Temple University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Their diversity


Academically challenging and engaging campus with a heavy focus on "real-world' skills. The more you put in to everything here, the more you get out. Opportunities are endless..


Temple has many excellent programs, but I believe Temple thrives in its research programs and also medicine. Temple University is a name in the future of medicine and medical research. Students often get updates on the ground breaking progress that our medical facilities and students have made over the past years.


Temple is known for it's dangerous location in the city of Philadelphia. Instead of choosing to go school every day feeling fearful of my surroundings, Temple University provides it's students with a sense of independence. Temple gives it's students a dose of the "real world" than most colleges do. It gave me thick skin to be ambitious, work hard for my grades. Overall, we are known as the City School with the most ambitious students who are ready to be the next innovative workers of Philadelphia.


My school is best known for its academics. Temple University wants their students to graduate with a degree that will help them succeed in life. Advisors and staff do whatever they can do in their power to help students. When they are struggling with something as simple as a homeowork problem to what they want to do with their life after college, there is always someone there that you can talk to and that will help solve your problem.


It's diversity. There are so many different cultures and ethnicities on campus you can literally meet so many different people from around the world. I think that's the best part because we sometimes forget that we aren't the only people living in the world. Once you meet someone from India or all the way from Bangkok, you learn about a whole new world through someone elses' eyes and it's an enriching experience. You not only learn in the classroom but you learn something new from the people around you everyday.


Good education for a low price.


The academic success of its students


Temple University is known for the great multi-cultural diversity in the heart of Philadelphia.


Temple University is best known for the urban location, as well as, the diverse student population and teachers. I would consider Temple more accepting when it comes to diversity, which may not be the case in smaller, more suburban schools. In addition, Temple has a number of majors and is more affordable than some private universities.


I believe Temple University is best known for its basketball program. They are 6th all time for most wins amongst NCAA division 1 men's basketball teams. They have defeated a team ranked in the top 10 nationally every year for the past 5 seasons without being ranked themselves.


My school, Temple University, is best known for its urban feel and it's location within the heart of the city of Brotherly Love, also known as Philadelphia. It is also known for it's multiple campuses and chances to study abroad. If you would like quite, Temple has the Ambler campus, if you like the whole college experience than Main Campus is where you want to be and if you like to travel, try Japan or even Italy; Temple University has a great study abroad program and strives to meet all of it's students needs!


Students from all over the world.


We have one of the best business schools in the country


My favorite campus tradition is attending the first football game of the season. This game always has the highest attendance, and everyone travels either by buses provided by Temple or via the subway. It is a great time for school spirit and everyone gets involved.


Temple University is well known for many things, but is best known for it's diversity. The university also prides itself on it's metropolitan environment. Many ways Temple incorporates these attributes into everyday student life is by offering courses on diversity and race, and classes which also teach you about Philadelphia and the Philadelphia area. There are also several clubs offering oppourtunities for students to get to explore Philadelphia and emerse themselves into the diverse community around the campus.


I believe that my school is best known media wise, for Bill Cosby being a student here and academic wise, having one of the top business schools in the world.


Research and turning out real world ready students


Temple is best known for their diversity. This university brings together people from all over the world to broaden our learning experiences. There are many ways to get involved with the diversity that Temple brings by joining organizations and clubs on campus to better your learning and social experience here at Temple University.


fox business is very famous. Several major is high ranking in the US.


I'd say at this point Temple U. is recognized most for the diversity of its student population. When I went there, and for most of the time preceding my matriculating days, it was known for being an affordable institutional that really served those who commuted. But now, it's a school ... really for everyone. It's a quality school.


Temple University is best known for their diversity. The campus is open to everyone, and people of all different backgrounds are represented all over campus. The diversity aspect helps students learn about interacting with people very different from them and opens students up to knew experiences. When becoming a part of the Temple Univesity community you quickly learn to have an open mind. Everyone can find their place and fit in here thanks to the diversity aspect of campus. The diversity of Temple's campus will give me an advantage to working with people different from me in the future.


My school is best known for its city setting. Since Temple is situated right in the middle of Philadelphia, there are pros and cons. It's great to be in the middle of a large city, but that also brings along crime and opportunity. Personally, I love the city, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. You won't find much grass on campus, but I think that can be expected. The campus does a nice job of seperating the city from the campus.


