Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The students here are pretty much all from Tennessee. You can tell many of them were raised in a town without stop lights and no cultural diversity. It's hard for them to become accomodating to the new and diverse culture of living among other people who came from different backrounds.


Many teachers won't let you make up more than one assignment/test even if it is for a school sanctioned activity.


Limited parking


The most frustrating thing about Tennessee Tech is the low attendance in some classes. Many professors do not have an attendance policy for their class, so students do not feel like they have to come if they are not going to get extra points or points taken away. I realize that college students should be able to make the right decision to come to class but they do not most of the time. There should be greater discipline on the attendance policy.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it seems like it's located in an area with limited resources since it's a smaller town.


The most frustrating thing about Tennessee Tech would be the parking for students who live off campus. If you don't get to school at least twenty minutes early, you will probably be late for class.


The amount of time I put into study is enough to frustrate anyone. I try hard to get good grades, and sometimes it doesn't happen that way.


The most frutrating thing about my school thus far has been the housing. They decided to tear down a dorm while building a new one and, on top of that, decided to accept several hundred over their capacity level, therefore, putting over 300 in 'over-flow' and forcing them into hotels off campus. Given, they have taken care of the situation to the best of their ability, it was still a hassle to deal with because I was one of the 'over-flow' people.


The only thing that frustrates me is the one lady that dealt with me during the admission process. she was extremly rude and uncaring.


There isn't much parking and the main quads of dorm rooms are split on opposite sides of campus so if you have friends in one it takes a while to walk over there just to see them or do homework.


the buildings are spread out and sometimes a student has to walk clear across campus to get to the next class.


Lack of variety in classes in some majors.


That the students are already in clicks from high school. It sets apart the new students who come from afar because they have a harder time to get accepted in these clicks.


Parking is awful for everybody.