SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who aim at bringing violence to a peaceful environment.


I have seen that not everyone that goes to Buffalo State belongs here. The type of people that should not attend this school are those who are self-centered, anti-social, unfriendly, unpolite and those who don't care about family in general.


Students who are not focused enough for college coursework. Students who wish to become involved in many research projects. Students who wish to attend higher ranked or Ivy League colleges.


Everyone is welcome at UB. The university is ridiculously diverse. That is what that makes UB special. Everyone and anyone is welcome at UB.


A person that doesn't not have an open mind about anything such as diversity of people, sexual orientaion or athletics.


Someone who is introverted and is intimated by large settings.


i am not sure, i have been to different school, but i like it here very much, i am very shy but there is so much to do, it is impossible to be bored and i got into a health group, this school goffers everything you cna imagine it also easy to start a program, i guess if you dont like the cold and this school is not large and if you wnat a bigger environment then you need to goto a different school


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a person that's easily distracted by the fun because that person won't ever get to do what they came to school for, a person that doesn't like to get involved because they won't want to do anything on campus so they would ruin everybody elses fun, and someone whose anti-social because they won't want to talk to anyone. As well as even being away from home, I advise that person not to come as well because that person can get home sick.


someone who is not good at self direction. at this school theyre are many chances to party and do the wrong thing. you can really get lost in the "college expirence" if you allow yourself. even if that means not knowing when to get out.


Someone who doesnt like a large classroom setting or someone who is close-minded


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is the type of person that doesn't want to be here. There is no point in attending a school or being somewhere you don't want to be. The most important thing I advice prospective students is to be 110{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure that there school is right for them, if it is than they should definitly go.


I think anyone should be allowed to attend this school; the school sets requirements and whoever qualifies to attend after these I believe should be able to attend.


the Pharmacy and Engineering majors here are Top Notch and reasonably difficult. The architecture majors are worked to death and it's too intense for a lot of people (a lot of my friends end up sleeping in the studio in order to get projects done on time). The Physical Therapy major is excelent. I wouldn't recommend UB as a party school since most of second semester it's too cold to wander around South Campus looking for a frat. The city is cute and artsy though.


A rural kid


Anyone who has a negative outlook on diversity should not attend this school.


People who don't work hard.


Liberal, social student


some oe who is not focused.


The kind of person that should'nt attend this school is the kind who likes to a quiet and spacey environment. My school is'nt loud, but it is near the city. Sometimes my school may get a little crowded because of the city activity. I believe that any person can attend this school truthfully, but the person have to decide on their own if that school is right.


one who just wants to party.


This is a party school since it's located so close to downtown Buffalo, but it's quite possible to ignore that lifestyle if the student desires. It is very easy to focus on acedemics since the campus is actually very quiet on weekends especially since it's usually too cold in the winter, and the majority of students are commuters.


everyone fits in somewhere. it's what you make of it on your own at this college.


Potential doctors.


This is a great school for teachers! If you can't get along with a varity of differnt types of people and don't like being cold, this isn't the place for you!


I do not think people who love to party and are very into sororities and fraternaties would find it fun enough on this campus since it is not a huge party school and does not revolve around the events or parties that the sororities and fraternities throw.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are not a fan of diversity. There are people everywhere from different racial and social backgrounds. Also, if you don't like cold weather, Buffalo probably isn't the place for you. The curriculum is not easy so be prepared to challenge yourself in all areas.