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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No, though there are people who reflect the stereotype, I would not say that it is accurate of the university as a whole.




A lot of them are, but you will also find some really cool people. There are also a lot of people here on scholarships, so you can find people in whichever group you are in.


You are going to get those kinds of people, but there are many types of students here. I've found that there aren't too many "regular" kind of people you'll find at state schools. There are more people on different ends of the spectrum, but it's pretty diverse. However, you will see the three B's: boots (Uggs or Hunters), bags (designer), and Blackberrys.


Like anything there's a little truth to the stereotypes, but the majority does not represent everyone. Obviously not everyone falls into the "jap" stereotype and there's definitely enough people for there to always be someone you can chill with.


Yes and no, Syracuse is very cold and it does get a good amount of snow but it's really not as bad as everyone thinks. The winter is manageable.


No-about one in four are in greek life, but that does not mean there is not a scoail scene outside that.


There are a million different types of people on campus- not all of the girls are JAPs and not all of the boys are the ones you see made fun of on College Humor. It is a big party school, the Greek scene is huge, and athletics are very much an integral part of the campus, but there's so much to do for those who aren't into partying or sports. There really is something for everyone- you've just got to have the initative to find it. The Newhouse program is hard to get into, not difficult at all once you're in. Syracuse is diverse, but it's also very, very segregated. People from different races do interract, but it's not super common.


YES, but there are sane people too


not really. alot of people are on scholarships and have an average amount of money, and only the frat and sororities are like that.




Not necessarily, there are a lot of wealthy students but not all students in Syracuse are wealthy.




1. It is a cold winter, but they do a really good job of keeping things manageable - streets are always clear, and the cold weather just becomes a part of life - you deal with it and complain but it rarely ever stops you from doing what you want to do. 2. Last I heard it was about 25% Greek. I live my life totally unaffected by the greek system. 3. True.


For the most part, yes. Surprisingly, it seems as though the majority of students here are Jewish--oh, and rich! It seems kind of like a contest to see how everyone is dressed, and who can outdo who.




In the beginning and end of the years, the temperatures got to the 90's and in the winter they were around freezing, the same as most campuses in the northern half of the country. Every college has these types of people, but if you search you find people that are just like you and people you can get along with. I, myself, do not have a million dollars to spend for college. The office of financial aid helps people with financial problems every day to help go to their schools. Syracuse has one of the top Theater programs in the country and turned out stars like Taye Diggs in the process. Whitman school of Management turns out fortune five hundred tycoons while getting a great education at school. The Setnor School of Music, although underfunded, is a great place to grow as a person and a musician.


There is some truth to them - there are snobs in Newhouse but most of them are cool people, there are gay/promiscuous/experimental individuals in drama but not everyone, there are many different races and ethnicities in the Engineering and technical schools, Whitman does have a lot of hot guys but not all of them, and sometimes the minority groups do have the tendency to stick together but that doesn't mean they won't hang out with you.


To an extent; the majority of the students do in fact focus far more energy on partying than academia, but when you get into the programs that Syracuse is highly ranked (i.e. Architecture, Theater, etc.) you find a completely different caliber of students.


Yes, there are a lot of rich kids who participate in Greek life, but it's easy to find if you want it and it's easy to avoid if you want nothing to do with it. Yes, it's cold, but it's not that cold. It's more the wind than anything else. But it's fun.


There's some truth to them. I break them in that I am interested in getting a liberal arts education and I don't party, but one person doesn't change general attitudes.


There is evidence to both support and disprove the stereotypes. Because of main stream media and comedians like Dave Chappelle that have made race a thing to laugh about, people play into the trap because they think its not harmful. People make jokes about themselves and others under the premise that no one will take offense to it. However, there are those who do get offended and make it their mission to be the opposite of what they "should be", creating even more problems. In this scenario you have people like the "white guy trying to be black" or the "White asian guy" or the "black chick that really isn't black".


There are a lot of rich kids from those areas, but honestly, there are rich people from everywhere. Not to say that there aren't people with less money, but there are a good amount that have some. There are also a lot of girls who follow the stereotypical dress code, but then there are always some who dress completely differently. There are so many people here, it is too hard to say.


A majority of the student population fits these, but of course there are some that don't, such as myself.


The weather isn't as unbearable as everyone says- you'll still see girls out in dresses and heels on a Tuesday night on Marshall St. in the dead of winter.


It depends on the group you hang out with. In every sorority you will find examples of this. This goes hand in hand with the fact that 20-25% of the students here are in Greek Life. Outside of Greek Life you have alot of middle income kids as well as many different cultures and backgrounds. Simply put, because the letters are always being worn, you notice Greek people more often then not.




yes and no. Of course these people exist, but because of Syracuse's broad curriculum it attracts so many different types of people.


It depends on your outlook.


At times, yes.


As far as the weather goes, yes. But there are a lot of places in the city that students just don't explore that are really nice. They just think their hometowns are better.


Yes completely. unless you are in ESF.


alot of them. haha


Not at all. I had friends in frats and friends not in frats, and got along with everyone wonderfully. There was so much going on on and around campus that I always had something to do, and it didn't have to involve drinking. The SU environment was truly welcoming for whatever I wanted to do.


Work hard and play hard is the mentality of most SU students. SU students may party four days a week, but still they manage to pump out first-rate work. The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications is the masthead for the image of the school, so it is not unusual to see students conducting interviews for campus publications on the Quad or videotaping a news segment for TV on the way to class. Most students hail from New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and often dominate the prestigious internship pools during summers in New York City. Students are fashion conscious, but preppy Ralph Lauren Polo ensembles are a campus rarity. The typical female can be identified carrying a designer handbag in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other. Students are said to be exclusive, but never exclusively dating. Syracuse University is also known as a Mecca for Jewish camp-goers. Students may even refer to the university as an extention of ?camp.?


These stereotypes are mixed. SU is actually a very diverse place. There are many things to do on campus and you will constantly see people of different diversities hanging out. I think that although the university tries to promote the term 'diversity' they do a good job, even though it comes off fake. But the campus is extremely diverse. With regard to the rich/snobby students, that is true. Some SU students think that they are daddy's gift to earth, but I suppose that this is everywhere.

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