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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


for the most part, but everyone's a bit clueless,unintelligent and friendly


It is a large school, but there's nothing wrong with that.


very much so




not really, it is a pretty good mix because you will start to recognize the same people and you will run into people you know sometimes but it is not like you are always seeing the same people and not everyone knows everyones business there are a lot of long island people who are not very friendly but they keep to themselves and dont associate with anyone else


While there are a lot of people who keep to themselves and don't bother to interact with strangers at all, there can be some extroverts too.


Buffalo is actually a great place to reside in. It may not be the greatest party city; it's nothing compared to NYC, but it is a nice place to grow up in. I feel like Buffalonian's, those who have lived here their entire lives have great pride for Buffalo and a great appreciation for all that it does have to offer. I think it is actually better in reality for students who are serious about studying because they 'll be able to concentrate. When they do want to go out and enjoy themselves, downtown will be fun for them.


NO! My personal experience with the Universtity at Buffalo is that it is a mini-version of WNY itself - everyone knows everyone. Yes the campus may be large, but after the inital shock of stepping foot on campus, it becomes a cozy home. I run into someone I know everywhere on campus, and not all of them are Jewish.


it is cold, it does snow, it does suck, but its not THAT bad. not everyone follows hockey or football for that matter, but there are some hardcore fans and they are pretty cool. the ub athletes do not suck they work hard and improve every year


For the most part I think they are accurate. I definitely feel that our school has no pride, but personally I don't think we get as much snow as people make it out to be.


To a degree all stereotypes have some truth; that is in fact the origin of a stereotype. Its true that the athletics program at UB may not be one of the best in the country, but our athletics program has improved vastly in the last few years and especially this year a great improvement can be seen across the board. The school is successfully recruiting and training better athletes than ever before and soon that stereotype will be nothing but a past memory. As for the Jewish Holiday thing; yes we get them off, I can't say that that isn't true. As for the Asians, pharm ect and not being a student body of intelligence, those stereotypes are vastly exaggerated. Yes their is a high population of foreign students but that is one of the things that makes UB special. Where else can you sit next to someone that is from half-way across the world with experiences that you could not even begin to imagine? Yes there are many people with majors under the hard-sciences, but that just goes to show that our student body is just as intelligent as other places in the country. Possibly smarter because the SUNY system keeps tuition lower that at other tell me who isn't thinking about their future. O yeah it snows, but it rains even more and you never know when its going to be sixty at 5pm and then 20 at 10 pm.


Some are. Buffalo is cold and snowy, and the city has experienced economic decline. Buffalo is not a "small town," however, as many from NYC would have you believe. The city has a population of roughly 300,000 and the metropolitan area holds almost 1 million.




No. No. Yes. Yes.






No not really. There are tons of social activities to do. As far as support for sport teams, when a team is doing well there is support for them.