Syracuse University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag about my school, I talk about all of the fantastic events we have on campus. From Ron Paul to Macklemore, Oprah to 2 Chainz, the University always does an awesome job with bringing interesting speakers to campus. Plus, seeing your athletic teams play on television is pretty cool, too. I love getting text messages from my friends saying that they're "watching your team kick butt!" Going to a school that everyone knows about and recognizes is the coolest thing I could ever imagine.


The architecture, the ridiculous amount of things to do on campus, Orange After Dark, the sports programs (mainly the ORANGE BASKETBALL TEAM!!)


We are ranked number one in Information Technology and Public affairs. Our school has a beautiful campus. Our school is known for good basketball team and it is a lot of fun to watch them during their regular seasons. Our school provides students good recreational services and other services such as health services and such.


Not only is Syracuse University home to one of the best communication schools in the country, but it has so much to offer. It is a welcoming environment from the moment an individual steps onto campus. The school spirit and "orange" atmosphere creates an entertaining aspect of the community, where everyone can come together and root for the school. Volunteering in the Admissions Office allows me to brag and encourage prospective students to apply to Syracuse University for its academic courses


The engaging campus it has. There is always something going on, some event, some lecture, some activity, some freed food. Its a busy campus.


The wonderful architecture program and how much I've learned in just three semestres! Knowledge abounds in my program so it's wonderful for someone who loves to learn in an extremely disciplined environment.


Syrcause excelles in every aspect. From engeneering to theatre, Syracuse offers excellent programs for every major. In addition to outstanding academics, Syracuse offers clubs and activities for any and all intrests you may have. There is nothing like dressing in all oragne and cheering on your team with over 20,000 students and fans at sporting events. With a basketball team that always makes it far in the NCAA tournament, the sports are another thing that makes Syracuse such an amazing school.


Our basketball team is #1 as well as our school has many people come to perform and speak at my school. We have had John Legend, Joe Bide, Taye Diggs just to name a few and the alumni pool at my school is very large.


The resources and the athletics.


SU has world renowned professors and attracts students from all over the world to study there. SU has some of the nation's leading colleges for Political Science as well as communications.


i brag most about the academics here at syracuse. as a private school, i feel that there is a lot of focus on academics. i am proud to have been accepted here.


How highly ranked the educational programs are and the availability of support from faculty.


Not only is the campus beautiful, but I can get a great degree. The classes are not overly huge so if we need the help we can get it. Also, we have so many resources at our fingertips such as a huge library, a gym, and so much more. It is well worth the tuition.


The social atmosphere surrounding Syracuse and the Division 1 athletics programs is always exciting. The school is big enough that there is almost always something to do but not so big that someone would feel lost.


Syracuse University has a large alumni network full of people who are famous in their respective fields. When they come back to visit or meet with students, I always brag to my friends that "so-and-so" is here. Also, our sports teams are doing pretty well these days.


Besides the fantastic Lacrosse and Basketball teams, I brag to friends about the career connections and support that Syracuse University receives from alumni. The Newhouse School of Public Communications and the Whitman School of Management have great reputations around the country and there is a large emphasis on career placement after college. These two particular schools have very focused students and updated technology and facilities.


Syracuse University is made up of nine different colleges, which allows students to select specific majors and minors that best suit their interests. SU?s most notable college, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, is considered by many to be one of the top communications schools in the country. Newhouse students receive a top-notch education from communications industry professionals. Upon graduating, Newhouse students enter a large network of successful alumni, most of whom are always eager to help their fellow alumni. A degree from Newhouse is highly respected in the communications industry.


How great the School of Education is because it places you in the field your freshman year. The academic competitiveness of the university and the great job placements after graduation. The large greek life on campus. How pretty the campus is. The basketball team and lacrosse team.


I brag about what I know my friends are the most jealous of: the athletics program at Syracuse University. In my hometown, Syracuse sports are worshiped. And I, as a student, not only get the best seats, but also the chance to see the athletes around campus. Come on, who wouldn't brag?


An excellent question. Honestly, I brag about the program I am in, the Newhouse School of Communications. Having the opportunity to put myself in the wake of alumni Mike Tirico, Bob Costas, Marv Albert, etc. really widens eyes whenever I talked about it. Also, my radio station, WAER Syracuse has an excellent reputation that boasts similar alumni, and my sports career is much brighter because of the opportunities both Newhouse and WAER have offered me.


I am in the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications. It is a renowned communications school that has churned out big names like Dick Clark and Bob Costas. The recent summer hit, (500) Days of Summer, was written by a Newhouse grad. I also brag about the basketball team. The Big East is one of the best basketball conferences, and Syracuse is always one of the better teams in that division. We kick ass!


