Taylor University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not serious about their Christain faith and academic learning should not attend this school. One of Taylor’s mottos is "the Integration of Faith and Learning." The academic bar is set quite high and in the majority of the classes you have to work hard to earn an A. Taylor also strives to build up leaders for the future and expects their students to demonstrate Christian character and be prepared to reach out to the community. If one is not prepared to agree and carry out these two things this school is probably not for them.


I feel that this school is great for any person because the professors are great and the amount of learning is high. I do not believe this school would be a good fit for a student who wants to party or someone not willing to ackowledge the Christian belief.


A person who is not interested in socializing. Being a small school Taylor is very personal, and each person that comes here is a part of a community that works together to improve ourselves.


Your shouldn't attend this school if you like to party, and drink or do any drugs. Taylor tends to be fairly conservative, and therefore is kind of like a bubble. If you are used to the big city life, the surrounding cornfields may not interest you.


A person who wants a good education on a dry campus, doesn't mind following rules, and wants to learn about the Bible.


Someone who is easily offended by Christians, or someone who does not like social interaction should not attend Taylor University. The campus is vocally Christian, and pushes social interaction on all occasions. If you cannot balance your school workload and your social life when oppertunities present themselves, then Taylor is not right for you.


If you aren't at all interested in Christianity or Christian Community this is not the place for you. If your idea of College is crazy parties all the time this is not the place for you.


Someone who is not interested in being challenged both spiritually and intellectually should not go to Taylor University. It's not a place for someone who is looking for an easy ride, who doesn't want people investing in them, or who is just attending to make their parents proud. The best part about the community is that the people who are there want to be there, they choose going to a popular college in a city for small town Upland and Taylor University's campus.


People who want to party and drink through school.


Anyone who doubts their faith or does not want to be around a bunch of Christians.


Non-Christian, Drinker/Drug User, Looking for urban life, Looking for large campus


Don't come here if you want to party.


Someone who wants their college experience to be filled with parties and drinking. Taylor has very strict rules about activities like drinking, smoking, and being sexually active. There is a very strong sense of Christian community there and everyone keeps eachother accountable