SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who will not take academics seriously. Anyone who is too much of an introvert to socialize with other students as well.


After numerous college visits, students and staff at State University of New York at Fredonia struck me as the most upbeat and accepting group of people at any one college. Be prepared to see that most emails in your inbox will begin with, “Hello!” and end with, “Have a great day!” People are more than willing to help if you encounter a problem, and most are very down-to-earth. If you have difficulty accepting others who are different than you, or do not wish to become part of a college “family,” SUNY Fredonia may not be for you.


People that are not people-oriented should not go to this school. Everyone here is so nice and get along with everyone. There are so many activities at this school, noone can get bored. The professors and coaches are all very helpful when there's a need.


I feel that everyone is very welcomed and encouraged to come to this school. It is a very diverse school, and everyone can find a group of friends to hang out with. The only people that I think would not feel comfortable are people who really love the city. The closest mall is about 20 minutes away.


I believe that attending SUNY Fredonia would benefit every student in one way or another, but if I had to choose, I would tell the individual who prefers quiet, anti-social environments to try and steer clear of Fredonia's campus. The individuals on campus are social butterflies. Walk out of the doors and there's people all over playing guitars, singing songs, having coffee. The level of social interaction on campus is incredibly high and it is truly wonderful.


Uptight people that are miserable and do not respond well in social situations.


SUNY Fredonia is a great school for anyone to attend; however, It is quite small compared to other colleges and universities. I am from a small town and attended a very small high school, so Fredonia is a perfect environment for me. On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend this school to students who are looking for a bustling campus life with a large number of students. Also, the community around the school is small and quiet and is not for students who are looking for a city atmosphere.


A person who cant set aside time for school and studying. There are a lot of things to do at Fredonia with friends and parties that can distract someone from what's really important. Learning to keep your priorities in order is essential. A person who cant complete their work done during the week and separate school and social activities might have some trouble attending this school so you need to be a good student.


In my personal opinion i feel like those who are not serious should not attend this school. It is a demanding school and there are many individuals who are serious and here to make something of themselve; therefore, people who are looking for an easy way out or not sure what they want out of their life should not attend this university.


If you are looking to be at an enormous school where your professors don't know your name, you shouldn't attend SUNY Fredonia. Additionally, if your sole focus for school is studying you should not attend SUNY Fredonia because it offers many opportunites to get involved and the students know how to throw great parties!


Anyone who is homophobic should not attend.


People who are stuck up or who enjoy big city life should not go to Fredonia.


conservative racist radical those not open to change or new expereinces those who are leaving a boyfriend/girlfriend at home homesick people judgemental


A city person. Fredonia is 50 minutes from Buffalo, so I'd say people without a car and are city people would be out of place.




Someong going for pre-med/pre-law


There is such a diverse population here, I wouldnt even beable to answer that


Everyone can attend this school


Someone who is not focused and does not care about their academics. Also someone who isn't ready for independence and hard work. Programs at SUNY Fredonia are tough and you have to be careful and focused to do well.


People that are too uptight about grades and image as well as super conservative people.




Someone who is colse minded, the campus is very liberal and very diverse (especially with sexual orientation.) Someone who needs to be in a big city should not attend Fredonia, and people who hate snow and cold weather.


Someone who doesn't want to do any work.


Students who are looking to go to a top-notch, $60,000/year school, but did not get accepted and are going to be miserable here at SUNY Fredonia should probably try and find somewhere a little bit more to their liking. Fredonia will probably accept anybody who passes the entrance requirements, but if they aren't going to be happy here, all that is going to happen is they are going to bring the rest of campus down with them. It is easy to identify those who are not happy here, and that kind of person shouldn't be.


Someone who is used to the hustle and bustle of the big city and is looking for that in their school life. There is alot of activities to do on campus but there really isn't much variety in things to do recreationally off campus. Plus it is a rural setting so those who are used to the urban atmosphere might feel slightly out of place here.