SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who likes small classes, wants to get to know professors well, and who would be interested in working with professors on independent research projects.


A person that is outgoing and intellectual at the same time. There are so many things to do and so little time! Everyone on campus is so nice and willing to help, if you need to know where to go, there will alway be someone to direct you. If you have too many books in your hand and need some assitance with the door, someone will be there to open it. And for the intellectual, the campus so beautiful in any season, great for sitting on the bench to read your chemistry book, on this campus you aquire knowledge.


This school is open to absolutely anyone who is willing to learn. There is such a vast majority of majors to choose from that just about anyone can find their niche there. The school does not admit based on gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. It looks at the student as a whole in deciding who will attend the campus.


An education major should attend this school because the program is excellent. Also this school is a great choice for commuters.


If you are a person who is really into music, theater, atrt, etc. this school is a perfect match. However, if you aren't into anything any of the arts SUNY Fredonia is still a great school to attend. The people (students, faculaty, and staff) are all very nice and generous. They are always willing to help you no matter the problem. This school is also great for people who want more of a one on one learning experience. The class sizes are small, which makes it easier to ask questions.


The school is definately harder than a 2 year school. So you will have to put a lot more work forth. Also if you dont like the cold very much, this isnt the school for you, its right next to the lake and you get tons of snow and wind.


I believe that a wide variety of people would be very welcome at my college. From outgoing to shy; from the arts to business. It is a diverse campus; sexual orientation and race does not matter. All people are accepted and that is one of the many reasons why I attend now.


Anyone who is looking for a great college education and experience without paying a huge price should consider SUNY Fredonia. It is a great place to get introduced to college life, especially after just finishing high school. Fredonia makes the transition from high school to college very easy and enjoyable. A person that appreciates a small town and a small campus will love this school!


Anyone who is looking to have a friendly, comfortable learning environment and wants to go far in life.


A person who is open to learning and who really want something out of their college experience. I have worked hard the whole time I have been at Fredonia and I have gotten a lot out of my education. If you are serious about learning than Fredonia offers the resources available to fulfill those desires.


A liberal open minded, creative, dedicated person


Someone who likes to drink.


Th type of person that should attend this school is one that is independent, driven, hard-working, sociable, and can tolerate snow!


A person who WANTS to be here and wants to better them selve.


Fredonia is a friendly school to people of all types and is incredibly aesthetically pleasing, especially in the fall season. The community is pleasant as is the on-campus activity that goes on throughout the year. Although there isn't a football team, hockey games are very addicting in the amount of spirit shown at every game. This school is very art and music centered and there is rarely a weekend without a performance or event for anyone.


Someone who is very open minded and is willing to be put in a community full of people that are looking out for each other and always ready to lend a helping hand.


ANYONE! This school has a huge focuse on theater/music, education, and business. Anyone and everyone will find a place to fit in and will find a place in their hearts to call Fredonia home.


Liberal, open- minded, musically or artistically inclined.


Both students who have decided their major and those who haven't would find SUNY Fredonia a great college choice, if they are willing to keep up with the coursework. Besides academics though, a person who is easy going, non-aggressive and accepting of all people would fit best on this campus. Whether its someone looking for an intensive degree in music, psychology, education and more, or just looking to get some CCC credit before transfering to another school, this campus would accept any person as long as they are accepting of the school itself.


Someone who is not afraid to try new things, and is open to all experiences. It is best for people who are artistic, musical, ect. The focus is on thinking and not so much researching.


The kind of person that just wants to get a general liberal arts education on the cheap or a teacher or musician.


All kinds of people