SUNY Empire State College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


SUNY Empire State College is an amazing place for a flexible learning experience, since it provides quality education through several mediums, enabling and maximizing growth and success potential.


I am in individual studies. I do not go to the main campus. I go to the Jamestown Campus when I need to see my mentor or need assistance.


Suny Empire offers both a multicultural atmosphere, and the flexibility to attend courses by offering both standard college courses as well as distance learning courses.


My school is SUNY in Prague, Czech Republic. It is diverse with students from over 60 different countries. It is a hole in the wall, small building, without a campus. It is in the center of city, and I wish it were on a campus. There is no school pride; people come to school and then come home. There is not a unity between the students.


it is an online reputable school that is part of an entire well known university system and well worth the time and the money


I attend SUNY Empire State college's Center for distance learning, and I have found that their professors are just as wonderful and knowledgable as in a classroom!


intense but fair