Swarthmore College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Students are inspirational. Find out a lot about a person's background and cultural differences. Very aware of the enviroment. Very accomadating for LBQT community and political views. Aids in developing a persons awareness of socio-economic difference that exist in the world and igniting a passion for helping the world change for the better. Non-competitive atmosphere. Beautiful campus.


The intensely passionate people from all over the country and world. They are what makes this school what it is.


The school is small, and therefore provides an abundance of activities and opportunities for it students, whether it be lectures, faculty luncheon, cultural groups sponsoring events or going to a concert, and access to internships. Also, everything is free by virtue of the school's founding quaker values.


The enthusiasm about academics, the intelligence of the students, the variety of activities and events offered.


the best thing about my school is the numerous opportunitie available to get involved in whatever you want to. Virtually everything is student run so...


How everyone is so nice, and there is little to no bureaucracy. The relationships formed with professors and other students. The campus is beautiful and the laughs plenty.


I have formed really strong relationships with my professors and my fellow students. We all love to learn and will go beyond what is required for our courses just for fun. I have had so many amazing discussions. Swarthmore is filled with awesome people.


The environment, the people who go there, (most of) the faculty. It's a very learning and academically oriented place, and people are very interested in knowledge for its own sake as well as for practical purposes; they're also for the most part interesting people who do interesting things. "Quirky" is the standard, lame way of describing it, I suppose.