SUNY at Fredonia Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be sure to take advantage of living in close proximity to a variety of students on campus, especially your freshman year. Make friends and learn from those around you. Take advantage of the large number of clubs and activities and do thing that will be fun as well as beneficial. There are tons of volunteer and community service opportunities, that should be a strong point on all of your applications. You are at an art school so be sure to go to shows, musicals, art galleries, and even take classes out of your comfort zone. Be sure to build relationships with the faculty and staff. They will help you if you ask for it, but will not volunteer their time if you are not interested in it. Get help as soon as you are struggling with material rather than wait for your grades to show you're not getting it. Join study groups and take advantage of the free tutoring center. Most of all, take some time out of the library because after graduation you have to get a job and grow up!


Getting more information on what the cost of college and what would be the cost of going to a private university. Do more detailed research on different schools and the cost of them. Get more information about financial aid. Talk to many other people who went to college to give me tips and advice for college. Consider going to a community college first for two years to take my general studies. Then go to a University to finish my education to get my bachelors degree. Talk to the guidance counselor to know what steps to take to for college and getting information on scholarships. So I can be prepared to go to college. It would have been cheaper for me to have this information for college. Instead of having to go back to community college and missed a school year. Make sure you check all of the resources to get all the free money that you are eligible for so you do not have to take out loans. Make sure you do a lot of research before you go to college. Doing all of these will help you transition smoothly into college and lead you into less debt.


I would tell myself to pull your potential out of bum, and take AP courses designed to further you in college. I would also say "life isn't about achievements; it is rather about the goals, mutual support and accomplishments intermingled that count.


I would tell myself to shoot for the moon, to never doubt myself, and put my all into everything I want to do. College does not have time for students who do not try hard or who do not want to succeed.


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would remind myself about preserverence. I would tell myself that life is lived to its fullest by recieving an education. My college experience has changed my life for the best. Even though would not of believed it then. I would have told myself that I will love all the new knowledge I will gain , people I will meet, and skills I will learn. I would tell myself not to worry ,that everything was going to work out, and that God has a plan for me. Follow the path that you know deep down you are destined for and your greatness will blossom. Most importatantly I would tell myself that the past doesnt matter now. All that matters is the road ahead and that the future will be bright.


Hello Lindsay. I am you, two years in the future. You're getting ready to go to college and there are a few things that you need to know. The most important thing: everything will be okay. I know you are worried, it's in your nature. But trust me, after a year and a half at Fredonia, you are in love. You are in love with the campus and the community. I know that right now you are worried about fitting in, and acquiring freedom you do not currently have. But you will fit in just fine with all of the right people, and yes you will abuse your freedom sometimes, but you will learn from your own mistakes and grow as a person. Secondly, do not be afraid to ask for help and to take care of yourself! You are still struggling with yourself right now, and will continue to for a while, but there are people on campus specifically to help you; take advantage of that! Overall, keep worrying, it helps make me who I am now as the future you. Go to Fredonia, learn and grow; academically and as a person.


Senior Jenn,The transition from high school to college may seem like freedom but you really need to prioritize. Time and money need to be at the top of your priorities now so that once you get here, you already have an idea of how it works. First things first, stop taking the easy route and buying food to refuel for practice; pack a snack from home. This will easily cut back on unnecessary money being spent. Also, do those scholarships! Those are simple essays or surveys that just require a little bit of your free time and your genius thoughts. You wont regret rejecting an invite to a movie or going bowling when you win that money; may it be $50, $700, or even $2,000, it’s still aiding to your college debt. Time is a factor no one can control; you can’t go back so make the most of every second. The balance between sleep, school, and health is important. All-nighters are unhealthy for the brain, avoid them. Naps are your friend. Don’t procrastinate but also give yourself time to relax occasionally so you don’t overload yourself. Best of luck,Future Jenn


Dear Ashante, I know you're stressing out right now, but i'm here with some insight. Its going to be hard at first being away from home and you will be home sick for a few, but you've got to be a big girl. You got this. Keep your head up, and remember who you are. It's easy to lose sight of you are without those people you normally have around you to do that for you. Don't let your kindness be taken advantage of. Be kind, but be respected. You'll do great, no matter all the doubts you have. You got this kiddo... Love you:)


If I were able to go back in time, knowing what I know now there are a few things I would advise myself to change. Throughout my high school years, I was severely depressed and always searching for a drastic change that seemingly would never come. My Junior year of high school as well as my senior year of high school- I had attempted suicide. If I could go back and tell myself about the transition from high school to college, I would tell myself that it gets better. I would inform myself that the big change I've been craving and needing most, was soon to come. I would tell myself to be patient, because things get better and the opportunities of the world will soon arise from the pitfalls of my depression. If I could go back in time, my only advise is to continue on, persue to overcome the struggle, resist my temptations of death- and simply look forward to the future; because the future I have created for myself is worthwhile and incredibly beautiful.


