SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Many people are very aware of what happens in the news, they react accordingly; social organizations mastermind protests against racism, abuse, and assault. Students who are accustomed to the city life would probably feel out of place at the school because this school is located in a rather rural area.


I'm surrounded by the cream of the crop. All of my classmates have astounded me in showing tremendous talent in music, art, sports, and other extra curriculars while balancing along with their school work which is extremely rigorous. Aside from being the top of their previous highschool classes academically, everyone here at Geneseo seems to have a unique ability to them.


My classmates are some of the brighest, and quirkest students out there and they are the future of this country.


My classmates are an interesting accumulation of students diverse in interests which extend from sciences to arts and humanities as well as cultural and geographic differences, but similar in academic direction desiring knowledge and focus in studies to prepare themselves for careers in society.


Overall, I've found the student body to be serious about academics but veryy friendly. I always hold doors open for people and have others do the same for me. People in class are nice and it's not too hard to at least make a friend or two in classes. People are generally tolerable. There is diversity in students when it comes to financial background, politics, and backgrounds, but from the people I've met most are middle class with suburban backgrounds and politics ranging from somewhat conservative to very liberal. That is entirely my personal experience though, it's not at all difficult to find people with similar interests if you look out for different clubs and organizations.


Students at SUNY Geneseo are among the most fun, outgoing, interesting, energetic and engaging people I have ever had the pleasure to know.


The student body seems pretty tolerant of everyone. People are very absurdly nice- holding open doors, saying hi, helping eachother and such. That being said, students who aren't tolerant may not feel particularly comfortable here. Most people wear jeans and a hoodie to class. In the warmer months, girls may choose to wear sundresses, but nothing too fancy. In the winter, half the female population resorts to North Face fleece jackets and Uggs.


I basically already talked about the predominant characterstics of the student body above. Lots of white kids, predominantly New Yorkers. People don't really dress up for class, or anything... Just standard, college-kid clothes. Although people do definitely get dressed up (for no real reason) to go to bars on the weekends... Ironically, people will go to the IB (a drunken barn that reeks of cheap beer and even cheaper sweat) and wear their finest dancing clothes. Something I will never quite understand. Politically, I'd say Geneseo's definitely a left-leaner... Thank God. Western NY tends to be the exception to New York's liberal status, but luckily Geneseo's a diamond in the rough. Not overwhelmingly though, for those on the right who are thinking about applying. All college campuses, to some degree or another, are largely left-leaning. It's "cool" to be liberal, and we don't really pay taxes yet, so there's no need to be republican. Plus college kids tend to be smart... and well... George Bush? Sarah Palin? Not the brightest stars in the political sky. Idiots, even. But I digress.


The majority of of my classmates are easy to work with on group projects and are very willing offer help when needed.


My classmates here at Geneseo are very bright, open-minded, talented and very competitive; some are pursuing some of the most rigorous goals I have ever seen.


Driven and Intelligent


some classmates are very vocal about their opinions, others rather not particpate at all, some people are friendly others are snobbish


They party hard and work hard


my best friends


My classmates are focused on academics, but know how to have fun too!


Goal oriented and driven, but not cut-throat like students you imagine at Ivy Leagues. Friendly enough to chat with before classes and share notes with when you miss a class, but serious enough to say no to going out on a weekend if there is a lot of classwork to be done.


People at this school are mostly white and liberal, and are academically driven but know how to party.


They are encouraging and really want to learn.


My classmates are focused on their studies but also like to have a good time. I think there is a good mix of races religions and socio economic backgrounds.


Friendly, outgoing, personable


Students are work hard, play hard; they study a ton from Sunday-Thursday and then Friday and Saturday they are out until 4 am.


Immature, lazy, copied off of those who actually did the work, back-stabbing


I'm somewhat of an odd-ball for my major and class, I would say that they are much more conservative than I.