SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The best way to find the right college is to visit colleges while classes are in session and talk to the students there. It is most helpful at the end of a semester to find students who are working on final projects because those moments of stress are the moments of truth. College tours are nice, but they are scripted and show you only what the college wants to show you. Wandering into academic buildings unannounced gives you a much better idea of what the college is really like. Are students hanging out in the quads and throwing frisbees or is everything dead? Once you get to college, the most important thing is to find people who share your values and beliefs. College is a place of diversity, and it is a place to discover and solidify who you are and what you believe. Sometimes college can be hostile towards certain ideas, but having friends who will back you up can make you stronger for it!


Follow your heart and ultimately what will make you happen. Try to find a balance between academics and social life.


My biggest pet peeve is seeing the students who's parents are paying for everything, and they are majoring in partying. I don't think it's wrong to help students, but first you should make sure you're not wasting your money! It's annoying when I work hard for everything I have, yet I don't even see my roommate do homework all semester! College is to get out in the world and grow up, but it's primarily to continue your education!


make the most out of your college experience. never turn down an oppurtunity to do something different.


Make sure you check out the college first. The college should have your major and dorms for you to stay. Look at the dorms ro make sure you want to live there. Also, look at the programs and clubs on campus. Most impportantly look at he diversity make sure you/your child would fit in there.


Parents and students should look for schools to best fit their needs. Being comfortable, especially away from home, is the most important factor and should be weighed heavily. I believe comfort is one of the first criteria that needs to be satisfied in order for success.


Look for a school that fits you. If you don't like big schools don't apply to one. It's all about learning and enjoying your experience so make the most of it and don't ever let your grades fall.


Go with what you want. If you want to leave home, leave. If you want to make all new friends, go someplace where you wont know anyone. If you're like me, and you have your own comfort zone, stick to it.


First I would tell the parents to go with their children to visit the potential colleges chosen. Also, look for diversity, extra curricular activities, professor diversity, and how many courses are being offered at the schools. I would also look for the on/off campus opportunities it gives your child. When at the schools make the best of it by talking with the teachers and students to engage in a very good relationship amongst all in case of any unexpected issues occur. I would also say to join tutoring, programs, and clubs to meet friendships that can last a lifetime. I met many teachers that have been like friends to me and given me advise, so I would say to expand your mind and that any and all relationships can help out with recommendations, jobs, interships, and lifetime advise.


Visit the college and talk to the different professors about the courses you will take. Take time to sit around the campus and in the student union to get a general feel of what students and college life is about. Go on tours of the campus and ask students who go there already questions you might have.


If you like big schools then go to one, if you don't- then don't. Don't start off in a situation that you don't like- cause even if your major is good, you won't be happy. After your classes end and your walking around- if you don't feel safe and confortable, it won't matter how good your department is- because you won't be happy. School is no longer about just getting an education and finding a job- if it is, then go to a tech school. The beauty of a liberal arts degree is that the student has been exposed to things that they would normally never look at or read. College is no longer something your forced to do- like grade school. This is your first chance at making a big decision that will effect your entire life! Make sure you love what you want to do and that the school you intend on going to is a fit- if it's not, you won't be happy. And honestly- you should be happy. It makes life a lot easier and better!


Research research research! Figure out what you want to do at school and find the one that will allow you to do it. For example, if you want to study medicine, a liberal arts school may not be for you. If you want to study abroad, find a school with a wide variety of options. Be fearless! Take advantage of campus activities. Its a great way to meet people, and meeting people will not only help you socially but academically. Meeting people allowed me to get advice on what classes to take, which teachers to avoid and what programs to apply for. Its also a great way to learn a lot about yourself. I had no idea that being an activist would interest me before attending some events on campus. Finally, just realize that college will be as great as you make it. If you put in the work to find the right one, to keep up your grades and make new connections, it'll be worth it in the end!


I would tell students to simply enjoy the time because college life is the only point in life in which most young adults do not have many financial respnsibilities but also get a sense of personal responsibility and freedon. It is a time to grow and experience all that the campus has to offer. Choose a school that appeals to the career, but also the social life of the student. There should always be a healthy balance of academic and social life because it helps young people grow and learn more about themselves.


Have the student shadow at the schools they are considering. Write down all of the questions you have and make sure they are all answered. Be sure to ask about deadlines for financial aid, getting into classes, buying/ returning books and supplies. "Look before you leap".


There is a delicate balance between a student's social life and their education in college. When choosing a college , students must make sure that it can satisfy them both educationally and socially. Many people advise potential students to follow their hearts and choose a college that "feels right." However, orientations and campus tours are often misleading. The most attractive aspects are always flaunted, and new students have a false sense of belonging. Once school starts they may realize that though the schools academics are outstanding, the social ties are weak. Or students may realize that their school's social activities are booming while their education is suffering. There are many schools that fall between these two categories and these are the schools which will give students the most well rounded experience in college. As long as students keep in mind that they attend school first and foremost for education, they will enjoy the experience so much more if they have fun. Having fun is the key to being successful in college because students who are enjoying themselves are more likely to succeed through their college years.


I would tell parents to work with their children in researching the right school,finding the most convenient way to pay for expenses such as books and fees,and encouraging them to excel academically. When choosing a school,the student should have a general idea of what he or she plans to do and what subject to study. Many universities are known for a specific program,such as science or law. Choosing a school that is well-tailored to the student's interests will likely help them succeed. Parents should be supportive of their child's goals,but also remind them of how they will make that goal into a career.What kind of job can your college student get if he or she is majoring in Philosophy or English literature? Tell them to make a "backup" plan for their career choices. Students should be encouraged to get to know their professors and their major department staff. These people can also serve as references in the future and will aid you in your success. Many universities have numerous extra-curicular activities that tailor to their interests. If the student chooses,joining clubs and organizations can help their college experience grow.


College is more important than a job, if you can try not to work.


While choosing the right college, I would tell students and parents to make sure they do not only go by word of mouth to decide what colleges to look at. Before I attended the orientation for Buffalo State, I had heard varying opinions about whether or not it was a good college to go to. However, during the orientation I asked a crazy amount of questions that referred to what the faculty and class sizes were like and how often tutoring and writing centers were regarded as helpful. I would strongly recommend parents and students to take time during their orientation to ask every question they may have about the school. Not only that, but while taking the tour during the orientation around the campus, decide whether you could the campus feels comfortable and warm as well as welcoming to its newcomers. Last but not least, students should take every opportunity the college offers to learn everything they can to be a positive addition to their profession, to keep their GPA's up, and to paticipate in events or listen to lectures offered in order to stay well-rounded and keep their minds open to new things.


I worked full time and went to school full time. I had no time for anything else. My advice for you is to enjoy college. I am not saying go out partying every night. I am saying get involved in your school. Go to sporting events, volunteer, join clubs and fraternaties, athletics, etc. Do whatever you need to do to become a part of your school and not just an attendee. As far as choosing a correct school, the best advice i could give you is research. Don't just pick a school because you do not know where else to go, or all your friends are going there, or because you think its easy. Find the school that best fits your personality and your goals for the future.


My advice is to find a college in an area that would be most benficial to your learning experience. Also, make sure that the college offers the degree program of your choice. Once you have found your college, go into this experience with an open mind and a drive to succeed in all important aspects in your life. Take college seriously because it is one of the greatest opportunities you will have to fulfill your dreams.