The first thing I would tell senior high school me to do is relax. I would tell myself that things might seem hectic then and they would in college, but to just take a deep breath and know she would get through it. That even when it seemed like there was 500 things to do and no time for them, she just needed to step back for a bit, reorganize her head, and it would all clear up soon. I would also tell myself to stay on top of assignments and essays. It is too easy to put off those things for days and that is where most of her stress would come from. She was always good about getting her work done and she should not let that slip. Because once she did it would become all to easy to lay around when she had more important things to do. So I would probably be confusing myself at this point; saying to relax, but stay up on everything. I have faith in myself that I would get the message though.


The advice that I would scream at the top of my lungs would be to study, study, STUDY! I cannot say it enough. High school was a breeze for me, I had absolutely no sutdy skills. I could it in class and pratcially get an A just for being there. Once I hit college and it was time to study for my first exam I wanted to cry. I had to teach myself how to study and figure out how I learned best. Also, college is a time for freedom and where you can do whatever your little heart desires. Don't go crazy, it's not worth it go to school and get what you paid for, because one thing I hate the most is waisting money. My final words would be to play hard, but study harder.


Pay attention to what you are learning now, it will all come back again in college. Find a way of studying that works for you, don't just do it last minute, college is all about balancing your time and priorities on your own. Don't be afraid to ask questions! And don't be sad when all your friends leave for other schools, there are so many people at college, you will never be alone!


Dear Viv from 10 months ago, Senior year is a breeze because you exceeded what was required of you during freshman year. College life can be filled with parties, studying, schoolwork, tests and worst of all it can be a fashion show. It’s very easy to get sidetracked. Sounds familiar? It should because college is just a more responsible extension of high school. So long as you remain focused on your goals, ask for guidance when needed and continue to overcome obstacles that appear to always be in your life the transition into a college student won’t be that hectic or forbearing. Viv you’ve been a responsible, goal- oriented, hard working young lady your whole life, don’t change now because your environment has changed or because you think you no longer need to be. Continue on the path you’re travelling on and NEVER GET COMPLACENT!! Love you girl and I wish you the best.


College and high school are completely different worlds, but working hard in high school sets you up perfectly for college. Had I taken high school more seriously then I believe the transition to college would have been much easier. College life is based on much more freedom and responsibility, and the discipline you learn in high school sets you up for success in college. My high school self felt that since I could breeze through high school while procrastinating on homework and projects then I was more than prepared for college but that was just a complete mistake. College life requires more discipline and structure on my part and developing those habits is much harder to do once in college. Being smart is not enough for college, smart kids are a dime a dozen. The students who succeed are the ones with a strong work ethic and great study habits. Anyone who has those tools is set up for success, not just in college, but in life in general!


Wouldn’t it be nice to go back in time? Although I have not yet seen one at the supermarket, a time machine may have been an excellent tool in helping me get through college. If I were able to press the rewind button, I would first tell my high school self about choosing a major. My advice to young Rachael would be to take electives first, in all areas, to be better assured of my true passion. As for my love life, I would convince myself of a strict “No Boys!” policy. Relationships just get in the way of school and building strong, long-lasting friendships. Staying healthy is the most important advice I would give to myself if I could go back. “Go to bed early, eat your fruits and veggies, and work-out regularly,” is an easy regimen that I should have been more serious about. Lastly, I would remind myself that hard work really pays off and that my ultimate goal is to strive for happiness. A time machine may be nice, but I have realized that I would not have learned so much about myself if I had not gone through these challenges “myself.”


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself this: You are given one shot at life--an opportunity to succeed or a time to just simply exist. The way you shape your future depends on how you live in the present. Thinking about that, do you want to simply "exist," or take the time to better yourself academically gaining the skills necessary to make a difference with your life? We each have the chance to make a difference and use our life to improve the quality of this world we live in, for yourself and those around you. You are given the shot to take your abilities and enhance them with education, but it is up to you to decide to do that. You are free to make your own choices, but you must remember that you cannot go back in time and undo what you choose to do. With this, I hope you will take the time to truly consider what is best for your future, because after all, you are truly given only one chance at this thing called life. Make the best of it without regrets.


