5 to 7 minute walk depending on where you are on campus. Unfortunately, the one thing I feel is always too much of a walk is the gym! I love that the campus has multiple dining halls for each community and that there are even two libraries other than the main one in two of the living communities. When I tell people I go to Binghamton, they're usually very impressed, and I think its well-deserved, because the academics are definitely rigorous, depending on how much effort you put into your work. I'd say the most complaints this year where when the administration decided to combine the Dickinson and Newing communities during reconstruction. Another huge controversy is when the SOM Accounting majors social security numbers were leaked; I'd definitely say there was a lack of security this year, which is unfortunate. I haven't personally had any problem with the Binghamton administration, and I myself have had only great professors who really care about their students, and love their job. Except once I had a grad student, that wasn't so great.


I love the campus premises. It has a lot of green spaces, trees and provides a good place for walking, running etc. For students who do not own a car and don't drive, getting around Binghamton is easy. The BU ID card gives you a free pass to travel on the city buses. Living on campus in the resident halls and apartments is challenging. Unless you know who your room-mates or house mates are (friends/relatives), my advice to new students is to opt to live off campus. If you still need to share a house or apartment to cut costs, make sure it is with someone you know. It will eliminate a lot of unwanted stress and help you concentrate on studies.


i love bing. it isnt too big or too small. the weather sucks. the campus is easy to figure out and everything is pretty close. the dorms are nice and hillside is pretty cool. bing has a great rep as a top ranked public college. i spend most time in my apt on campus. downtown isnt awesome but its good. great staff. budget cut and construction are biggest controversy. not too much school pride cuz there is no football team, but we try our best. the weather is the biggest complaint.


Binghamton University is the perfect size for me. I know just enough people and do not feel left out or bored with them all. The school has a good reputation through out New York State and I am a little surprised at how well the school is know for its engineering. School prides seems to run at a minimal level, we all stick together as SUNY Binghamton students but we don't stand that strongly behind our athletics. The administration has some problems like every school, sometimes they seem to focused on growth and new students that they forget about their current tuition payers. The residential life administration hires then trains over 100 students as Resident Assistants to live/work in the dorms, but they still treat their staff and residents like children.


There's a very wide range of classes to take. Class sizes are way too big, and even upper-level classes are taught by TAs or completely unqualified lecturers way too often. Nobody outside of New York State even knows about Binghamton, but people in the state are usually pretty impressed. I spent almost all my time on campus in the library. The only place students ever congregate in large numbers off campus is at seedy bars downtown. The administration is corrupt and doesn't prioritized funding way too much toward business, engineering, sports, and pointless construction projects - they have no vision of an ethical university, and do not take student quality of life into account. The biggest recent controversy on campus was a an anti-war protest in which protesters marched down the main road outside the university, and the police roughed up the students. Not too much school pride.


Frats are weak, right size, bars are not bad you can get in with a little wit even if your 17, almost no school pride, had a great time but it's really your friends that make the experience.


Add a football team, just right for size, the reputation is on the rise so get in now if you can, one row of about 12 bars so everyone goes to the same spot if not at house/frat parties (which suck)


Binghamton is a great university, in my experience, most notably in the diversity area. The people from different background and of different interests is amazing. There is no real college town and it does occasionally take some effort to find ways to keeps entertained, but as long as you stay involved and try to be social yo will fins your niche and enjoy bing life.


Human Brain


Wish the college town was better. Wish administration listened to students more.


Binghamton is a great school and many people excel here. Unlike many other SUNYs, it has no "easy A's" or classes that you rarely have to attend. You work for what you get and it is probably the most realistic (to life) school on the east coast. The size doesnt overwhelme many people, as it is not extremely large or small. People here have a solid sense of gratitude for the education they are receiving, and those that do not usually try to transfer to Cornell or another school in the area. No one gives you a hard time about going to a SUNY school, as they are probably paying twice as much (if not more) the the same education (my last 6 professors all have their degrees from one top notch school or another). Most of a students time tends to be spent on campus because you cant have a car until your sophmore year, then you want to move off, so by the time you graduate its about 50/50 (on and off). Binghamton is not really a college town (like Ithica), but the community is very responsive to the students and loves the business Binghamton U. brings. The administration runs the school, even if the student government thinks they have power, we are a state school and what we do is often reflected on "higher management" ie the governor and president of the school. If you want something changed, it often takes much longer than you will be around for, but it gives you a mentality to get the ball rolling and take on tasks that have been handed down (such is life). School pride exists when we have a winning team, or if we get notice in the form of media, overall people care not to discuss binghamton things unless we're winning.


Great academics, a could-be-great-school not quite there yet, spirited and often successful athletics, good professors, some awesome people. Bad weather but it's NY what do you expect? rainy and cloudy a bit. People know of Binghamton but probably don't appreciate how good it is. Good size would not want any bigger or smaller. A lot of people but campus isn't enormous.


