SUNY College at Oswego Top Questions

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The campus


The area and the how close the community is.


The lake and physical enviornment adds to the atmosphere and the number of clubs and activities around campus also add to a positive and comfortable environment.


all the member of the stuff are really helful and they dedicate their time to see if there is anything they can do to help you to achieve your goals.


Good accounting program, beautiful lakeside campus, good social life.


The main reason I chose this college was for my unique major it offered. Across America it is known for having a unique study in Zoology. Very few colleges and universities offer this degree program and it was the main reason why I applied to SUNY Oswego.


I only considered one other school and the differences between that school and Oswego are endless. One is a private university and located in another state, while Oswego is a state school and was much more affordable for me. Although the other university is my dream school, I am happy at Oswego and I believe my education is being served almost as well.


Oswego has one of the best Meteorology programs in the Northeast.


SUNY Oswego offers not only a beautiful setting, but qualified professors who take an active interest in what their students are learning. Very cold and windy campus in the winter, however. Difficult to make friends if you don't live on campus.


Full video production facilities, student run television and radio stations.


Its located on Lake Ontario, and has some of the worst winters in the United States. Students are close knit. Parties are always going on but most students realize why they are there.


We have a great study abroad program. Besides that, I think we actually have the worst possible weather in the United States. I'm not just saying that. I read in some credible source that there are more cloud covered days here than anywhere else in the US. That is probably why the people here suck so badly.


It is on the lake and is very beautiful in the Spring and Winter


we get hammered here every weekend


It has a great Childhood Education program that no other school in this area has. There are so many opportunities for student teaching in this area as well that a student teacher would not have in another setting.


We get eleven feet of snow in one week and make national news. yay. We have Ontario Lake and, when the weather's good, the sunsets are fantastic.


Everyone is basically friendly and the they love to have a good time. It is a great academic school for the price and gives you a well rounded education.