The best part of Spring Semester is Spring Fling. Spring Fling is a day that the University sets up tons of stands all around campus where local clubs and organizations sell things and have games. It is basically an excuse to skip classes and have fun all day before finals start.


Spring Fling, it is like a giant carnival on campus.


Temple University is best known for its excellent criminal justice department. It is also known for its diversity and large variety of programs.


Temple is best known for its diversity and lively culture. Temple is highly involved with their community and volunteering opportunities come by the dozen for students. Temple encourages their students to join clubs and get involved. Temple is known for their success in creating clubs that help students succeed in their future. Temple is also known for its career center and its ability to help students become prepared for life beyond college. Temple is a wonderful place to be and I encourage anyone with an open and driven mind, to come here.


Temple is located in the heart of Philadelphia, giving the school a very urban feel. However, the campus is a town of it's own. The two come together to give the school a very unique dynamic. With 36,000 plus undergraduate students at main campus, it's an extremely diverse campus allowing students to have their eyes open to many new things. With such a small student to professor ratio, though, despite the large student body, at Temple, students are so much more than just a number.


Union University is best known for it's Christian Studies department and that we are located in the middle of Tornado Alley. Union's Christian Studies professors are world renown for their contributions to Biblical teachings. Outside of that Union is also well known for being an academically stimulating university among Christian schools.


Temple University is best known for it's all around great programs for all majors. Whether you are undecided, in health care services, in business, or anything else, you will be very well taken care of at Temple University. We may be best known for our medical services though, because we have a separate campus for these students where they work hands on in our very own university hospital.


Temple University is best known for the Fox School of Business , but other schools within Temple are quite good. The School of Communications and Theatre is the third largest school at Temple, and the School of Science and technology is one of the larger and more well-known schools at Temple. Overall, Temple is best know for Business and Sports


Arts and Buisness programs


Our school is known for the bad area it's in (if you're not stupid, you'll be fine), the number of majors you can choose from, and the biggest computer lab in the country. Fifteen thousand people are on the Main Campus alone, which means there's always something to do.


Diversity. We are number 1 for this.


Temple is best known for having one of the most diverse student populations in the United States. However, there is much more to Temple than diversity alone. The main campus in North Philly is in a safe area of the city, and offers convenient access to all the opportunities that Philadelphia offers. Temple Owls football placed second in their division and went to their first Bowl Game in 30 years. The Diamond Gems dance team placed fourth in national competition. The Sigma Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma won the Edison L. Bowers award for the ninth year in a row.


Our school is best known for our strong emphasis on campus safety and our personal police department. The Temple police are always seen throughout the campus during the day and at night. Since Temple is located in the city, crime is everywhere and the officers patrol the campus so that we all have an enjoyable and safe college experience.


For the exceptional quality in the field of medicine


Temple univ. is best know for the education they provide to students and their sports.


My school is best known for its Medical and Law graduate programs.


Best known for the the alumni Bill Cosby, his daughter attended our school and he usually stops by for basketball games.


My school is best know for its team spirit. Even in the face of unbeatable odds, the "Cherry and White" is seen in great strength. This is a university that the students are pround to say they attend. In fact, you will often see alumni return to the campus and speak with the students. I have not met someone who is not a pround Temple Owl. I have only just begun attending Temple, but I can honestly say that this is a school I am going to love. Something else that is great about Temple are the infinite volunteer opportunities.


My school, Temple University, is best known for being so diverse, its study abroad programs, graduate schools and also having so many majors to choose from.


Temple is best known for its basketball team. It is division one and was led under the coaching of Dick Cheyney for a long time. We are also well known for our business program.


My school is best known for its diversity


As far as I know, I've heard that Temple is a very good school and is known for its diversity, academics, and programs. A lot of people have told me Temple is competitive too, but I was so excited when I had got accepted. Everything that I've heard about Temple though, seemed to be true. There are so many mixed cultures and races in which you learn a lot about, the classes are kind of hard, but only to make us work harder which to me seems good, and they have many great programs to be involved in.


Temple University is best known for its largely based diversity in students and faculty, its alumni's career success, and its sought after education.


quality of education, being diverse and open environment, school spirit


For its diversity, research, location