Texas A & M International University Top Questions

Describe the students at Texas A & M International University.


The students are okay... Some are great to work with and some not so much. I work with the ones who actually care about school.


My classmates are really cooperative and comprising people. In all my classes, the students range from ages 17 - 25. They are really respectful and there hasn't been any problems that I have had with them. They show really good sportsmanship when it comes to reading essays outloud. There really isn't anything negative I can say about my peers in Texas A&M International University except, they're a good group of people to work with and be grouped in.


The classmates are very friendly and cooperative when it comes to group project.


My classmates are eager to learn and fully dedicated to their studies.


My classmates are very helpful to me, they explain what i didn't get from my professor that, day and they also help me study for any tests or quizzes I may have coming up.


Ethnically diverse. Everyone seems original, not many followers of trends. Nice, sociable.


Classmates here usually focus on themselves and or their friends. Everyone here is kind of in their own world with their own friends.


My classmates are very friendly. They tend to help you out with class assingments in and out of class. Also, they are open to discussion and to study for tests in group.


My classmates at TAMIU were hardworking, passionate, and studious for their field. There was much cooperative learning in all my classes, which challenged me in several ways. My classmates made my learning environment smooth and challenging at the same time. Most of my fellow classmates were helpful in studying the material and quizzing me for future tests, presentations, or research projects. I enjoyed the learning environment with them and if i had the opportunity I would repaeat it all over again.


My classmates are the best, withouth their help with chemistry i would have had a thougher time this semester, they are really helpful.