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What are your classes like?




I have a unique class experience because of my areas of study (Psych, Theatre and Media Studies). I go from 200-person psychology lectures in Know Hall to 10-person acting classes in the basement of the Center for the Arts to 20-person film theory classes in screening rooms. Classes vary greatly depending on the major, but in general the more you put into your classes, the more you'll get out of them. Participation is huge and will help both your grade and your class experience.


my classes are upper level 300 and 400 its mostly research and presentations or group projects


Different types of classes vary from small size to large size. Small classes have not only lectures but more chance of discussion where larger classes in which there are a few hundreds of students in one class just listen to the lecture without class discussions.


Not too bad actualyl, i am interested in my major of exercise science so any exercise science classes are very interesting to me...professors are funny as well


I am currently taking MTH 142, MTH 309, AAS 261, and VS 150. VS 150 satisfies the art gen ed requirement and is a very easy class. My professor is fun and in the class we talk about some art, he makes jokes, and we watch films. There are 3 tests which make up your grade. Attendance is extra credit. The tests are 25 multiple choice questions. He uses a bell curve and then pushes it forward towards As. A 36/100 in that class will get you a C-. I got a 72/100 and it's a B+. I always go to class, so I'll get that extra credit. The tests are poorly worded. Some questions are obvious while others are impossible. The curve makes it all OK though. Low stress class. AAS 261 is African American Studies. It satisfies the US history requirement. I go to class, listen to the teacher, take notes, very rarely have homework. The tests are 2 essay questions and the teacher doesn't give out good grades easily. 1/3rd of my class failed the 1st test. MTH 142 is a calculus 2 class for majors and it is basically what you'd imagine it to be. It's a lot of work, but it's doable. I get homework every week and the tests are difficult, but manageable. MTH 309 is a Linear Algebra course. I go to class and learn very little. The textbook teaches me most of what I need to know. For me it is a very difficult class and I have no idea how to read the questions. Once you know what the question is asking it is easy to answer.