SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe the student population is too little. With a greater population, students would be challanged more academically as a result of more competition.


The worst thing about SUNY Fredonia is simply the expenses. Any college will have expenses out of my reach, and if it were easier to find scholarships, and financial aid, I would worry significantly less about my future concerning money. Although this particular problem isn't specific to the school I am attending, it is the only thing I personally do not like about this college. Beyond this, I so far have enjoyed my experience in Fredonia.


The worst things about the school is that there is no where to report acts of dicrimisnation such as racism, sexism, and homophoias. Many clubs on campus are ralleying against the human resource dempartment asking why is it that if someone is discriminated against, they have no where to turn.


The location is probably the worst thing about the school. Fredonia is a very small town and there isn't much close to here.


The worst thing about my school is that there is not surrounding area. There is no real town to relax in when school is not in session.


How there is not much to do on weekends except party


Theatre majors. They love to form cliques and are dramatic by nature.


The worst thing about Fredonia is the old winters and that the sidewalks dont always lead to where you want to go and it takes twice as long to reach your destination. Also parking on campus is a pain and there is limited parking unless you want to park on the other side of the campus.


I think the worst thing about my school is there isn't enough time in the day to attend all the extra things provided to do.


There's not very many resources available to commuter students and there isn't much parking. It makes commuters feel slightly unwelcome. Often computers in the library and computer labs are taken by studennts that live on campus and have computers in their dorm rooms. There is only one lounge with a microwave and that microwave never gets cleaned. There are no vending machines with food in them, only machines with snacks.


I think the worst thing about SUNY Fredonia is the recent raising of the cost to attend SUNY Fredonia. SUNY schools are somewhat cheaper than normal colleges in NY state, making them popular among young adults. The recent raise in tuition however, prohibits some students from being able to attend SUNY Fredonia and overall, miss out on an amazing life experience and a spectacular school


I would have to say the wordst thing about SUNY Fredonia is the weather. In the winter it is freezing outside so you have to wear layers of clothing to keep warm. Inside the education buildings though, the heat is always turned up all the way, so you have to peel off the layers. In the Spring it is the opposite. The temperature outside is rising, and so is the airconditioning inside. Often times you'll have to bring a sweatshirt or jacket to class so you don't freeze.


the campus on weekends seems dead sometimes


Not very ethnically diverse. The school is diverse in just about every other way. Everyone is very open and liberal so there's no reason it should not be ethnically diverse. But the diversity is better than it used to be


I think the worst thing about the school is the student/campus center - the Williams Center, which is currently being remodelled.


There is very little to do outside of campus related activities besides going to bars or parties. There is a small movie theater and bowling alley within five miles of campus, but little else to do recreationally in the community. Though there is a nice creek and small hiking area for those who enjoy nature.




At times, there was nothing to do so students had to create things to do, which activites weren't the best choice.


This school is hypocritical sometimes, saying they expect certain things scholastically and financially from students but then not providing adequate resources for it.


The lack of minorites and space to hold events


There's a lot of red-tape. It's annoying.


The professors and the surrounding bureaucracy without question. Their is no individual treatment. You fall into a rubric and are made to complete it regardless of your merits.


Housing, the buildings are old, the new building is more expensive and there are not enough rooms. The meal plan is also a rip off.


The food and admistrative office, that you can't choose your advisor, too much core classes are needed that are outside your major-they feel like a waste of time and hurt your overall GPA.


A lot of the people at this school are typical college kids and as such are total dorks. They fit all the college archetypes perfectly. Also there isn't all that much going on scientifically here. You'd be better served by UB if you wanted to do science.