SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


A great place to succeed and have a peaceful education.


I love Buff State.


Buffalo State is a great school! The campus is very clean, food is great, lots of programs to enrich oneself, great professors, nice sports teams/clubs to get involved in, great Honors college.


The best thing about the school is that the transportation system is well set up and the environment around the school itself doesn't become a huge distraction to the students which allows students to focus on their studies. The school campus is very well set up, it's neither big nor small because there are 2 campuses and this makes the school feel like it's the right size. From my opinion, the library of this school is what makes this school loved. The library is so well built that if you spend couple of hours in the library, your grade will rise accordingly. Buffalo is near the Niagara Falls which makes the city very cold in the winter. One experience that I will never forget is the cold winter with heavy snow because one, it was my first time seeing snow and two, I had to wear 6 layers everyday. The administration of the school is also what makes the school strong because they are friendly and are always there to help you with your needs.


The University at Buffalo is one of the most prestigious universities in New York State, and it is one that I am proud to say I am a part of. It boasts division one athletic programs such as football and basketball. With these programs comes a sense of unity, passion, and pride among students. UB has two campuses, North campus and South campus. Both of these campuses are located in Buffalo, NY, a city which, I believe to be, the perfect city of a large university. Buffalo has two major sports, the NHL Sabres and the NFL Bills, to follow. Students can also enjoy Buffalo's downtown life as well as its impressive architecture. While UB is one of the best universities in New York State, it is also one of the largest. UB has over 40,000 students. This may or may not be appealing to some prospective students. Personally, it does not bother me. My class sizes are no larger than smaller schools (a common fear for students considering UB).


I very complacent at this school. Regardless of the frigid temperature, the redundant food choices, and the teachers that speak anything but english, I've grown to love this school. (I'm sure I could point out a few positives also :D)


I spend the most amount of time in UB's Undergraduate Student Association's office, where I work as Director of Student Affairs. I think that is the best experience that I have on campus, is how involved I pushed myself to be. A common mistake that Freshman make is not being involved in their first semester on campus. Taking time to enjoy one's "freedom" at the time may seem like the best choice, but it can come to bite the student later on when they want to become involved. At such a large University, it is imperative that a student becomes involved their first year, to make the transition less scary and overwhelming.


It is very easy to feel at home here as long as you're willing to put in a little effort and be outgoing. If you just sit in your dorm room all day waiting for a blooming social life to fall into your lap, you're going to be disappointed. The best way to succeed on this campus is to get involved. Also, once you have an established group of friends to explore with, there are tons of opportunities off campus- malls, restaurants, clubs, bars, a theater district, and more. The only thing I'd change here is the aesthetic appeal of teh campus and the weather.


the best thing about my school are the organization on campus, i wouldn't change anything about my school its great i love it. my school is not too large or small its and average campus with beautiful dorms. most people reaction about my school is how they will love to be admitted to my school. i spend most of my time on campus since everything i need is on campus i really dont need to go off campus. the school adminstration are there to help the students and make sure we have a great time on campus as well. the school pride is phenomenous. i will always remember my school orientation.


Transferring from a small university in Niagara Falls, UB was a fantastic change of pace. I truly believe it is the best school (for scholarly and entertainment purposes) in Buffalo. I however am not ignorant enough to believe that it is the best school in the US, however if staying in Buffalo is a primary goal for you then UB is your best choice.


When I tell people that I go to the University at Buffalo, the majority of the responses are, "Why did you pick Buffalo?" Being from California, I can understand this question. However, UB is amazing. It is a big school with a large community. The school's administration is extremely helpful to students who feel lost or confused. I love this school because there are opportunities for every student. There are countless clubs where students can fit right in. There are internships and research opportunities where every major can be involved. I absolutely love this school for this reason! The one thing I would change is the weather! Buffalo is so cold! Coming from the desert, this was a big change for me, but it was worth it.


I like UB the most is the programs and majors they have. Also I like my school because it's very big. I like large schools, Thus, we have many organizations, clubs, and events. The fall fest is something to attend if you come to UB(past, Jason Maraz and The Frays came to our school to perform). But UB has been established for a long long time and I think they should do something with the library buildings. They have been working on some construction to make the campus more pleasentful and nice looking, and there needs to be more work done(i think). Now, UB is on its way of 2020 transformation, where UB will be transformed in construction-wise and organization of departments. This is also something that can make UB a better school than now and increase the overall reputation. Hope this also raise our national ranking.


too large...very diverse, people think very highly of UB. Most of my time on campus is spent in the library studying. in classes and in the gym. The administration is ok, average. South campus is more of a "college town" School was recently awarde3d alot of money through a donation from an unnamed person. most freqent complaints are probably that the classes are too large and cannot understand their professors


It's a decent school at a cheap price. It's very cold up here compared to long island. I like most of the teachers. Not the most prestigious, but not the worst either. It's not all that competitive. The school is very big and all sorts of people go here. Enough clubs that there's probably one for you here.


