Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Tennessee Technological University is a place where educationally motivated students tend to thrive. Anyone can attend the university, but it is an especially wonderful place for those who love to learn. If college is more of a party to you, then you should not attend this university. This university is designed for students who want to further their education, so do not attend unless that is your goal.


I think any person would do well at this school because there is a little bit of everything. It is a very well rounded college. There are lots of different kinds of people and clubs.


People who want to go to an Ivy League school or a huge school shouldn't attent here.


A person with a low studying ability should not become a student here. It is expected of everyone to carry their own weight and to put forth effort.


Someone who doesn't care or doesn't like school, studying, homework, participating in class, etc.


At Tennessee Tech University all students are very responsible and motivated to work and complete there school. I beleve that not any average student that is undecided in there major can just walk into to TTU and suceede. This is a very intense school and demands alot on a student. To not have a mojor nor the motivation is a recipie for distaster.


lazy, non-worker, person who doesnt study


Somebody who isn't willing to study and work hard for good grades. Also if you want to skip classes a lot then you may not want to go here because most professors use attendance as a bonus or may even take off your final grade if you miss too many days. Also a lot of professors don't like to give extra credit or let people reschedule an exam or homework.


Students who are not driven or goal oriented would have a lesser chance of succeeding and appreciating the quality of life learning provided.


Extremely liberal, artsy, lacking in math/science skills


Someone who is serious about their future, even if they are still unsure of what career they want to pursue, and who likes the smaller community feel . Maybe someone who is worried about finding friends, fitting in, or has financial concerns.


Home schooled students who aren't used to hearing cursing or talking about drinking.


Someone who doesn't enjoy a friendly environment.


Any person who comes to this school who doesnt want to learn sould not be here. Also any person is just looking to get by and not do anything at all.