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What's unique about your campus?

Whenever I need help with something, help is always provided for me.


The best thing about Syracuse University is the diverse campus. There are so many people who come to Syracuse from all over the country, even from other countries besides this one. Being exposed to diversity helps me to realize how vast our world is. I grew up in a small town and was not exposed to different opinions or backgrounds. I believe that the diversity of Syracuse University makes me want to explore different places and review different viewpoints. This has increased my thirst for knowledge, which develops my education.


The school spirit is very high and the campus is nice.


The School is being so generouse! Offer me a lot of scolarship!


For me, the best thing about Syracuse University would be the educational opportunity it provides me. Given my own special circumstances, I do not feel that I would be where I am today if it wasn't for all that Syracuse University has provided me--in terms of financial aid, cultural support, etc. I look at the other things offered, such as the extracurricular activities and social events as added bonuses in my college experience.


The best thing about my school is the well developed field of studies that my school provides for me. I feel as though I am well exposed to all fields and aspects of architectural studies that I will need to be aware of, in order to become a successful architect. While I am on this campus, my focus is to pursue my field of study and to absorb all that I can while I'm here. I have been presented with a remarkable opportunity. My school provides me with the knowledge, that I would never find at another architecture school.


The food and the people that we meet here because here we get to observe how certain foods are made and here we make friends for life.


The thing I consider best about my school is the balance between fun and school. I am serious about my schooling, however I do enjoy hanging out and having fun with people. With this school having lots of people it makes it easy to meet people that I can interact with, while having a good education because this is one of the better schools in my state and is quite difficult which i enjoy the challenge also.


I must say the various ways of getting assistance on a specific course you are taking here. The professors have office hours, there are one on one tutoring, Academic Excellence Workshop, TA's have offic hours, and there are "clinics" in that particular subject, for example, Math Clinic for all math courses.


The focus on community involvement sets Syracuse University apart from most others. Not only is it encouraged, but the school offers many avenues and areas of involvement with both the surrounding city and projects on a national level.


The school spirit is extremely high and Syracuse has great sports programs. Also, the engineering school is very close knit and makes the school seem not quite as big.


I met some awesome people, the school does have a noteworthy drive to encourage jobs and internships both during and after school, the diploma I will receive after wasting numerous years of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The best thing about my school is tough to say. Why? Its so easy to point out all the negative things that happen on campus and off campus. Those are the thigns that stick out in my memory the most. One good thing I can think of is the group of friends I've come across that share a similar entiment about the issues that face the social and academic aspects of my school.


The reputation it has because when it comes down to it I am paying for the connections it has made with people in the field I am going into. Also Syracuse has been able to establish a well known name for itself.


I have a lot of flexibility with my major. My teachers and advisors know me on a more personal level and help me towards my goals. Syracuse has a lot of school spirit.


Syracuse University is an academically rigorous institute which offers its students numerous opportunities and experiences. Further, the campus is big enough for one to feel as though they are truly on their own yet small enough to see a bunch of people you know while walking down the quad. This school has a familial atmosphere to it that makes its students feel welcome and it is within this environment that students can be motivated to excel academically.


The best thing about my school is the people who are there. Syracuse University is filled with loving and caring staff and students. If have need someone to talk to or to help me out in whatever, someone is there for you and to me that is very important.


I love the atmosphere of my school the most. I feel that the students here are here to learn and get an education. There is a lot of passion at Syracuse. Some people are passionate about sports, their major, and even just where they may live on campus. The best thing about Syrcuase is how passionate most people seem to be about their experience.


Once you take the initiative to get involved, you can find a unique niche where you can fit in perfectly and be comfortable.


The curriculum requires students to have internships and cummunity service requirements to build their resume and make connections so that was one this I like about my university because you would not have to worry to much about building a resume. They prepare you on the way so that students dont have to worry later.


The best thing about Syracuse University is the huge number of resources available to students, no matter what their field of interest. If you are interested in science, you can find a placement in a professor's lab; if it's education you're after, you'll be able to find your place in a classroom. Syracuse works very hard to personalize the experience for each student.


Our resources and all the things that are free and open for students such as free golfing and tennis at the Drumlins Country Club, all the advisors and faculty that are ready and willing to help a student at any moment. Also all the cultural events and artworks that the school brings every single month to culture us and the community as well.


Lots of different presitigious programs; students can good a great education in a lot of different fields.


The best thing I consider about my school is their constant enthusiasm about succeeding. I believe that both the students and the faculty want you to succeed in whatever field that you have chosen for yourself. Faculty is there to help you learn and the classmates are constant support. We work together to achieve our goals and we form a special bond.


There are so many different things to do and ways to get involved. Not only can you express yourself in multiple ways, but you grow and learn as well as meet people who will become your close friends.


The school environment, I really feel like I'm in college.


best thing about syracuse is the amount of people there. Theres no way to not find someone you're going to get along with because of the amound of people here. Always something to do on the weekends whether its party or school activities.


The amount of majors that are available to choose from along with the variety of classes to get involved with. The more majors there are the more variety you have when choosing classes for the semester.


I feel that Syracuse University is a very culturally diverse community. There are plenty of opportunities for extra-curricular activities, social activities, and academic or athletic clubs are always looking for more members. While at Syracuse, there is never a lack of things to do as long as you're willing to put yourself out there and make new friends.


There are numerous student organizations in Syracuse University. Students have so much school spirit and are really involved on campus. Professors are passionate about what they teach and are always available to students who need to speak with them.


The best thing about Syracuse is the quality of life I am able to achieve. I have made so many friends and taken so many wonderful classes throught the year. The class material is very interesting to me and I look foward to next semesters work.


Fun people, classes and life experiences


The best thing about my school is the school spirit, it really makes you enjoy the place a lot more.




The focus on the arts is fantastic for someone like me, who isn't particularly interested in sports.


The best thing about Syracuse must be the fact that it is very easy to make friends here and connect with the teachers. People here are very friendly and outgoing and smart.


There is a great deal of school spirit at SU, students, faculty, staff, alum and community members love SU for life!


The community. I loved meeting people and made the best friends. I loved every minute of being at that school.


I think the best part of my school is my job. I also love my major. My major is relatively small and I know most of the girls who are in my classes. Also, my job is the Literacy Corps and we work in the Syracuse City School District to help children with their literacy skills. I also am a part of the Corps Council and I work in the office as a Literacy Intern.


Amount of things that were available for me to engage and thrive in because I really embraced them all and became a much more well-rounded happy person after my four years of college.


The best thing about Syracuse University is the wide range of connections with faculty, alumni, and students that foster growth, and security as you pursue your education.


the best thing about my school is definitely the people who go there. everyone on campus is so friendly and willing to help you out, and the profesors are really great too.


The social scene. It is diverse and creates a place for all types of people


SU really is a community. There's a lot of school pride, and if you're even marginally sociable then by juinor year at the latest you can't walk across campus without seeing at least five people you know. Whether I'm at the bars on Marshall St. relaxing on the quad between classes, I always see someone I know.

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