SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Overall, I am in love with my school. The summer after senior year of high school I was very hesitant about actually going away to school, but now that I am in my senior year of college I cannot imagine what life will be like leaving this school. The best thing about my school is that it is big, but not too big. By senior year you cannot go somewhere without seeing a familiar face and that's very comforting.The professors at my school, for the most part, are very approachable and will do anything to help you succeed in their classes. There's not one thing I would change about my school, except the weather here! It gets very cold in the winter. On campus, a lot of my time is spent in my classes, at the gym, at the library, or getting food somewhere (there are so many places to eat and all of the food is so yummy). I definitely think that there is a lot of school spirit, and we all truly love going here. One major example of our school pride is the cortaca football game. This is when our football team plays against Ithaca college and our school spirit truly shows. Everyone goes to the game wearing red (since our colors are red andn black), faces painted, we support our football team, and it's a lot of fun. Experiences that I'll always remember are the cortaca football games, and joining a sorority. My sorority gave me a group of really great friends who I can always go to when I need someone to talk to or just to hang out with. It really is an awesome experience. The biggest complaint at my school is probably just about going to class and doing homework, but you can find that at almost every campus. It's never an excessive amount of work, but you just have to make sure you don't fall behind because then you'll be in trouble. In Cortland, there are a few places to go to have fun. There is an glow in the dark mini golf which is a lot of fun, a movie theater, good places to eat, and there are always on campus events and sporting events to enjoy.