SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I would say SUNY at Fredonia is best know for their small classes, friendly teachers, and an overall welcoming atmosphere. Unlike some other universities, Fredonia offers small class sizes. Yes, I have been in lecture halls that hold up to a hundred individuals but they are the only exception. Teachers are avalible almost always to their students whether it be office hours, or whether it was via e-mail. Friends are not hard to find either. Doors are always open, opportunities to make friends are just as plenty.


Being awarded in the top ten vegetarian schools on the east coast.


Highly competitive degree programs in Theatre, Music, & Education; also for being a "party school."


It's a big arts school, between the theatre and visual arts departments so we're all really open minded and accepting.


It's music and education studies and party reputation.


Most associate the school with two things - partying and music. This is because years ago Fredonia was ranked the nations #7 party school. We have since gone down on that list, but I believe we hold our own better than any other school. The comrodery makes it a social school where people are mature enough to make their own choices. We have an impressive music program, but I believe every program is tremendous. Those who are music students keep to their own kind, but enjoy everyday of their college career, just as we all do.


It's so friendly and a really pretty campus.


It's theater, art and education departments. They are some of the best in the state.


Hockey, music, and arts


Sound Recording Technology, Theatre Arts


The school is well known on campus for it's strong music program, and the musical outlets the music students make themselves. Many students form bands or other types of musical groups as an outlet from the regular work. However, even in the Music Program, the facilities and concerts halls are outstanding and beautiful. Programs are always great.


Music. The campus is known as one of the best music schools in the country especially not being a private school. There arent just music majors though. There is a diverse company of Education majors, Business majors and many many more. Most students also find it easy to hold a second major or a minor to further their education.


Its music program and its teaching program.


Fredonia is best known for its inviting and friendly atmosphere. It's a liberal college that is well known for its great education program. It's also well known for its prestigious music school, which is one of the main reasons why I decided to come here. It is one of the few schools in New York state that has a music therapy program, and it is known to be one of the best. Fredonia is simply a great place to attend college, I have never met anyone who went to school here and was not satisfied with their experience.


it's music and arts and theh amount of gay and lesbian people


Being accepting of people who are different.


music and teaching


It's music program, liberal views, small town feel, and gloomy weather.


My school is best known for it's education program, especially in music education. The music education program attracts most of our out-of-state students and is very intense and worth every penny.