SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The school is very involved in the community it is in. It is hugely involved in helping the refugee population, which is large, and very near by . Buffalo State is also in a very creative, activist, and engaged area of the city. If that is what you are into it is really easy to be involved, and not just involved but see action. We are also in the middle of the Fredrick Law Olmstead Park System, which is gorgeous.


I brag about about how well suited the program are for each indivisual and we get the chance to showcase our talents in all areas and programs.


When I tell friends about my school I brag about diversity. There is many young talents from multiple places, whether from the city or upstate. Generally you are surrounded by new people who often share the same ideas or enjoy the same activites you do. My school also has many opprutnites where you can express yourself. Theirs various clubs/organizations so you can never be bord on campus because their's so many different intrests. Overall my school is a community because with so many students who share varied intrests your bound to make a similar companion.


Buffalo State College is very diverse. The amount of students that go to this school who have racial or ethnic backgrounds different from my own is enormous. Buffalo State is a very good college to go to because of the community it is in as well. It is right on Elmwood which makes it easy to find off campus jobs. However, it is also right next to the Buffalo Psychaitric Center, which takes volunteers and internships. There are many other possibilities at Buffalo State to futher your career in numerous ways.


My school is wonderful in general. When I brag about my school, I tell them that this school is like a family. I say family because everyone at Buffalo State makes sure that this feel like the home away from home and that's a big deal for everyone here.


The professors really want to get to know you as both a person and a student. They take the time to engage you in conversations about your life outside of school, and generally care about how you are doing both academically and outside of the classroom. If they know of any potential job openings or volunteer opportunities, they do not hesitate to contact you. The professors are not only focused on giving you a great education, but also on giving you a better chance at finding your dream job after you leave their classroom.


When I brag about Buffalo State I am bragging about the amazing city life around the campus. Buffalo is a beautiful city full of diversity. The campus life is very nice and has a good push to support the local community. The School Spirit on campus is great! I love having everything orange now!


When talking about my school to my friends, I always speak on how diverse my college is. I brag about all the people that I meet on a daily basis. I have met so many people from all over New York State, the United States, Europe, and even as far as Australia. I have made so many new friends from a variety of ethnic backgrounds such as Caribbean, African, Hispanic, and Jewish students to name a few. I even participated in a promotional video highlighting Buffalo States' diversity for the incoming freshman for the 2010 fall semester.


Buffalo State has the best education program in the area. The professors are caring and want you to succeed. The best part about the college though is how small the campus is and how close it is to everything in Buffalo.


I usually brag about how affordable my school is, and what a great education I am recieving while I am here. SUNY Buffalo is the least expensive school around (to NYS residents), and it is one of the most highly recognized for educational excellence.


i brag abot how diverse the school is and how much parties there are every weekend


When I tell people about my school, the main thing I brag about is being in the Honors Program. There are many perks, like living in special dorms and taking special classes.


I tell them that my program is strong and that my professors are great and very knowledeable. My major is Technology Education.


The concerts that I can go to


It is a good size, its not too hard, everyone is pretty nice.


It's just the right size, not too big, not too small. Everyone is friendly and gets along well.


It's the best school for future teachers. It's not too big and helpful professors.


The things that I brag about most to my friends about my school are the teachers, the fitness building, and also the cafeteria. The teachers are actually concerned about the students. The teachers come up with strategies to make the students understand the lesson better. The fitness building is a great place to meet new people and have a great time. Last but not least, the cafeteria has great food. I tell my friends all the time that the cooks actually make the food right in front of us.


Buffalo has a lot of places to go out on the weekends. There is always something to do.


I brag most about the good courses with good teachers in them. Also I brag about the apartment complex that my kids and I live in order for me to attend this school. Also, I tell my friends that there is a daycare on campus which helps me not worry where my kids will be whie I'm in class. I really like the divesity on campus as well.


The design department is awesome and it's such a perfect sized campus based on munber of students. It was also rich with archtucture nd is a beautiful campus.


My school have a very well known education program.