It is a decent state school at a cheep cost. I've taken mostly gen ed courses so far and overall I've had pretty good teachers. The school is very big with about 20,000 undergrads and 10,000 grad students. Most of the friends that I've made were from the hall that I dorm in. There is a diverse population and lots of clubs. It's supposed to be a "dry and smoke free campus", but many people smoke and drink. There are several off-campus frats that are dumpy and full of drugs and alcohol. There's lots of clubs to partake in, so whoever you are, there's probably a club that you're interested in. There are 2 main campuses (North Campus and South Campus). All my classes are on North Campus and I like it that way because going back and forth all the time can be a hassle. You should definitely know what classes you want to take before it's time to register for classes. My adviser gave me some poor advice and told me to take 2 classes that I didn't have the prerequisites for, so I ended up picking 2 different ones, 1 of which I don't need for my major. One thing to keep in mind is that it is cold up here. I'm from Long Island and it's much colder all year round than it is there. Over the summer when they give tours it's much nicer looking than during the school year, but I still like the look of the campus.


UB's a big school, meaning big opportunities but also a big intimidation factor if you're shy or are coming from a small high school. The best way to attack your first year here is to get involved immediately in order to meet people and forge an on-campus identitiy. There are tons of free events, from sports games to festivals in the Student Union to movie screenings to Springfest and Fallfest. Go to this stuff- it's funded by your mandatory student activity fee anyways! Also, there's tons of stuff to do off campus- two malls within 15 minutes, tons of restaurants and shops, a huge theatre district, and Canada super close by. But most people spend the majority of time on campus or close to campus.


UB is alright. The student body is faithful, but administrators are pretty ineffective. same with student government, where there is just as much good as there is bad.


Buffalo has a lot of diversity, different types of people, surroundings, experiences. Buffalo is a large school, but to me it just means more opportunities and more experiences than a smaller school could offer. The only complaint I have about UB is that our sports teams are less than great, but being a Division 1 school means alot of heavy competition, so it's okay.


I dislike the city of buffalo and buffalonians, but buffalo is a decent school and has many resources. There needs to be more greenery on the campus. Everything is so close together and seems like a prison or a very big high school. Parking is very hard to come by, although you can always find a spot, you need to walk a mile to get there. Buffalo is a big school, and you will meet a bunch of people. They are even trying to expand the school, so if you don't like big schools, Buffalo is not for you.


Buffalo is a large school with a lot to offer. There is something for everyone. The school is more geared to people with clear cut goals. With its diverse population their is a copius amount of culture and integration. When first coming to UB it may be a little much to take in, but after a few weeks of finding your place at the school you'll wonder why you ever thought it was so big. The students at UB are some of the friendliest and outgoing people I have ever met and trust me on this becuase I have traveled all my life around the world.


I think that the size of the school is just right especially when you factor in the segregation of all of the majors it allows both a small school feel and a large school feel as well. I have most of my classes on south campus which is not as convenient or catered to as north campus and there isnt really anywhere to "hang out" on south other than the library or the dining area however it does allow a great atmosphere for serious academics as opposed to north campus which has a more busy atmosphere. There is unfortunately not a ton of Buffalo pride due to the lack of following of most of our sports teams. This is one thing that would be great to be able to change. The administration is not exactly the best... especially the advisors who often do not know what they are doing and are not very useful. You are better off talking to other students that have been at the school and can better guide you with what you need answers to.


UB is huge! I commuted about an hour (altogether) for school everyday, and that left little time to do much except study and eat on campus. But at the same time, when I wanted to be alone, I could always go to LaSalle Lake (North campus) and not have to be bothered.


Buffalo is a great sports town! We are die hards here, just waiting for a championship. Very friendly here as well, we are known for being the "city of good neighbors."


I think people who have heard of UB understand that it is a hard school, but when you mention that you go to school in Buffalo, I feel like people only recognize that fact that Buffalo is dull and not that UB is a good school.


The best thing about UB is the recognition. I attend the School of Management, which is ranked 9th overall by the Wall Street Journal for it's MBA program. Attending such a prestigous school gives me a great education and practical experience to apply to the real world. In my opinion, the actual campus is large, however, once you get used to it, it's a cozy home. On campus, I spend most of my time in the School of Management buildings, since I was a Club President and a Teaching Assistant within the school this past year. The building is new and bright which made being in there 24/7 possible. It's definitly not a college town, there is so much to do other than drink. Even though we have one of the latest closing hours in the US (I love that!). I believe the new UB 2020 plan to expand the school will help increase the economic situation and give a rise to the city that was once so grand. However, they honestly need to address the parking situation NOW! With having a South campus in a not-so-great section of town, robberies and muggings have been more recently reported which makes the idea of going down to South a little more daunting. When the sports teams play well, there is school pride. However, the University needs to work on boosting that no matter how well our teams do. The memories I will take are the things I'll always remember, meeting new best friends, professor's quotes, or students that ask the dumbest questions I really don't know how they made it in.