I would tell myself that I should be confident in my abilities and that I belong there. I would also tell myself to really take advantage of any scholarship opportunity and the teach grant. I would let myself know that I will be taking too many credits to graduate in four years but that it will be worth it in the end. I would tell myself to be thrifty when buying/renting college textbooks. I would tell myself that I made the right choice in my major and that I should not doubt that teaching is the job for me. The most important thing about attending college is to talk to people, students, faculty about scholarships, job opportunities, or any questions you have because they know tips and opportunities that you otherwise might not hear about. Communication is key!


I've learned more in my first semester of college then I have in my four years of high school. Most of my learning come form outside of the class room. Since I have been in Fredonia, I've learned more about myself. My mind has opened to new ideas, cultures, and people. I believe going to college and living on campus is a must in one's life. You get to experience new things and live outside the box. My whole life I was sheltered and now I'm free to explore anything and everything. I know this would have never happened if I stood home. I am just starting my journey, and I'm glad it's in Fredonia. I don't see myself anywhere else.


I am a mother of three and I live in a small rural town in South Dakota. The oppurtunity to go to school is little to none under those circumstances. So I thought. I started looking into National American University and found that I could go online. This was a dream come true. I new for years that going to school was going to be my only option to better the lives of me and my children. I am still able to work and spend time with my kids, all while getting my degree. I was curious to see how comparable the coursework was to a campus university and I found that it is just as challenging if not more. I have gained so much from the experience and am happy to say I am going to be a proud graduate in December 2011. No more paycheck to paycheck, or "I can't afford it."


From my college experience I can point out a few main themes: comraderie and the ability to work with others, mentors and wisdom passed down from my professors, and my personal growth as a musician. These three main concepts are the molding experiences I've had at SUNY Fredonia. At Fredonia, I have had the pleasure of working alongside peers who did not compete with each other, but rather, supported each other in a good manner and with much respect. Not only was this a great way to go through a music program, but it has also ingrained that method of comraderie and support among peers. This is something I will no doubt demonstrate throughout my career. My professors at Fredonia have molded me into the musician and teacher that I am today. I owe so much of my growth to them. They have shared with me a wealth of information, knowledge, and wisdom that I feel I wouldn't have today if it were not for that particular team of professors. The two above experiences combine to my final thought. My overall growth as a musician and teacher are owed to both the supportive environement and excellent mentors.


What i have gotten out of my college experiences are that i have the tools and technics to make an impact on my field. i believe it is valuable to attend because now we dotn know whats going to happen to our futures, but whatever happens we have something big that we can fall back on that wont have a us worrying about where our next meal will come from. my other experiences are that before i was quiet and kept to close group of people, but this experience allowed me to stand up and let myself have a voice. it gave me the oppurtunity of what i need to do to succeed in life in general and that some arent always on my side and that i cant let those people hold me back in what i believe and what i want out of life. i have lived a life of not having going to school and i found out that i struggled more than i do when i am in school. this has allowed me to get my priorities straight and to focus on what i want for myself.


My college experience so far as been exciting and rewarding. This is the first time I have been away from home for longer than a week at a time, but living on campus in the dorm is great. I have made so many new friends, especially of the girls on my basketball and lacrosse teams. The girls in my dorm are special. It's like we are all part of a family. If someone needs something, all we have to do is ask for it. I was so scared my first week of school, but the professors and coaches want the students to suceed. That was made evindent when we were told we could go to any of them for extra help or make-up work. I am the fourth child of five and the first to go to college, so I take great pride in what I am doing. I know I have to have a good education in order to have a career later in life, and that is what I want. A career, not just a job.


As a graduate student now at a different college, the feeling of Fredonia always stays with me. The college I am at now does not have the atmosphere that Fredonia has, which makes it difficult to feel pride going there. Fredonia is a college that is accepting of all, where there is plenty to do socially, but academics are always top priority. Through my four years at Fredonia I made some ofthe best friendships that I still have today. Many of the friends I made at Fredonia I have travelled with, were in my wedding, and are people I still talk to on a regular basis. The social piece of Fredonia is very welcomed and encouraged. The strategies I learned in my education classes are still strategies I use today with my students in my own classroom. I think that the tools Fredonia gave me to succeed helped me find a job that I have had since I graduated in 2008, and be a successful teacher today. Fredonia taught me how to be the best teacher possible, which in turn, has helped my students succeed greatly.


