Tennessee Technological University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


This school is more focused on academics instead of socializing, and that is something I did not know. I did not come here to socialize, but to focus on my studies. It is very nice to not have to hear bumping music every night. It is very easy to focus, and this school is great for students that are extremely home bound and focused on their futures.


I wish I would have known how difficult the engineering program at Tennessee Tech would really be. I of course had my parents and other family member reminding me that I needed to study and it wouldn't be near as easy as high school., but I believe i brushed those suggestions off without thought. I came into college loving the new freedom so much that I took on a job as well as pledged a Fraternity. This proved to be a handful and harder then I expected.


I wish that I had known that TN Tech didn't have a lot of commuter parking.


I transferred to Tennessee Tech from the University of Tennessee. Before coming to Tech I wish I had known that there is nothing to do in Cookeville and everyone leaves campus to go home on the weekends to no one is here. Before going to UT I wish I had known to be more involved in my classes and to get to know my class mates.


Your friends from high school won't necessarily be your friends in college, even if you are at the same school. It's important to get involved and make new friends.


I wish i had known how tought the chemistry department is.


The nursing path at Tennessee Tech University is a very grueling career choice to make. I would have loved to know just what that statement entailed, because just choosing the students that have a 4.0 GPA is a very silly choice to make by this college. I would have possibly chosen some other major.


I wish I had known just how important my college career is for my future. College give you time to figure out who you are as a person. You meet many people in college that can be wonderful contacts in the future as well as great friends. Students should be as involved as possible on campus to obtain appreciation and knowledge of what is on campus. There are so many different types of people that everyone will find many people to study with, be friends with, and to just enjoy the college experience! College is wonderful!!!


I wish I had known that I need to study my tail off to succeed. It would've also helped if I'd visited the campus more.


I wish I had known more about scholarship opportunities and the fact that it rains very often!


I wish I had know what program I wanted to go into before starting school here. I am a little behind now because I was unsure to begin with.


That the women in TN are ruthless and will do anything to hurt a man.


Exactly what classes I needed to graduate that way I could have checked them off when took each course. Sometimes the advisvors aren't that helpful so I would have found a senior to help me.


College isn't easy.