SUNY Buffalo State Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the support groups, activities, and programs such as EOP the best things about my school becuase they all had something to do with me graduating and or keeping me busy. EOP has giving me stipends to pay for my books for school each semester. I truly appreciate them.


I love that they have many oranizations to choose from to join. I think that you just have to get out and look in order to find out about activities and events.


The best thing about the college is the location. I would say the second is how many great degrees they offer students. Plus, there is four seasons to see while living here.


i like recieving emails or walking around campus for the different events that i can attend. i very concern with my physical fitness, and at the gym facility, it is very up to date equipement, plus there are groups geared to body building, weigt loss, and nutritional to make sure you stay healthy in addition that, the campus is so safe i wake up by 6am to go for a run and i always feel safe there is campus police making rounds as well as the campus being so welly lite


It's split in two! The South Campus, which features our school of architecture and all the health professions (nursing, dentistry, etc) is the original campus from when the school was built as a private medical school in 1846. The newer North Campus, located 10 minutes away in Amherst, is the larger of the two. One cool feature is that all of the academic buildings on the North campus (with the exception of two) are connected indoors through the "tunnel system" so you don't have to walk outside to get from class to class. The tunnel system takes longer to travel through than walking outside, but is well worth it in the cold winter months. Also, they're not actually tunnels; they're hallways and indoor bridges.


it's huge and has everything


the size


one word.....diversity..........also north campus is cool hwo u can go form one end to the other inside...which is awsoem during bad weather!


the best thing about my school is the faculty student involvement! The events here on my capmus are always fun and very helpful and teachers are often invovled


There are a lot of clubs and activities


All the different classes and opportunities they offer


Buffalo State College has great diversity that challenges students to step out of their comfort zones and enter into the unknown. It has an array of cultures and ethnicities that guarantee a learning experience even if you're not in the classroom. Buffalo State's dedicated professors offer education by the book, while Buffalo State's student body offers education that will help students in the "real world".


The best thing about my school is library reasearch center that is available to students. There are several reference librarians available to assist students with finding information for research papers.


The people you meet and friends you make and that there is always somewhere to hang out.


So many opportunities!


I like a lot about UB. I cant really pick one thing. I like that it is very close to where I grew up, so I dont miss my family and friends, but in the instance, I am making new friends and experiencing the college life.


Location Location Location


The best thing about my school is the calm learning environment. I enjoy going to class because I know that my professor's will always have an engaging lesson prepared and there is a lot of dialogue between faculty and students. I never have to fear asking a question, even in a large lecture hall, and due to the atmosphere being calm, you are completely at peace, and more than ready to learn.


The diversity because it makes for interesting interactions.


Tje freedom, size and diversity


I think extra curricular activities is the best thing at my school in that there is a range of activities one can partake in. I myself have been a member of a number of organizations at the same time and from that I learned how to manage my time.


I really like the small size of the school. It isn't too big but it isn't too small either.


Cultural diversity because I came from a neighborhood living amongst the same people as myself so it was great to interact with people of different races and backgrounds


Student captures UB winter weather.


Comedian Stephen Colbert speaks at UB.