Taylor University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Professors will know every one of their students' names within 2 weeks of class. I'ts great because you can go in during office hours and they will personally help you out. They even keep track of your progress on a personal level. Favorite class: COS 104 (intro to computer science, everyone takes it, it's like a crash course in sound, video, web editing, and basic programming, it's a ton of fun with friends in the class) Least favorite class: Calc 2. Did not see eye to eye with the professor and things got hazy. Students often study about 14 hours a week. Class participation is welcomed and very common. Taylor students have occasional intellectual conversations outside of class, but usually it's avoided. Students usually aren't competitive academically. Most unique class: Foundations of Christian Thought. The prof. is ridiculously smart and brings about a lot of theological questions that open students' minds to things they never realized before. I can and have spend a lot of time outside of class with my professors, because they are welcoming and recommend meeting with them. The academic requirements are tough, but reachable. Taylor's education is geared toward having their graduates be well-learned, self aware Christians. Taylor is trying to prepare their students for the world after they graduate, whether a student is looking for a career, or looking for a way to use their life to serve the Lord (such ass missions or pastoral work).