Out of my college expierence I have gotten a sense of responsibility and independence. I have learned how to take care of myself and be responsible for my actions, since there is no one here to take care of me. It is valuable to attend college because it teaches you how to become your own person. College is an experience that everyone should embark on especially dorming because you are put into uncomfortable living quarters with random strangers and you learn how to cope and handle different situations.


I have learned many things from college so far. First, I learned how to budget my time better. This has become extremely useful in my life outside of school already. Secondly, having to pay for college on my own has taught me the value of a dollar. I no longer spend money on pointless items. I constantly think about if I really need to spend money on an item before I buy it. I also reuse old dresses now instead of buying new ones that I would only wear once. Lastly, college is teaching me how to make decisions and work out problems on my own. I no longer have teachers helping me every step of the way or a friend to guide me through a problem. I am truly learning what it is like to be treated as an adult. Overall, college has had a positive impact on my life.


My college experience consists not only of the knowledge I've gained from the courses I've taken, but the people I have met and the activities in which I participated. I have made so many connections with people from all over the world, including professors and some I call friends. What I find intriguing is how strangers can come together and create something unique or learn something new and grow together. There are so many oppurtunities at hand, one just has to reach out and go for them. I believe my professors are a valuable resource who, when I show interest, will go to great lengths to help me. IIn my opinion the value in any college experience is what one makes of it. It could be the most valuable thing to one and mean nothing to another. I make the most of my college experience and I think one day my education and experiences will take me places.


Choosing a two year community college for my first year of college was the best decision I have ever made. Community colleges do not usually have the best reputations. It is seen as the ?easy? way out, or for the people that did not do all that well in high school. My choice of going to this type of college would not change even if I got accepted into the best well known college! One of the most obvious reasons why community college was so great is because of the cheap tuition. In these economic days it is hard for people, like my parents, to pay for such high expense schools. Community college is about one fourth the costs of a local state college, never mind private college institutions! The one on one small class size made the learning environment comfortable. I learned a ton of interesting facts, and if I did not understand something the teachers would gladly stay after to help. At the community college I was treated as an equal by the teachers. This school helped me gain confidence, self assurance, and maturity. Community college helped steer me into the path of my future career!


I have gotten a sense of self-worth, pride, and a boost of self-esteem. It has been valuable to attend because I have learned that just because you think you cannot do something to not give up on yourself, and not to let others get you down. As a single mother, going back to school is a huge accomplishment for not only myself, but my daughter as well. This experience will help provide a better future for us, which I believe is what we all really want in life.


I learned a lot of life lessons through living in the dorms and attending classes. I learned responsibility being a resident assistant for three years. I learned how to help others while still being responsible for myself and my education. The most difficult class I took was in my last year; I started out failing, because I thought I knew everything. My professor, and his course material taught me that I didn't know everything, and that I needed to work hard, no matter what. Because of the great progress I made I was able to get an A in the class, I also learned my self discipline, and strengthened my drive for excellence. I take every opportunity I can to learn, and I don't take it for granted. Not everyone is blessed with the opportunities to learn.


I am a mother returning to school after ten years. I was very scared and everyone was very supportive and helpful. I feel like I am set up at school to be sucessful. The teachers care about their students and I have a chance to learn hands on.


Being an adult student has been challenging enough. Having to balance full time nursing school on top of a full time job and three small children has been difficult. But taking that first step and going to my first day of classes was the smartest thing I have ever done. My college expierence has not only given me knowledge that I wouldn't have otherwise had, it has given me confidence, self esteem, and pride. I am very proud to be attending one of the best Nursing schools in the state. I am amazed at my abilities and my grades. To be completely fair, Harper College has a lot of resources available that I have taken advantage of. But this expierence is not only going to help me become a nurse and better myself, what I am teaching my children as they watch me go to school and watch me study is something that a lot of other parents don't get the chance to do. Going to college has been an amazingly rewarding expierence for me and is giving me a chance to set an example for my children.


Without college I would not possess the sense of direction that I do now . It has forced me to really think about my future. Four years goes by incredibly fast and that is proven in the few months that i've been here. Within these few months, I have made decisions at college that I wouldn't have been able to make otherwise. I have been forced to actually think about my future as reality and have had to think about where that future is. What I will be doing, and where I will be doing it. If I was not attending college at this moment, life would be passing by much slower than now. My mind would not have to process what it does not, and I would not really know what I wanted out of life. Now, I do.


