SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

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The people are extremely friendly and nice. Everyone is polite, and actually hold the door open for others. It's very academic based during the week, but people still go out and party on weekends.


Geneseo is one of the most friendly, respectable, and academically challenging colleges that I had visited and applied to. Any faculty or staff member you meet will be friendly and talk to you like you're an adult. The school is clean and well taken care of and the dorms are nice, too. Geneseo's campus is beyond beautiful, it's known for it's sunsets and for it's hills! It's considered a "public ivy" and it's accommodating to any need that one may have.


It is a very smart school, they offer many clubs and it is easy to become involved. All of the professors are open to help you and advise you, even if you are out of their education department.


I wouldn't choose anywhere else to get my undergrad degree.


The placement of the college is in a valley so the scenery is amazing, and the town is quaint. The area is great for people who want to make life-long friendships.


SUNY Geneseo is a great school which is academic oriented but it also offers a variety of activities and ways to get involved. It is a smaller school than some but I feel this is a good thing. The professors care about their students and the students themselves are friendly. Overall, the school offers a great atmosphere!


Geneseo is an awesome school and I would recommend anyone who is accepted to strongly consider attending- you will not regret it!


Enjoy your four years, wherever you go. Geneseo makes it very easy to do so, while still being successful academically.


It is just an amazing education for such a lower price than the majority of the other schools I considered.


The one unique thing about my school is that even though it is a public state school it has the feel of a small private liberal arts school. One can recieve a surberb education for one of the best values availible. It is very driven academic environment where learning is the ultimate goal of everyone, but having fun, learning life lessons, and developing relationships with peers and professors is common everyday.


My school is unique compared to other schools I considered because it is the most rigorous academically. It was the hardest to get into out of all the schools I was looking at. So, it was more of a sense of accomplishment to get into this school over other ones I applied to.


close knit community


What is unique about SUNY Geneseo is the close-knit community that it fosters. Since the school is relatively small, there are greater opportunities for people to develop close relationships with each other. Other schools were too big and I was afraid that I would not make a good number of friends. In a big school, there can sometimes be well over 10,000 students enrolled. It also has one of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen.


Geneseo, although small, is a great research based learning community. The professors and academic curriculum were top notch. If I could do it all over again I would choose this school 100%. As a graduate student, I am thankful for the rigorous research training in psychology. I feel well ahead of the game compared to my fellow classmate. Many of the other schools I looked into did not offer this type of scholarship.


The surrounding areas are beautiful, it is the lovliest campus I've ever seen.


The most unique part about m school is the small school feeling where you know a lot of people, but bigger than a high school. Love it there and would do it all over again.


The great academic success of the college or a low price.


I actually transferred here and I really liked the atmosphere and how the school did not put on a show like other colleges. The variety of classes was great and most of the faculty are helpful.


it is a small school in a college town, but everyone works really hard during the week and loves to go out and get wild on the weekends. Sorority life is really big but fraternity life is slowly dwindling. Geneseo has a very nice campus and facilities. the school is more focused on the student then say the student athlete, which is nice.


Class doesn't matter, thats why state schools are sweet.


The level of friendliness. The low key, scenic, relaxing environment of a small town.


Geneseo's programs are very rigorous and it's so nice that everyone is always willing to help everyone else. It's a bigger campus than what I am used to but everything is close and easy to get to. It makes you feel like you're at home.