Swarthmore College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


They are nerdy, a bit (or sometimes very) anti-social, they were probably never popular in high school, they're very smart (the smart one in the class), they're very liberal and hippy-ish.

Jonathan F

From the inside, it's that we are nerdy but embrace it, that we're ugly, that we don't party, and that we're weird. From the outside, I guess it's pretty much the same.


That they are all ugly and nerdy and just work all the time.

Political Junkie Junior

Swarthmore has the stereotype of being a place where the students have to work really hard. Swatties are stereotyped as awkward, unattractive nerds.


an all girls college in upstate New York; very liberal; students only do work and never have fun


Super smart, liberal, activist


Swarthmore students are neurotic, nerdy, hard-working, intellectually engaged, leftist, smart, uninterested in partying, no fun.


We are intense, nerdy, and liberal.


One big stereotype is that we are all really nerdy or weird. Another is that we are all ugly. Another is that the work is too hard and that there is an impossible amount.


Some people think that all Swarthmore students do is study. They think we don't go out on the weekends or hang out with friends- basically that we spend all our time in the library. Swarthmore students are also seen as elitist and as having a chip on their shoulders because they are at a good liberal arts school instead of an Ivy.


Stereotypes include that people are entirely bookish and study all the time, don't know how to have fun, and are incredibly unattractive and socially awkward.


Some stereotypes include "All Swat students are socially awkward" and "Everything is really intense and serious about their work."


That it is very nerdy, people are awkward, and that it is incredibly hard academically.


nerdy, intellectual kids who study all day. full of hippies.


That Swarthmore is filled with a bunch of unattractive, nerdy, and awkward people. No one ever does anything fun.


That the school is incredibly rigourous and academic, as a result the students are very hard-working to the point of sometimes being anti-social.


That we study until five o'clock in the night just because we're so passionate about what we're doing.


Swarthmore students are social awkward. Swarthmore is hard.


People think that Swatties are nerdy, ugly, and incredibly intelligent.


We work all the time and never have any fun


The stereotype is that Swarthmore students are ugly, awkward nerds who spend all day in the library and never party or have fun. We are supposedly extremely (and very loudly) superleft-wing; they call it the Kremlin on the Crum or the People's Republic of Swarthmore.


They're awkward, dorky, quirky, intense.


I think the biggest stereotype about Swarthmore and Swarthmore students is that it is so academically intense that no one ever has fun and is always in the library.


One of the biggest stereotypes about "Swatties" is that we are always working. Another is that we are total hippies--a friend of my mom actually warned her against sending me to Swarthmore, because I would turn into a hippie.


Swarthmore students are nerds, over analytical, and critical.


Take the fun out of college, very studious, funny looking - because of the ratio (more women to men) I have heard people say the following, "The odds are good - but the goods are odd" sometimes that is used for Bryn Mawr as well. We also talk about Swoggles - swat goggles. We are known for the beautiful campus, and our sports aren't known to be victorious


Swat students are thought of to be over-extended and very ambitious. the school is very difficult with no time for a social life.


smart, intellectual, studious; overcommitted, overachieving; awkward, geeky; stressed out; idealistic, leftist


That all we do is study, That athletics are a joke, That we are all tree hugging liberals,


A lot of people think that Swarthmore students are nerdy, socially awkward, ugly, overachievers.


People sometimes think that Swarthmore students work all of the time, that they don't have any fun, and that they are constantly complaining about all the work that they must do.


Swarthmore is claimed to be far more intensive than other liberal arts and ivy league colleges in the amount of work you have to do.


They say we have too much work; they say we are unattractive; they say we are geeks.


Extremely nerdy, socially awkward


Uber-liberal weird school with weird students, lots of activism


Everyone here is thought to be very smart and from the top of their class.


A common stereotype about Swarthmore students is that we are awkward in social situations.


Swarthmore is the home for nerds and socially inept individuals. Swarthmore students are all very motivated and socially aware.


We work too hard.


That we all like to write long papers. That we are all liberal and that we are all into politics.


Swarthmore is a highly intensive academic environment where students do work 24/7. And when they're not doing work, they're out trying to save the world.


Stereotypes about Swatties are that they're constantly studying, all liberal, and on a campaign to save the world.


Study all the time, really weird (cape-wearing), socially awkward


Swarthmore students are reputably awkward and inept at dealing with social situations.


Swarthmore students only work and don't play.


The typical swattie has been known to be nerdy, anti-social, and real studious. Another stereotype about swatties is that they can't dance, which aint true either.


Swarthmores students are steretypical thought of as extremely hardworking and socially unadjusted.


The average Swarthmore student is what Bill O'Reilly would call a "god-damn Liberal."


Swarthmore students are all weird. They are unattractive and spend most of their time studying. Classes are way harder than those on other campuses. People that go here are notoriously liberal, both politically and socially.


Stereotypes of Swarthmore: Difficult courseload, intense but not competitive (academically), nonexistant school pride/sports scene Stereotypes of Swatties: Socially awkward, nerdy, overachievers, intellectual, extremely socially conscious, super-liberal, strong opinions