Binghamton is in my opinion a great school. It is a public university with the prestigious reputation that equals many private institutions. I feel like it is an open environment that is very condusive to learning. The people are extremely friendly and I have made many good and dear friends. The Campus always has something going on so if you wish to participate and get involved there is always something to do. There is an organization for everyone on any subject, however if you can not find something that fits you, you are welcome to start your own organiztion. There are always groups holding events and performances happening all around campus to go to.


-best thing?- the fall/spring weather. bars are easy to get into. BAR CRAWL IS AMAZING. teachers are accessible -one thing i'd change- I'd give more money towards school of arts and sciences and less at school of management/watson. -College town- townies are weird, but surrounding area does offer nice diners, and great cheap bars that are easy to get into -Administration- they def did not go to a BInghamton quality school, theyre idiots. main care is for the bottom line. -Controversy- Administration decided to cut over half of the phys ed classes( snowboarding, karate, yoga) without consulting students. however after great protest decided to rescind. -One Experience- Bar crawl, first nice day after winter


Ok, the weather sucks in Binghamton most of the time. It loves to rain, be cloudy, or snow. I cant stand the cold, but yet I love Binghamton U. to no end because of the people. The students that go to Bing are the NICEST people I have ever come across. There are sooo many types of people and backgrounds, I kept making friends until I graduated. There is always somewhere for you to fit in with. Size-wise, Bing is perfect. The on-campus housing is divided into communities, meaning the dorms are in clusters (communities), which allows you to feel part of a close-knit community instead of a speck in a school of 14,000 students. There isnt much of a college town unfortunately, but there are a few cute places downtown, and the bars downtown are never empty.


its a nice campus; its a nice change to have from long island. the town is slower paced but there is a big difference between the campus and the town. the townies dont seem to be too fond of the college students but i guess thats alot of college campuses. the worst thing about campus is dining hall food you start to learn that if you cant recognize it dont eat it.


Binghamton is a very social campus. People are involved in numerous activities varying from sports and music to community service and academics. There is greek life on campus but it does not overwhelm the majority of the school, however you will be forced to encounter the typical sorority girl and frat boy in your classes and you absolutely can not escape them downtown. Binghamton's reputation has exponentially grown over the years, the addition of the law school will probably add to that as well. At Binghamton you'll get a great education if you make the most of what the school has to offer. That's the same with any school, but Binghamton comes with a lower price tag. Things to watch out for...the stereotypes of the different communities you can live in on campus. Hinman houses the asian population and academic minded, Dickinson is home to the EOP students over the summer, and most return to the same location once the school year begins. CIW is home to stoners and partiers while NEwing is almost 100% greek. Mountainview is huge, air conditioned, and suite style. Also, it is the most unsocial area of campus to live in. You never leave your suite. One final warned :THERE'S NO FOOTBALL TEAM!


BU is a public school, and it is bigger than you think. The education is really good, but it can't escape the public, state-funded feel. It is not a pretty campus. Binghamton, as a city, has been economically depressed for many years, so the location is perhpas not ideal in a lot of ways. On the other hand, the area has a lot of variety: city life, a large university campus, and close proximity to quiet, rural areas.


I personnally love it at BU - sure there are aspects of the campus I'd love to change (cough on-campus dining cough), but it wouldn't be SUNY Binghamton without it. The staff - in the Electrical Engineering department, anyways - is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. There's almost always something to do on campus. The campus is nestled in an almost perfect location, being seconds from a commercial district, minutes from the city of Binghamton, and minutes from wide-open countryside. The landscape is extraordinary - comparable to nothing you'd find in suburban or city life.


The best thing about Binghamton is the convenience of a free bus service and proximity to many of the stores and restaurants that students are interested in. It's annoying that in addition to the taxi fare, we need to pay at fraternity parties. The size of the school is just right. Many kids from my high school go there, but I do not run into them more than I want to. I spend most of my time on campus in the library and dorms. It is not a college town. The only reason for any activity or excitement in Binghamton is the university, but not enough to really make it a college town. I think Binghamton's administration is arbitrary, even though they adopt the image of an administration that values student opinions. Recently there was a controversy on campus related to the reconstruction of the oldest dorms on campus, with many students preferring the old-school feel of the current dorms. There is a fair amount of school pride, but the joke about the lack of a football team is commonly made. Many of my friends attended the basketball games. I will always remember the color war experience in my residential community, between the different buildings. It really united the building and created a sense of camaraderie. The most frequent student complaints are the weather, the surrounding town, and the food.


