SUNY College at Geneseo Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


What I needed to know before coming to Geneseo, I knew the first time I stepped foot on campus. The loyalty among all students and staff makes everyone feel like family, and the school feel like home. I am consistently blown away by the quality, approachability, and genuine kindness of the professors. I wish I had known not to be influenced by others dreams for me. I wish I had stayed true to what I had really wanted out of my education from the beginning because there is no better place for me to flourish.


I wish I had known more about the Greek life on campus. It wouldn't have changed my mind about the school but I would have liked to learn more about it before I showed up on campus. I also wish I had known how rigorous the academics were. I definitely feel that I underestimated how difficult the work would be, especially for introductory level courses such as general biology.


How little there is to do if you;re not involved with a social organization.


I wish I had known more about Intervarsity and how to become a part of it.


I wish I knew that everyone here thinks they sit on a high horse. If you ask on "stupid" question in class, you are shot down by the professor and your classmates all think you for a fool. At Geneseo, you are on your own, the professors won't help you, because you need to get ready for the real world. You won't always have someone with office hours to help you work through a problem once you graduate.


Before I came to college I wish that I had known how much time and dedication that the work was going to need. High school is nothing like college, when you get to college it is a whole new ball game. The people are all just as smart as you, and you are not the smartest kid any more. Time management is a very important aspect to college. There is no more parents sheltering, you are out in the real world, and it is totally different and I wish that I had an idea of that before college.


I knew everything I wanted to know


Before coming to college, I wish I was more educated on managing my finances and budgeting my spending money. It can be difficult to have an active social life while living on a college student's limited budget.


Coming to a school in upstate New York, I wish I had learned how to adjust to a colder climate, such as learning how to layer clothing better. I also wish that I had been told to be a bit more social in the beginning: To always leave my door open and to always accept an invitation to lunch or dinner. Those things I had to adjust to and understand as time went on. I also wish I had known how fraternities and sororities did play a part in the social scene.


That studying hard and focusing on work is very important


I wish I knew how small the village was and what an adjustment it would be for someone like me who is from the city.


Exactly what it was that I would like to do with my life; it would have made my choice of classes easier had I known my exact projected career path.


How academically challenging it would truly be, as well as all of the extracurricular activites available.


The website is so confusing, and some teachers use it for class, others do not.


How academically challenging it would be.


The location


I wish I knew the amount of racism and gender discrimination I would encounter.


To come here first! I wish I had tried to find more scholarships.


I wish I had known that the best time to make friends as a freshman is to be really friendly to everyone in your dorm and and to go to activities for Geneseo's "Week of welcome".


Being a transfer can make it more challenging to make friends and find a stable 'group'.


I wish I had known how dry the dorms can get in the winter because I have a tendancy to get nosebleeds alot.


That getting into classes are extremely competative and credits are what determines who goes first.


I wish I had known how spread out everything was. Geneseo is very rural and you definitely need a car to get the things you need


That it was small and loud and that most students were immature and had very little work ethic.


The intensity of academics.


I wish I had known more about the area surrounding Geneseo...the town itself is very small and there is not much to do outside of general activities available in any college town, so if you're looking for something unique, it requires a little bit of travelling.