From my short, yet incredible, college experience, I have received an entirely new perspective on the life that I am leading. College has opened my mind and allowed for me to take in and appreciate everything that the people in our world have to offer. Whether it be in a class, in a dorm hall, or in the coffee shop, SUNY Fredonia has introduced me to a plethora of diverse individuals, all having something different to enlighten me with. Often, individuals complain that they're paying too much for their college education, but I completely disagree. There is not a price one could name that would match all that I have gained from this experience so far. I have been educated in so many genres of life, be it religion, diets, traditions, and even theories, and there is nothing in this world that could substitute for or replace the knowledge I have gained from this experience. It is honestly impossible to list all that one may gain from attending college. The lessons are infinite.


When I first went to college I know now that I was too young and inexperienced and unfocused. I had to do a lot of different jobs and go through many experiences, good and bad, to discover what I wanted in life. Now, I've finally got the nerve to go back to school and realized it was ok to have my passion also be my career. My first years in school were fun but I wasn't ready to learn. Now, even though I just turned 40 I'm truly ready to learn and fulfill my purpose. I am ready for a degree and so enjoy learning information that will become my career. I am ready.


I have not yet been to college. However, i am looking forward to the experience i will have meeting new people and making new friends. Also i know going to college is a great opportunity for anyone to do if they want to further there education into basically anything they choose. I know i want tofurther my education into the medical field and become an nurse.


I have not had the typical college experience. I was not overjoyed to experiment with my newfound freedom, and I did not feel as though I could finally rebel. I already have my own personal growth and experiences. However, college has given me complete confidence in the person I am, and the decisions I make. College is valuable to me because it is the gateway to a successful, and meaningful future. Without it, I could not live content with myself knowing I did not push myself the farthest. This is why I decided against the typical college partying, and the crazy rebellion that gets most students expelled or in other trouble. I know that I need to succeed here, in order to build a solid foundation of responsibilites which I can stand on for the rest of my life.


The advise i would give myself would be to concentrate on myself and to realize that college isen't easy. I would make sure that i knew to take things seriously during my last year of high schoool, and to help myself by concentrating on my grades, so that i could get into a really good college right out of high school. I would tell myself to make sure that when i start college that i never loose who i am as a person and to always keep my head up and stay positive. Also that things will not be easy and that once you start college you are an adult and there are alot of tough decisions you will have to make and not to give into peer pressure. The reason i am going to college is so i can grow as a woman and so one day when i get out of college i will be a successful woman in my field. Leaving highschool is a big step and i am a strong woman with a big heart who can do anything that i want to do in life.


Knowing what I do know about making the transition from High School to college, I would tell my high school senior self to be fearless. I would tell myself that it's alright to speak up and make myself vulnerable, as that is the best way to meet people and make new friends. I would also tell myself that I shouldn't stick to my high school friends that I attend college with like glue, because as much as we love eachother, we also need new, exciting people in our lives to make our college experiences complete.


Give yours self time to adjust. If you are having a bad day, remmeber all days are not that bad. I never realized how much responsibility you must take on if you want to stay focused. I would thank my high school teachers for preparing me so well academicly for collage. I would tell myself not to be shy and make more friends. I wish i would make more friends.


To be completely honest, I think I would choose not to tell myself any advice. I have always been able to learn from visuals and pick things up very quickly. If I were to tell myself how things would be in college, I would consider that cheating lifes lessons. It would make things easier but I believe that you need to learn from your mistakes. You can't always have things handed to you, you need to work for them.


If I could travel back in time to tell my high school self what I know now, I would be years ahead in my goals. Identifying what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be was a very time consuming process for me. Out of high school I was sure of only one thing, that I did not want to go to college. Spending money for school was a disgusting thought, I swore it was all a sham to milk kids and their parents out of ludicrous sums of money. That all changed when I got a job as a factory worker. It became clearer by the day of what I wanted to do, and the steps I needed to take to do it. Conversing with my past self, I would make quick work of outlining what's important, and what's not. It almost scares me to think what I could have accomplished with a little bit of focus. Hours of TV could be traded in for priceless life experiences and self improvement. Seeing your future in absolute terms is an ability only privy to the gods, because if knowledge is power, than you would be almighty.


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be more serious about my decision making. To make sure I really knew what I wanted to do when applying to colleges and to keep in mind that there are more things out there if you look for them. Also to work way harder because you can't just coast through school/life on smarts alone but have to actually put in hard work to learn anything important. Also to be open to new and different experiences because you need more than book smarts to get ahead in life and those experiences are what enable you to succeed when book smarts doesn't apply. Also while college is not a impossibly hard as some of my high school teachers led me to believe, that to still take what they said to heart and try to apply it to your experiences to get the most out of each.