It's dead. This whole city is a dead city. The rivers run with sewage and ages of waste. Feral children mock you as you try to maintain the morals of the old world while you invade theirs. Rats crawl hungrily at your feet, caught in an endless spiral of emaciated beings, clawing over and into each other to escape inevitable, remorseless starvation. The paint has long since chipped from the cement walls and been washed by countless rains into infinitesimally small and colorless mounds of dust that blow and recollect across the streets. The sky itself is subject to the will of the gray. I haven't felt anything since I arrived. This is not a retreat. This is a story that has no beginning and no plot. I can smell fish from upriver, dying and rotting as they pass through and down to the bewildered and hushed lower Susquehanna River. The shit and death of this world feeds the river, and the river is a scourge on those who live a little farther down its back as it lays a face-down giant amongst them, conspicuous and whispering innocuous lies of wealth and success. I sometimes hear there was a woman chosen long ago to lead this place. A woman named Defleur, but she is more likely a myth, as she has never been seen or spoken to. Likely, if she did exist, she fled long ago to live out her days in the care of others, leaving the monsters to rule in her stead. I haven't felt anything at all since I've arrived. Except hunger.


Binghamton's best feature is the PEOPLE. Students are so friendly here! The faculty is very relatable and understanding. When I tell people I go to Binghamton, I get a head nod and a comment something like, "Wow, good school!" It's definitely a college town, which there are pros and cons about. Back home, I live rather close to the city, and I miss city life a lot. The thing is that, the whole town pretty much caters to you. There are off-campus student discounts, and all cabs know every building in every community in the university. I like the size of the student body, mainly because I think I tend to do better in small classes where discussions can take place. There's LOTS of VERY VISIBLE school pride--at all basketballs games, university events, and things like Dorm Wars. I think the most frequent complaints generally are the fact that there is no train station in Binghamton, the windy-rainy-snowy weather, the fact that there's no education major for undergrads, or the dining hall food.


The city of Binghamton is definitely centered around its college which is good. Its a very big school with a lot of students however the way the living communities are set up, it feels like a very small school and recently I have been able to walk outside of my dorm and look around and know almost everyone I see and this is only the end of my freshman year. The administration could definitely afford to give a little more guidance though on academics and unfortunately there we lack school pride.


This school is huge. Its a very big school. But if you get involved, it really is just right. You'll get to know a lot of really cool people. When I tell people to come here, they usually respond with how its so cold. Thats true. But toughen up. This is a college town. Its set up for the college students. Binghamton's teachers are really good. They all know their stuff, are very creative, fair, and allow you to be creative for the good of the class.


Most people seem impressed when I tell them I go to Binghamton, it is one of the best SUNYs, maybe even one of the best state schools in general. However, some do look down their nose at going to an in-state institution. Student-town relations are almost nonexistent. We tend to stay away from "townies," only going downtown for grocery shopping or going to a frat party or a bar.


its great for its value although going to another suny wouldnt be that much worst you cant get a mix of city and upstate new york like the environment in binghamton.


The school is very large, but it has good major programs and the class sizes are small. On the flip side of this, since classes are small signing up for the classes you want to take can be a problem. Look forward to taking some early/boring classes the first semester or two. The school has a good reputation with people though, and employers supposedly want to hire students from public colleges because they are well rounded individuals. The dorms are fairly comfortable, and the city surrounding the college has plenty of shopping and entertainment opportunities.


The best thing about Binghamton is the high standards of academics. The school size is the perfect medium. People think you are smart and love to party if you go to Binghamton. I spend most of my time in the dorms, dining halls, or outside on campus. It is not a college town, it's separated from the city, thank God. I have no comment on their administration. The biggest recent controversy was when two basketball players beat another student at a bar downtown. There isn't a lot of visible pride until you get to a basketball or hockey game, those are fun. It is always cloudy in Binghamton. Students frequently complain about the cold weather.


The best thing about Binghamton is the athletic teams. They are fun. One thing I would change is the Mountainview Shortcut. I would put some stairs there. I think Binghamton is just the right size, there is something for everyone. When I tell people I go to Binghamton they usually respond by saying "Wheres that?" or "". Its fun being a part of Binghamton because its a growing school that is just starting to make an impact. We are making national achivements. I spend most of my time either in the gym, in the dorms, or the dining hall. Binghamton is a college town, Binghamton wouldn't be anything without the students. I dont hear much about administration. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the student march against the war and a bunch got arrested. That, and also the whole downtown assault, but we dont know where thats goign yet. There is definitely a lot of school pride, especially among athletics.


