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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go back to myself as a senior and tell me the truth. There is nothing wrong with taking a year or two off between high school and college to work and figure out what it is I want to study. Wasting a year of money on school that I would not use due to changing my major would be extremely helpful advice. I would also tell myself that starting at a 2 year college and transferring to a 4 year instution is a smart way to go. I felt like it was frowned upon to do this and it was something that slackers did, but the money that I would save myself and have the ability to work full time while attending school full time would be well worth doing so.


I would honestly turn myself around and kick myself in the behind! I would then say, stay determined! Look for help in paying for school and give it all you got while you are young! Later in life you will go through major medical, family and financial issues! Stay in college and plan on transerfing to a four year school! Get your bachelors degree because you may experience an economical depression and education will help you get or keep your job! You are very smart! Use your brain and work smarter not harder! Whatever you do, don't give up,!


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for college I would have a lot to say. I would tell myself that I need to ask for help when I am struggling because a lot of teachers do not want to see their students fail. I would also tell myself that I need to do everything I can to keep my grades up and put me, myself, and school before friends. I would also tell myself that I needed to focus on myself and getting my homework done. I would want to make sure that I, as a high school student, knew that I could depend on my parents during a hard time and that they would come through and help me no matter how late it was at night ot what I needed help with.


Due to being a PSO student, I have not had the chance to participate in a "normal" senior year with my friends and fellow classmates. However, if I could give advice to a friend who opted to stay at the high school as opposed to attending college courses, I would inform them that post-secondary is very worthwhile. Of course, I've missed out on having the social life of an average high chool senior. Although some may view this as "missing out," I highly value my choice to give up a year of socializing and recreation with friends to instead pursue higher education with the help of my high school to pay for it. I do miss spending time with friends and classmates and participating in everyday school activities, but later in life, I will value a jump start to my education higher than I would a few memories with friends I may never talk to after high school.