SUNY Cortland Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


SUNY Cortland is a place where you can learn new things, meet great people, (whether it's students, faculty, staff, etc.) get involved, and explore being on your own for the first time.


Suny Cortland is an athletic, fun, and energetic school where the classes (for me at least) are fun and active and the tests challenging enough to make you really think out scenerios that will only help you in the future. So much is being learned everyday at Cortland, and so many lifetime friends are made.


SUNY Cortland helps you realize your full potential.


A good size campus with friendly and fun people which makes no problem to make great friends.


The school is a small campus. There are a large variety of majors to choose from. We have an excellent teaching program here at SUNY Cortland. The people are really friendly. The professors are very helpful. There are a lot of different on campus clubs and organizations that you can be a part of on campus, a club for everybody no matter what you are in to. There are many activities to do on the weekends and the community is very small but inviting. I love it here at SUNY Cortland.


The top business School in Pakistan


SUNY Cortland is a great mid sized college that offers a friendly campus atmosphere with various athletic and extra curricular activities.


Suny Cortland is and amazing place to go in order to gain the necessary education you need to further your academic career but not only that to meet a great bunch of people that you will have a relationship with for the rest of your life!


It is a very psotive environment and everyone is very friendley and helpful around campus from students to teachers.


SUNY Cortland can be described as a social, academic and epic experience.


Cortland is the most fun you will ever have at school.


Suny Cortland is a great school! I am attending this school to become a teacher. This school is well known for teaching. The population of this school is perfect for me. It is not too small where I know everyone, but it is not too big where I know noone. Whenever I walk around campus I can always find someone that I know, but there is always more people to meet. Alot of this school is based around sports, which I love because I am athletic. Cortland has alot of great activities as well.


A place to find yourself and your path in life.


People drink alot


Cortland is a middle sized school in a rural community that has allows students to make life long friends while getting to know everyone.


Fun, exciting, sometimes too small but a great school.


SUNY Cortland is not very big, smaller on the scale of most SUNY schools, but you get to know many of your classmates and the classes arent too large.


My school is very small but they have a lot of things, like one small community. Cortland is very friendly and a great school to go to. The only proble i have with it is that it gets really cold here and that upsets me becuase I am used to warm temperature. Besides that its really great. I made life-time friends here, i got a lot experience and I can't thank my professors enough for the work they have done for me. I really wouldn't be where I am if I haven't accepted Cortland. It great!


I miss Cotland everyday and wish that I could go back. It was the best time of my life! Such fun people and great teachers!


The school is just right for people who don't want a really large school with tens of thousands of people, but it is still large enough where you won't know everyone there.


SUNY Cortland has charm and appeal (when it is not under construction).