Temple University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Temple University is a middle sized school with the academic benefits of a small school and the sports and social benefits of a large school.


Temple University is a very high quality, challenging academic institution providing real world scenarios and skillsets.


My university is a diverse, highly academic-orientated school which caters to every student.


Temple is a melting pot in more ways than one.


In a nutshell, you never know who you may encounter or make friends with.


Temple University is a place where one can grow acedemically and personally.


It is a mini melting pot where the ability to acheive your dreams and aspirations is infinite as long as you strive for them.


Temple University is a big, liberal and fantastic school overall.


Temple is the key to unlocking your future.


My school is a great place to learn how the world truly works because of the location and academics provided.


We come into Temple from all around the world, but we stand together as one.


Temple University is a very diverse place to be in both academic and fun; the people are friendly and the atmosphere is fun!


Temple University is a diverse school where you receive top rated affordable education, have access to financial assistance, have many options in terms of major and can develop as a person by way of the many extra curricular programs offered.


Temple University is a diverse environment with supportive professors and interesting courses that help advance your academic career.


Temple is a good choice for students who aren't sure what they want to major in, you can take your gen eds and then decide on a major because temple has so many choices.


The school is conglomerate of different personalties all trying to gain knowledge and pursue their dream careers.


Temple University is a very unique, multi-cultural environment, that allows everyone to grow into the person they will be for the rest of their life; the university also has the type of atmosphere that will enhance the ability to learn and gain life experiences that will benefit you later on in life, and it is a great place, to not only to succeed in academics but also in life.


Temple Unoversity is the perfect school for those who are looking to be in the city, beautiful sites, awesome oppurtunities, and awesome people.




I'm sure that those who have never been to Temple are most concerned with the neighborhoods surrounding it. There is a lot of police activity and crime in the surrounding areas, so people often focus on that. However, after actually going to Temple, people often find that the area is very secure (Temple has one of the largest police forces in the nation) and enjoyable to attend.


Temple University is a school where everyone is accepted and not excluded.


diversity within the urban community.


Temple university is the definition of Diversity and is sure to teach you valuable life lessons no just in, but ouside the classroom to help you develop as a student, and evenutallly business profesisonal


Temple University is a great urban campus with a diverse student population that offers a wide range of majors to choose.


My school has good facilities and is fun.


Temple University is home for many students from all over the world to broaden learning experiences, put an end to bigotry and bring together all different backgrounds to form unity; not just in classrooms, at social events or in the work force but Temple focuses on bringing together multiculturism in order to teach and set examples on how to embrace diversity because it surrounds us in every aspects of our lives from telivision shows to real life situations.


Temple University is not far from the city, but far enough that you can still feel like you are in a community.


Temple is a fun and inviting campus close to the city.




At Temple University we strive as a community to be our own individuals sharing a diversity of characteristics which brings a sense of connectedness -- it gives life to our nickname, "Diversity University."


I would describe this school as a great experience because it provides wonderful opportunities to learn academically.


Fast paced


Temple University is a diverese, career-focused, enriching campus that offers a multitude of ways to get involved in not only the social aspect but also with sustainability.


diverse, well-educated, and loving community atmosphere


International and diverse studying environment which encourages students to interact with each other to educate students here at the university.


You can see the Temple T way before you even reach campus. It's painted on the side of Anderson and the cherry colored flags line the streets as you approach campus. And if you come at night, you can tell when you reach campus because Temple is probably has the brightest lights on Broad Street. The buildings stand out from the local Philadelphia scenery mainly because they are tall and bright red in the case of the Student Center. It feels welcoming.


The school is a small campus but the buildings are very tall. There are a few grassy areas where during the warmer months students are lounging out on. There is a main walkway through campus that is stone and has tons of great eating spots and places to buy necessities.


People assume that the school is dirty or run down because of it's location, but it is the exact opposite. Temple has a beautiful campus and a lot of the buildings are either new or recently renovated.


Temple University is a unique school with a nontraditional surrounding that is filled with enthusiatic students.


I was drawn to Temple University because of the tuiton rate and geographical location. The classes teach the neccesary material, but I feel like the professors are too dependent upon power points and teaching assistants. They do not take the time to develop new and creative ways to teach the students. The faculty is not very helpful nor are they patient with the students.


Temple is a diverse institution that fosters student involvement, activism, and a great environment for learning.


A bit difficult to tolerate as far as the constant issues go, but there are various opportunities to take advantage of throughout your time at Temple.


My school is in the city of "Brotherly Love," making the college setting just as it says, people are friendly and the college itself works hard to give us the college and learning experience we're paying for.


Temple University is a diverse and urban slab of four streets by four streets where the sun never sets and the library is always open.


My school is fucked up and i wish i just finsih this college because the only reason i choose this because its close by.


Temple University has a diverse student population, ios located in North Philadelphia, and is a State University.


Temple is an engaging school that takes care of their students academically.


Preparing young minds for the future of America.


The most diverse and warm college in America.


Diverse and challenging school in a big city