I love that the campus is soooo big and that there are a diverse people everywhere. Its not really a college town, but it is up and coming and the way that buffalo is developing it could possibly become one. However because of the increase crime, esp on south campus, the college atmosphere is sort of taken away.


I think the best thing about Buffalo is the people. Everyone for the most part is extremely friendly and very approachable. I think I would like to change the school pride. When you go to a big university you don't see people wearing other school apparel, at Buffalo you do. I think our school is a perfect size for the area. Since there are two campuses, it doesn't appear to be too overpopulated. When I tell people I go to Buffalo they react as if it's the coldest city in the U.S., I just tell them it's really not that bad. I spend most of my time on South Campus in either a laboratory or library (I'm a grad student and an athlete, I have no life). Our College doesn't really have a "College Town." I think that the administration at Buffalo is great. They really care about the students and campus. My experience in general at Buffalo is what I will always remember. I have met some amazing people and plan to stay in Buffalo and find a job. The most frequent complaints from the students is that we don't have good athletics and that it's too cold.


The best thing about UB has to be that they are trying to make the school into a community. There are always events going on and they are continually trying to embrace all the different cultures that are represented on campus; and it's usually free. Unfortunately this hasn't yet inspired people to come out of their dorms, but the students are trying too, it's a semi-group effort. The school is perfect size in my opinion, big enough to not see the same people everyday, small enough that you can still see the people that you want to see. The one thing that does need to change is the atmosphere. The school is just large enough to make the family atmosphere hard to generate. People inside of their majors get close, people in their sports teams get close, but rarely does the entire school rally behind its self. The important thing however is that people are trying to change this. The True Blue fan club is seriously taking the issue head on and that is great to see.


The best thing about UB is life on campus. If you dorm, you will undoubtedly have a ton of fun. There are always many activities going on. People are friendly and tend to be open-minded. The largest dorm, which is an interconnected (but confusing) complex of buildings, houses roughly 3,300 students! UB's North (primary) Campus is located in Amherst, one of Buffalo's largest suburbs. Unfortunately, this campus is isolated from the outside world (and ugly); it is surrounded by trees and fields on all sides. The campus is also badly designed, although it does have one advantage: Students can move among most of the buildings through tunnels, which is great in the winter. UB's South Campus is located at the northeastern edge of the City of Buffalo. Buses provide service between the campuses, but the short trek takes longer than it should do to a poorly chosen route and traffic. While this campus is prettier and integrated into the existing urban environment (shops, restaurants within walking distance), it lacks the life found on the North Campus. Surrounding South Campus is a lot of off-campus housing. Unfortunately, due in part to student parties and absentee landlords, these rentals leave much to be desired. On campus housing, however, is great, though expansion will be required in coming years. The City of Buffalo is famous for its architecture, and economically, it is beginning to revive. Three business corridors in the city provide excitement: Chippewa Street, Elmwood Avenue, and Hertel Avenue. Another thing - Western New York has the best supermarkets!


UB, it's a great university. Other than the overwhelming snow storms, its a great place to live. You get to meet a large amount of interesting people, great relationships with friends and faculties. You gain the opportunity to network as well as independent life. Buffalo is a great place to live where dorms are not that far away from one another. I remember spending time with my club friends as well as other groups, we just went over one of the apartment housing and play board games, watching movies, making food for another, and the best was passing out on the sofa after a long night of entertainment.


Big School. My major blows, we are underfunded and overlooked.


The best thing about Buffalo is that everything is close... the beach, the mountains for skiing, tons and tons of bars, professional football, hockey, and hey our baseball and lacrosse teams are sweet. The University at Buffalo campus on the other hand is totally different. The area around south campus and north campus are deff. college towns, but Buffalo otherwise- no. Campus itself is beautiful, but I don't necessarily like the people. On campus there are people from all over the U.S. and the world, so I find it quite segregated. The administration is good depending on your major. My major- all the professors think they are better than you, so I can't wait to get out of school. As far as school pride goes- its so-so. When our basketball team was good there was a ton, now its okay. Oh- and #1 problem about UB... PARKING SUCKS!!


Its a big school where there is something for everyone. Its great for someone who likes to get involved. There is so much to learn outside the classroom. And there is access to city.


Best Thing: There are so many diverse groups to check out and are welcome to, you can experience and learn any culture/demographic/interest that you so choose. The school is not too big, it just needs a better system of gathering an idea as a whole school. Apathy is a big deal on campus. I spend most of my time in the Student Union. It is "the hub" of the campus, where all of the student interworkings are located. There was less school pride when I got here than there is now, so it is getting better. You see many more people wearing the UB colors and logo which is really neat. Most frequent student complaints is that we are bad at sports and that parking is awful. I will remember all of the activities that I have become a part of. It has defined me as a leader and given me tremendous experience.