Taylor University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Taylor has been named the number one Midwest University in the category Best Regional Colleges for the seventh year in a row. This shows the amazing effort that the students and faculty put into their work throughout the year. Not only is it an honor to be named for this award, but to do it seven years in a row in truly incredible.


Taylor is know as the best college in the Midwest per U.S.News & World Report survey, "America's Best Colleges". Naturally we are known for acedemics because of this. Taylor is also know for its vibereant intentional community. As far as athletics go, we are probably best know for Silent Night.


One of the greatest things about Taylor University is the sense of community. Now, after going through all the orientation and attending Taylor for a year, this has been drilled into me and may seem a bit cliche. But that does not make it untrue. After being at Taylor for a year, I can honestly say that I feel that I am a part of the community.


My school is known for its achedemic achievements. It is currently rated the #1 Mid-west college and strives to provide graduated students with solid job placements once they leave campus. The quality departments this school is specifically known for are the Liberal Arts and Education departments. It is also known for its strong sense of community. Being a campus with less than 2,000 students, Taylor is a small foundation which provides intimate connections and a strong spirit of community. Students, including myself, feel a sense of refuge here sometimes refered to as the "taylor bubble" or "simple companionship".


Being the current #1 liberal arts school in the midwest. Being active in the community, from Habitat for Humanity to visiting nursing homes. The school is dedicated to having a global vision, both in setting up sister schools in other countries to helping social justice throughout the world. The biggest thing on campus, the buzzword, is community. Taylor truly is a community of amazing people, where everyone genuinely cares about each other.


Taylor is a Christ-centered school that places a heavy emphasis on faith AND learning. Few places understand how the two go together like Taylor does.


Strong sense of community