Study more for your courses!! In order to pass, you MUST study for each course you are enrolled in. Balancing the social and academic part of college is key in becoming a successful student. Especially if you want to get into grad school, or medical school.


Well, first, I would say take a breather Jess! I was so stressed about making the right decision that I barely made time to breath. I would tell myself that everything will work out. Everything happens for a reason and you have time. I would also tell myself to start preparing for my auditions way earlier. I thought I had my monologues set and my questions in order, but if I had made more time, it would have decreased my stress level immensely. I would definitely tell myself to concentrate on enjoying the rest of my high school career because it's all going to the same place. I felt rushed and I could have taken more advantage of my friends and teachers while I still had them. But, overall, I would say that college is just another step and there is nothing to fear. Keep expectations high and it will be everything you can imagine. After all, it's just the beginning.


Mike, I know how nervous you are about college, you will be fine. You should know some things about this campus, everyone there will like you and accept you for who you are, be yourself. Also the friends you make at Fredonia will be your best source of support (morally, academically, and emotionally) you will ever find and bonds you make will last a lifetime. With grades, don't take getting an "A" as your only goal, understanding the information is just as important. Persue your hobbies, you will find many people on Fredonia's campus who are both willing and helpful in helping you broaden your horizon of skills for potential careers. Keep in mind that the degree you pick to go into Fredonia may not be what is your true calling but never stop going after what you love, these pursuits will be your motivation for the years to come and will be your strongest asset. Never forget where you came from, never give up and never let someone dissuade you from your goal. No matter what happens you will persist and the outcome will make you a stronger person. Good luck and have some fun!


The transition from high school to college life is a difficult process, but you are doing a very good job to prepare for it. The work load in college is a lot greater, so it is important that you learn to manage your time effectively. The most important thing I can stress is to get organized: Get a planner, make schedules, write everything down. There is so much going on that it is easy to forget about certain tasks you need to get done. By staying organized you will be on top of everything and it will help keep your schedule balanced. The second most important rule to follow is to never cram for exams! When you know you have an exam coming up, start studying at least 5 days in advance by looking over your notes and quizing yourself at least a little bit everyday. Finally, it is important to remember that the friends you make at college will most likely be the most important ones, but the work needed to get completed will impact you far more in the future. Keep your new friends close, but dont be afraid to put school before them, they will understand.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as I high school senior, I would definitely encourage myself to apply for more scholarships. I now realize how expensive attending college really is and it?s not easy to pay for without receiving any financial aid. Although my financial aid status indicates that my parents make too much money for me to qualify for financial aid, the economy is steadily decreasing and money is becoming tighter and tighter. I am aware that there is always the option to take out student loans, but my parents are strongly against that due to the fact that they want me to be financially stable when I graduate college and not have to pay back money I do not have assuming the availability of jobs is still decreasing. One other thing I would remind myself to do as a high school senior would be to look into community colleges. In my hometown, the community college is much cheaper than SUNY Fredonia and although it may look better receiving my degree from a university, the local community college would be a great place to start while saving up money for the expensive university.


The best advice I can give is keep an open mind and apply for everything you can apply for. Knowing everything that's offered by your college will help you down the road when you want to get involved and when you have questions about anything. Understand how you college operates because each one is different. Also apply for every scholarship you're eligible for. College is more stressful than you think so not having to worry about finances is very important. Its helps out your parents tremendously with any free money that you get and listening to your parents is also something you should consider. They've had experiences that you wouldn't believe. They know what they're talking about and your future is important to them so the things they tell you are in your best interest. Make sure you keep an open mind when you walk on that campus and experience all that you can. Try new things, and meet new people. You'll have amazing friends that will do anything for you and you'll learn exactly what you want to do in life while having a great time doing it.


I would tell myself to be open to making new friends. I would tell myself to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected because I may become friends with people who I would never imagine being my friend. Also, I would tell myself to not be afriad of trying new things. A big transition is to definitely study more and expect bad grades even though I am trying very hard. I have to try harder and harder, maybe even a study group or set aside study time.


If I had the chance to give a single piece of advice to myself as a high school senior, I would say "study abroad." Before I had finished my senior credits the summer before my actual senior year of highschool, I had my hopes set on studying international bussiness at Don Quiot in Spain. I would tell my self to forgive your parents for throwing you into more difficult sittuations than any child should have to expirience and move on with your future, because the energy you put into that is most definately worth having expirienced the thrill of your acheivment, even though it may not feel that way in the efforts to get there.