SUNY Cortland Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


SUNY Cortland is one of the best full communities for a college I've ever experienced. Situated in a small town in central New York it's close enough to other areas and has plenty of stuff to do but doesn't give you that large college feel. Everyone is friendly and you become a family especially as an alumni. Everyone who is part of the college is passionate about it and it really makes you feel like you're part of something important.


Everyone is fit and active. There is a huge focus on exercise and a variety of sports and facilities are offered that promote this.


The wonderful people that work at the college and the students that attend it. Everyone is always so nice and friendly. Everyone is always very helpful too.


I consider the best thing about this school to be the athletics.


The people. The teachers and students here are very involved and helpful to eachother. When one is in trouble or being abused in any way, someone will always come to help them.


The best thing about my school is that it is a very sport-oriented campus. Many people on campus are athletic, enjoy working out, and play intramural sports if they are not on a varsity team. Students on campus have a lot of school pride and attend sports games to support our teams.


What I think is the best thing about my school, is that for the most part everyone that goes there is interested in the same things. Cortland is a very althletic school, and I enjoy working out and dealing with sports. The programs they offer there are benefical to my interests and my major. I feel that I can be in whatever major I want and still confident that the classes I had previously taken will still help me graduate and wont be wasted.


I consider the option for distance learning the best thing about my school. I am a single parent who works full time, if only a traditional classroom setting was offered I would not have been able to complete my masters. I love the flexibility that distance learning gives you. You can attend class virtually at anytime of the day or night.


The best thing about my school is that the students here are as friendly as if we were family. This goes for the faculty as well who encourage students to come to them for no other reason than to carry out a conversation. The first college i went to was the Rochester Institute of Technology and i couldn't say the same for that school. I now realize that this friendly atmosphere is important to relieving the stresses of attending college by bringing up the overall happiness of the faculty and staff.


The best thing about my school is my major. I am a physical education major and SUNY Cortland is famous around the world for physical education. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend Cortland, and I have a lot of great professors that know what they are doing. After only one year of attending Cortland, I know for a fact that physical education is the field for me, and I will have a great change of getting a job after graduating because of my degree from Cortland. I couldn't be happier with SUNY Cortland.


I think the best thing about SUNY Cortland is the numerous amount of extra curricular activities. There are clubs and groups for pretty much anything you can imagine giving students a chance to connect with others that share their interests. I participate in club soccer and have made some great friends from joining.


In the speech-language disabilities department student's receive a lot of one on one time with their professors. The major consists of a small close-knit family of very intelligent and considerate professors and students. Cortland also offers a scholarship called, Cortland's Recruitment of Urban Educators, which focuses on putting quality teachers back in the classrooms of urban areas. It aims in providing them with new innovative ideas, first hand experience and supplemental educational courses. Cortland is a place where you see familiar faces everyday.