Too Large Spend all day studying College Town Schedule of Classes - pain in the ass


Weather sucks, decent school, good size, stupid academic policies when it comes to taking classes in between schools at Binghamton


The best thing about Binghamton is the way the residence halls are all tightly knit. The closest community is a 2 minute walk at most which creates a very social atmosphere with the students. Student activity is really high and everyone interacts with eachother. One thing I'd change is adding a football team and stadium to our school. We need to expand not only our faculty, but our on-campus residence halls. Right now many students enjoy the tight knit set of communities, so adding more would be creating more of a social and enjoyable atmosphere. People are excited to come to Binghamton because they know the students are social and fun. I spend most of my time on campus. The town of Binghamton is sketchy because of the townies. The administration seems to be great for the most part, except sometimes they like to change things without discussing it with the Student Association. The biggest controvesy right now on campus is students being against cops equipped with tasers on campus. There is a lot of school pride, mostly with our basketball team, but would be a lot better with a football team. Nothing really unusual about Binghamton...We have a lot of deer. An experience I'll always remember is having my building win Dorm Wars & Hysteria, which are a week or weekend of games and competition between the buildings in the Hinman community. Everyone always has a lot of fun and it helps get people together at one time and participating in games with one another. Student complaints are the weather and the football team we don't have.


The city is dirty, the traffic is horrible. the one good thing is and the cheap cabs. the bars are gross and let anybody over the age of 12 in. the school is pretty big, but i always seem to run into the same creeps i don;t want to see. the administration in my program (HDEV) is bullshit, and they're trying to make it harder by weeding out all the helpful and honest professors and advisors.


The great thing about a University is that there is something for everyone. There's a lot of organizations and courses available. When people find out I go to Binghamton they seem impressed because it's known as the "smart Suny". It is also known to be in the "boonies". It is in the hills, but state street is full of bars, clubs, cafes for all ages. I'd stay away from the dirty frat houses as a freshmen, public areas are safer. Pay for cheap beer at bars rather than risk free beer at parties or go to friends apartment houses where you trust a keg or closed beers and drinks.It's a wet campus so people drink in their rooms too. Must students move off-campus to live down down, which is off main street (near state street) as upper class-men. There's the townies and then the BU students, but the city of Binghamton is safe, despite it's rundown appearance in parts because it did go through an economic depression. Every college is a "party school". Some sororities really do do cocaine and frats do haze. Don't forget that Organizations can lead to (even better/stronger) friendships too. The administration does what they want. They are going to have to listen to students eventually, but presently they have their own agenda in mind and ignore the rights and opinions of students. They talk with students, but need to make more changes. Controversy over being a Coke Campus (coca-cola company) and equipping the BU police with tasers are current big controversies on campus. Coke is currently being sued for killing union leaders in Columbia. They also put pesticides in their drinks in India and are threatening the water supply there. *Binghamton is one of only two suny schools with tasers (Albany is the other). Binghamton is safe and tasers are not wanted by students. They make us feel unsafe. The weapon level tasers are currently at allows police to use them at surprising times. Ex: if a cop tells you to stop and you run or if you are asked to move and you remain sitting... you do not need to be armed or trying to hurt a cop. Tasers should at least be moved to level 4 (the same as firearms) to lessen taser abuse. Tasers have been denounced by Amnesty International and police stations across the nation are suing tasers companies for giving them false information. The long-term health risks of tasers are not known, so how can the administration be so sure they are safe for use? -Students are never asked their opinions on such issues and should be! (just like the remodeling of the Dickinson and Newing dorms, which the administration tried to turn into suites, but students (for once) got to keep the corridor style they decided upon by a majority. -The administration also tried to get judicial affairs involved with students who were arrested during a nonviolent protest off campus to end the occupation in Iraq. They decided not to as such actions were unjust, but students continue to feel threatened by the careless power of the administration. *To learn more about Tasers on campus please contact the administration: Vice president (Van Voorst is being replaced) : (607) 777-2157 Debnar, Tracey: Assistant to the VP: (607) 777-2157 Paukett, Donald: Assistant VP for Administative Affarirs: (607) 777-2170 Cornell, Anna: Director for financing and planning: (607) 777-2038 Swain, Mary Anne: Provost and VP for Academic Affairs: (607) 777-2141 Brown, Cheryl:Director of Admissions: (607) 777-6226 Kinh, Dee: Secretary to the Director: (607) 777-6226


I'm just going to say this... the school is very large and full of possibilities. The "town" is very scattered, and while there are things to do (contrary to popular belief) they are not all located in one place and most students won't even be aware of anything outside of the downtown "club" area, the mall, and the Walmart complex.


The school is on the larger side of medium, but it's hard to meet a lot of people. Binghamton, the city itself, really really sucks. My God, don't go here. There is NOTHING to do here. No, really, there is nothing to do here. The only thing students do here is drink, and trust me, that gets really old really fast. I mean, there's the typical college party-life, but you aren't going to learn much about anything besides alcohol here. It might sound fun, but spend a week in a big city and you'll know what I mean: You're going to want something more valuable to do with your time.

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