The architecture program which I'm in is ranked in the top in the nation and there's a lot more programs in Syracuse that is ranked near the top. Also, the sports teams are really good with the basketball and lacrosse team always being ranked at the top.


When I first decided to attend Syracuse University, the student population was much larger than I'd wanted. However, as my freshman year progressed, I learned that you can make a big school small, but you can't make a small school big. That's one of my favorite things about Syracuse: you'll be striding across the quad to class, but then end up being late to class because you run into so many people you know. In addition, the alumni network and career center at Syracuse are phenomenal -- graduates go out on a limb to help students out.


There's a lot of diversity in this school- both racially and in student interests. Syracuse is the only school that I applied to that isn't an soley an art school. Therefore you get a lot of exposure to a very wide range of people and ideas.


The name that comes with going to Syracuse University as well as the sports and the amount of things that are available both educationally and socially.


When bragging to my friends about Syracuse University, the topic tends to lend itself to the classes. I love the homework; for example, I had to design a chair out of cardboard and hot glue that could support four hundred pounds. In addition, the chair was supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. The courses causes me to consider the world from new perspectives. Today, I considered the effect that the environment has on our emotions; for instance, when sitting in a chair, that experience influences our perception of that moment. While my friends complain about math, I have enthusiasm for art.


Our athleticism and the well-known alumni that come back and hold lectures and events.


It has one of the best transfer agreements with all the other VA universities.


I tell them how highly ranked our programs are. I also tell them how Syracuse is dedicated to helping others in the community. The school has a great repution, even though our football team is terrible, our basketball and lacross teams are great!


Syracuse has good dining halls, resident halls, freternities and sororities and a alot to do on weekends. Classes are interesting.


When anyone asks about my experience here at Syracuse University, I tell them that I love my school because everyday I see new people and new opporitunities. There is never a dull day as I am faced with campus protests, activities and guest speakers. There are a lot for resources available as the need to succeed is very important here. There is fair share of social activies and it is very "friend-friendly". The school spirit is high, the chancellor is commited and who could ask for a better campus.


If I was the type of person to brag, I would talk about the amount of academic opportunities Syracuse University has to offer. I am a recent Paris Noir alum. Last summer I went to Paris to study the African Diaspora. I am a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. I am currently conducting research on African American women and HIV/AIDS. This year, I also became a Remembrance Scholar. I was one of 35 Syracuse University students who represented the SU students killed in a terrorist attack in 1988. With these opportunities, I will be a competitive candidate for graduate school.


The basketball team and the network base is great!


As soon as you set foot on campus, you become a part of the Syracuse University community. From sports games to fairs and events, you are SU. Everyday, there are students and even professors supporting the school by wearing orange and blue. Its a great feeling to belong, and that you know you made the choice in schools.


The basketball team; as well as the fact that we have an on campus stadium (The Carrier Dome) that serves beer as well as the awe of the size and the experience of sports games inside the dome with the school spirit that's present.


I talk about how Syracuse is such a welcoming campus and my classes are hard and challenging but I'm succeeding in them. I love my surroundings, and the teachers and students are nice and helpful.


I brag about my school, the school of architecture and its prestige, as well as our sports programs, specifically basketball. Our weather is also something to brag about.


Mostly, I brag about the SU men's lacrosse team - great record, great sport, great team. Basketball is a close second - one national championship is great, but 11 (the stripped title counts just as much) is far more impressive. Not many teams could pull off the 2009 victory (which I managed to attend the semi-finals, but had to watch the SU win on TV), and no other college has quite the history.


The sports, school spirit, and social scene.


the freedom


I tell my friends that Syracuse University is a very diverse university and it is a fun campus to be on. I brag about all the organizations, clubs, and parties that I am able to go to because of its size. It is not to big of a school to get lost in the commotion and not to small of a school to be limited in the things I want to participate in. I also brag about how I can live in an apartment with roommates my sophomore year and it is covered in my room and board.


The education and opportunities for advancement and ability to have fun on the weekends to relax.


I go to Syracuse University, just saying that is braging for me.


The strongest bragging point about Syracuse is our dominant Mens Varsity Basketball Team, and our glorified coach Jim Boeheim.


Im not really one to brag, so, if there is really any one thing that I could think of that i usually tell my friends about, it would be the variety of extracurricular activities and social events that i am able to participate in.


I often brag about all of the opportunities offered at my school. There are many different classes to choose from. There are also many different extracurricular activities from fitness programs to sports teams and dancing clubs to the school newspaper. There are also many chances to get a job on campus.


My individiual school at Syracuse University has the highest average earning salary first year out of college. So I brag to my friends that my school makes the most money out of all the other schools at Syracuse University.


The fact that networking is the best here and that our alumni association is so huge. I know if I walk into a room and I say I attended Syracuse University an individual in the room did also or knows about my school.


We have school pride.


The snowfall, experienced professors